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  1. Guarding the door while important business takes place inside.
  2. - Stopwatch - In his younger years in a different city, Tony Rizzo learned the value of time in a robbery. In, out, gone before anyone could stop them. Don't get greedy, don't overstay. He brought with him this knowledge to the streets of Los Santos, and to his family, The Rooks. One of the few things he brought with him when he moved out west was a watch his father gave him. Gold plated, with a brown leather strap. Built in was a stopwatch mode that made it all too easy to keep track of his in point, and his out point. To celebrate some recent promotions, a crew was put together to make some serious cash. A simple stickup, some stores out in the sticks. No casing necessary. For any criminal, this is just a regular day, where they run the risk of getting caught. But for a Rook, it isn't. Because being professional means having a plan, and being a professional means constantly trying to outdo yourself. He started the night by timing how fast him and the crew could empty the store. 6:08.72. Not bad. But could be better. 6:06.30. Getting there. Next stop, Sandy Shores. 6:15.20. Almost had some "guests" that could've been a problem, but they drove away quickly. 6:05.90. Excellent. In and out of the store in under 7 minutes every time. The final pull ended up around $25,000 for each of them. The crew were all happy for their fantastic work that night, but even happier about the large sum of money sitting comfortably in their pockets. With the approach of morning, they set out to celebrate over breakfast.
  3. When interrupted by a would-be robber, an example is made: don't fuck with the family.
  4. +1 for being able to turn down the radio volume in general
  5. +1. It's fun to see the casino open and half the city flock to it, if only for a few hours, but access to more stuff more often would be nice. Maybe whoever owns the casino could be no limit while betting elsewhere in the city would be limit?
  6. +1, agree with everything the above said, as well as it gives civs access to a section of the base game they wouldn't usually have access to
  7. This is probably my biggest issue with PD. The only good chase I've had ended in me getting arrested, but it was fun because there were like 6 cruisers chasing us (maybe overkill but whatever). Other times involving their personal vehicles it's never been fun because they just outrun you. It's also a sort of uniform. Being undercover is one thing, but being just a regular officer patrolling in his fancy sports car is ridiculous. The cruisers at least let criminals know they're about to deal with police, but seeing a random comet roll up should never make me think "is that a cop?"
  8. Next stop the top boyssssss
  9. What's the "newest" interior?
  10. ((never said anything about offers, but discord is typically okay for a faster response on whether or not it's still available)) Bump
  11. Hello, Renting out a 1-garage apartment located in Vespucci Beach, just a short walk from the shoreline. Lovely area, safe, with plenty of parking nearby. Rent would be $10,000 a month ((ooc 1 week)) to be paid on the first. Fully customizable, and should you choose to move you can take everything with you. If interested I can be contacted at 393-1277, or at my email IcyWind#[email protected]
  12. Selling a gauntlet with a maxed out engine for $57,000. Stock price is around 50,000, engine work at this level cost me around 27,000. Just looking to get rid of it at this point. Immediately available at HE.
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