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  1. Hi there, looking to cheaply rent out a 1G on Forum Drive, right across the street from the Strawberry dropoff. Rent is 7,500 a month, to be paid on the first. ((IRL 1 week, every Sunday)) I can be reached at 393-1277, or my email IcyWind#[email protected]
  2. Hi, I'm selling a maxed Kuruma. Wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would so I'm looking to get rid of it and move on. I paid about 200k for it, but I accept I'm not gonna get that for it and I'm willing to take a loss on it. Price is $165,000 but I'm willing to hear trades for vehicles/real estate. My number is 3931277, and my email is IcyWind#[email protected]
  3. +1 I was honestly disappointed when I bought my first house and I just had to throw clothes in with the rest of the stash, really seems like such a no brainer
  4. +1 to this and Donovan's idea. I've experienced it multiple times where a gang tells a random solo person to leave a lab (sometimes without robbing them, being polite), and 20 minutes later the cops just happen to raid the lab. The system lends itself to being abused by people who are committing crimes to run to the police because they're mad about being run out
  5. 300,000 flat, can buy today
  6. I have a 2G for sale in Del Perro listed here
  7. Hi there 🙂 Gonna be selling a 2 garage apartment on Boulevard Del Perro that's just down the street from the Taco shop and a convenience store. Located just across the street from the Lifeinvader headquarters. Two blocks away is the popular Bahama Mamas Nightclub. Moderately high end area, the front door is in an enclosed area that can't be seen from the street, very safe. Out front is a lovely community pool and plenty of space to socialize with your new neighbors. The interior is a newly renovated one, with a bed/bath, living room, and kitchen. Buyout price is $320,000, trades and offers above $250,000 are welcome. I can be reached at 393-1277, or at my email IcyWind#[email protected]
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