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  1. +1, it's frustrating that I have to spend ten minutes tiptoeing around a door just to find the right angle to get the text to pop up. It wouldn't even be that bad if they hadn't removed the old commands, either
  2. Current highest offer sits at $1.3 million
  3. For Sale by Owner: 5 Joshua Road, Paleto Bay Property Details: Historic brick exterior and interior, 2-floor property. Ground floor has been used as the space for "Tony's Diner" up until the establishment closed suddenly around three months ago. Upstairs area has been renovated for private living quarters. Located next door to the barber shop, across the street from the Hen House, and nearly in the middle of the town. Back alley contains space for private parking. Side alley between the property and the barber. Asking Price: $1,250,000, owner is willing to hear offers. Contact Information: Mr. Tony Rizzo, by phone call or text only. 393-1277 Pictures of the Property:
  4. LOOKING FOR THE OWNER OF THE WEAZEL THEATER I have never seen this place open, and while looking for somewhere to open a theater, I came across this place, and realized it's not owned by the bank ((actually has an address)). Please contact me at my phone number 393-1277, and leave a message on this ad. If you are not currently looking to sell the theater, please contact me regardless so I can know to start looking somewhere else.
  5. Tony Rizzo The Final Episode Al Romano. Brandon Fitz. Gauge Michaels. All former Rooks who were removed from the family for their own reasons, some more treacherous than others. And now here they were, standing inches from me. The meeting to determine the future leader of the Rooks had left Tony Rizzo concerned. He entirely accepted the fact that the war would have no chance of ending with Dmitri as leader. A change in leadership to open up the possibility of peace? Absolutely. If this were the terms of surrender, so be it. In his mind, it was a no brainer: make current underboss Dante Kalashnikov the boss, and delegate Dmitri to a High Command position. There’s likely no single person in the state of San Andreas who is more well known than Dante, whether good, bad, or simply just knowing who he is. Just one problem: Dante had been deported. The feds finally tracked him down, and sent him back home, and it would be at least a month before he was able to get back. This left the meeting to decide the new meeting vulnerable for a grave mistake to happen, and for vultures to step forward to finish what they started. * * * My Knife; Your Back Tony stood on the roof of an abandoned recycling plant, in a circle with Draven Vaspucci, Tyler Rogers, Rex Rogers, Lewis Pelletier, Alex Greco, and none other than the newly appointed boss of the Rooks: Gauge Michaels The man behind an attempted coup that left several former Rooks dead, known forever as traitors. Not even a day earlier, Tony had joked, that should Dmitri not give up his leadership for the good of the family, they would have to stage a coup. Now, standing on the roof of this building his words echoed in his head. Dmitri had refused to hand sensitive information over to Gauge, calling him “not a Rook.” Despite Jerzy Mceden being named as the secondary boss, Dmitri was smarter than that. And now here Tony stood, surrounded by commanding members of the family, discussing a plan to change how the family does business. They discussed instating a council of sorts, where High Command is all one rank, superseded by the bosses. No decision could be made without everyone’s approval, and should the boss go over the councils head, action would be taken. And as they spoke, the more Tony came to believe this was the way to save the Rooks. Despite his history, Gauge Michaels was well liked by other criminal families. And if this Rook council could truly prevent Gauge from running wild, maybe this really was the best option. With all of this said, they all agreed that this would be the future. But first, they had one favor to ask of Tony. “You’re the only one among us who Dmitri trusts. If you can get him alone, we can swoop in and take what we need to keep the family alive.” "And what exactly would that be?" “The illegal imports.” Ever since establishing contact with an overseas organization, the family had imported hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal weaponry, making it one of their most lucrative business ventures yet. It was arguably the single reason the war was started. Not a matter of respect, but a matter of too many players at the table. To lose them in this crucial moment would prove devastating. Tony gave them two conditions for doing this. One, Dmitri would NOT be hurt, by torture or otherwise, and he would not be punished for his refusal to cooperate. Two, Tony would retain his position in the Rook High Command, and be given a seat on the council. Everyone agreed to the conditions, including Gauge himself. As they ended the meeting for the night, Tony thought about his decision, and wondered if what he was doing was right. What I’m doing is practically betrayal, against my own boss, my own friend. Images of his betrayal in Liberty City flashed through his mind. He shook the thoughts out of his head, reminding himself that the family would continue this way. * * * My Gun; Your Head The following day, he texted Dmitri, asking to meet him somewhere private to discuss a matter of money that Tony was owed. Dmitri agreed, and he informed Rex that the meeting would soon take place. When Dmitri arrived, he brought with him a guest, and Tony’s heart dropped into his stomach. John Corsetti, of the Ballas, had been discussing joining the side of the Rooks to fight in the war. Dmitri was holding true to his refusal to give up power to Gauge. Taking him aside, Tony started trying to convince Dmitri that Gauge could be the boss, with the proposed council keeping him in check. But Dmitri refused, and began to suspect Tony was up to something. At that moment, multiple vehicles came into the parking garage, surrounding Dmitri. “What the fuck is this?” Tony pulled his gun out of his jacket, but not pointing it at him. Casting his eyes downward, he solemnly spoke. “Dmitri, please, just get on the ground. It’ll be easier this way.” As Rex and Tyler came up, guns drawn, Tony turned to Gauge, and pointed to John Corsetti. “The leader of the Ballas, he was with Dmitri. For diplomacy’s sake let’s not hurt him either.” And with as little professional courtesy as possible, Rex began shouting at John to get on the ground. Immediately, Tony began to feel like this would not end well. After a lengthy interrogation, the insurrection had begun to get the information they needed. All the while, Tony refused to look Dmitri in the eyes, even putting his gun away. Rooks or not, Tony was doing the one thing he swore he’d never do: betray those close to him, ever again. All the while being reassured that this was the right thing to do. Tyler told Dmitri not to be surprised about this, that it was his own doing. “None of this really comes as a surprise, the only surprise here is Tony.” The pit in Tony's stomach only grew. By the end of it, they had the necessary IP addresses, and the information on how to retrieve new ones in the future. It was done. They let Dmitri go, as Tony gave one last pathetic attempt at apology. While they all drove away, Dmitri made one last call on the radio. “Long live the Rooks.” * * * The following days were awash with confusion and turmoil. The meetings with the Zetas and Triads to end the war had not resulted in the end of the war, simply a ceasefire. A ceasefire that WCA refused to uphold, and continued hitting Rooks. Eventually the ceasefire fell apart, and all groups continued attacking. Nobody knew who to trust, and though many attempted to establish order, it was useless. Tony tried endlessly for days to contact Gauge, but to no avail. Tyler and Rex were also difficult to reach, with nobody quite knowing what was going on. On top of this, the login information and IP address for the dark web that had previously worked, no longer worked. Another one wasn’t due to arrive for another month, and likely wouldn’t arrive in the same manner either. Someway, somehow, the plan had failed. This was the downfall. * * * March 13th, otherwise known as Friday the 13th Communications in Rook channels had gone dark. Jerzy Mceden also proved difficult to contact. Tony received a text from Leo Krasas, asking to buy guns. During the sale he noticed Leo having been dressed oddly, and similarly to some others standing nearby. Clearly not a Rook uniform. As he left, began to wonder just how many people had left the family. Tony saw he had a missed text from Jack Hawk. He heard about what Tony had done. And he was not pleased with him in the slightest. Tony responded, saying he did what he felt was right for the future of the family. Making his way to Mirror Park Gas, he spotted a familiar face: Rex and Tyler Rogers. Immediately, he began talking with them about the past few days, looking for some answers. What he got, didn’t make him happy either. He, Draven, and Tyler were all trying to join the Triads. Gauge, had left the city for good, once again. Whether it was because he had accomplished his goal of successfully breaking the Rooks apart, or frustration at the dark web login no longer working, was left for Tony to decide on his own. Either way, Tony had just unwittingly helped Gauge accomplish what he couldn’t back in winter. He had been turned, thinking he would be saving the Rooks. He did the opposite. It was because of him that everything fell apart. As the Rogers brothers drove off, Tony felt his entire world crashing down around him. He made the wrong choice, and paid dearly for it. He was now alone in this city, with nobody left to turn to. In a moment of defeat, he felt broken. He'd lost. He walked inside the store, and bought as much alcohol as he could carry. He drove home, and locked the door to his condo behind him. He went through his closet, and threw every Rook uniform he had in a box, and shoved them away underneath the bathroom sink. Staring at himself in the mirror, all Tony could feel was despair. Digging through his stash, he pulled out a bag of cocaine. Cutting a line of it on the living room table, he stared at it, and the bottles of alcohol he'd just bought. Everything he’d worked for was gone. All of his friends, all of his family, all of them gone. False pretenses and beliefs aside, there was no avoiding the truth. Tony Rizzo was a traitor. He hit the line, and it all went black.
  6. yeah i got one at my apartment you can come pick up, sorry if it smells like ink on the inside i've been trying to wash some clothes that were in a crazy ink related mishap that i can't talk about but it was wild
  7. Back at it again with another crackhead idea So all over the map there's plenty of giant apartment buildings with no doors to the outside, making it useless with the current system of how houses work. We've already seen people doing rental RP by owning multiple properties and rply renting them out, so what if we help bolster this? What if you could own one of these buildings, and rent out the apartments inside? Based on how many windows there are (or whatever arbitrary number works), there could be that many empty rooms. Entry into these could be as simple as walking up to the door, pressing Y like normal, and using a menu that pops up to select which room you'd like to go to. If the door is locked, you can't get in, and if its unlocked you can. This can even be taken a step further by requiring a keycode at the front door, or some way of swiping your key (doing a terrible job explaining this but people who've lived in apartments know what I mean). Landlords won't be able to enter rented out rooms if they're locked, preventing the current issue with landlord RP where you just hope they don't decide to go through your stuff. For the landlord, they have access to a menu where they can set the rent, check tenants, and check when tenants are due to pay. Tenants themselves could have the scripted ability to pay the rent in their apartments, rply by leaving it in an envelope or something in the mailbox. That way, if the landlord and the tenant aren't online at the same time normally they won't suddenly lose their living arrangement because of some real life interruption. The money could be sent to salary too, making it "legitimized" and taxed. All apartments could be 1g's, or they could all be different based on location/building/etc. People want more player owned businesses with script support, well here's one. Feel free to completely tear this idea apart Some examples of the buildings:
  8. +1 please I'm so tired of the bank being the go-to spot on the server
  9. Character to Transfer From: Tony Rizzo Character to Transfer To: Teagan Rizzo Requested Transfer: Gauntlet Reason for Transfer: Tony's cousin, Teagan, recently moved to LS to go to school, and reached out to him to catch up. Teagan currently doesn't have a way to get around, only a BMX bike he brought from home, mainly for on-campus use. Tony trusts Teagan enough to let him borrow his Gauntlet, since he's not driving it much lately anyways. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Through a friend, OOC-ly for story reasons if possible.
  10. Bump, listed at Paleto car market
  11. jesus yes please this, its so annoying to just be standing around and to see the MDC /ame come up, because nine times out of ten it just puts you on edge, even if you aren't doing anything wrong GOD yes thank you. Sure I play a criminal character, but I swear to god it happens constantly where I go in to get something to eat, and a cruiser just sits out front waiting to see what I do. Then when I go outside with food in hand it drives off, like come on
  12. Bump, price has been reduced to 180,000!
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