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  1. Away From Home Kyle Rodrigues, a former high ranking member within The Rooks is gone from Los Santos and back in the U.K. Having time to reflect on his doings within the organisation that he had been with since he came to Los Santos. Some bad calls, some good ones, one thing he felt contempt with was his love for those he left behind. Still keeping in touch via email with those he called his brothers and sisters, it makes him realise how much he took them all for granted. Some of those who he’ll never see again. And knowing the fact that he wasn’t even in the city for when events had occurred makes him feel sick to the core. With Christmas coming near and being with his family in the United Kingdom, he finds himself sitting in his office chair looking through old photos with his friends from the city. Bringing back good memories and making miss those he loves that bit more. Kyle raises his pint glass of beer and toasts to The Rooks, vowing to himself that when he is ready, he will return to Los Santos and he will return to The Rooks.
  2. Had a fair few encounters with you guys now and you’re honestly hilarious, the RP you bring to the server is so refreshing and it almost makes me feel bad for the gunfights we’ve had in the past Best of luck guys and hope to encounter you guys again!
  3. War Time The shootout between Los Zetas and Russian Mafia gave shockwaves around the city and news spread fast. The Rooks couldn’t believe what the Russians had done and knew what was going to happen to them. Jay Gamble’s wife had been put into a coma right before everyone’s eyes and caused an uproar within the Council. The Rooks didn’t want to see it happen but war was declared on the Russians by the Council, the Zetas had picked the last straw with their past slip ups. The Rooks originally wanted to watch the coming war from the sidelines and remain to have neutral relationships with all affiliations involved. However, Zetas and Triads had both told Rooks that the Russians had been not only repping their colours without permission, but after a shootout between the Council and fake Rooks one man had been unmasked at the scene to see who it was. It was a Russian. The Russians had tried to pull us into the war against the council by backstabbing us and trying to burn our relationships with the Council. The very kind of relationships that had been in the works long before the Russians even came into Los Santos. Wearing our colours without our permission was one thing but pretending to be Rooks for your own protection? That's as disrespectful as it can get. A meeting had been called to explain to members why we had decided to go to war with the Russians. The disrespect that they had brought on to the Rooks could not be tolerated. It was time, the war outfit had been thrown on for the first time in The Rooks’ history as an affiliation. Working alongside the Council in the war against the Russians, we had realised that they had gone into hiding and were rarely seen anymore. Probably because they dropped their own colours that they were always seen in, due to the fear of 3 strong affiliations. With everything set in motion, Rooks set regular convoys hunting for the very people that they called good friends. It was hard for some to deal with the fact they have good friends within the Mafia, but business is business and only the strongest survive. After a meeting with a small amount of Russians to explain why we had declared war on them alongside the Council. Making them understand our reasonings for the declaration of war was like trying to reason with a brick wall. They are deluded to think they are not in the wrong for what they had done, all the confusion that it had caused, strain it had put on our relationships with others. But all they think for is themselves. That's the way they will keep on being.
  4. Kyle Rodrigues Life before Los Santos. Kyle Rodrigues, born on the 8th of January 1996 in Small Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Kyle grew up around adversity, surrounded by gang activity in the streets of Birmingham for the majority of his life. His Great Grandfather would tell Kyle stories of his Great Great Grandfather being apart of Birmingham’s very famous Peaky Blinders, an urban street gang that operated between the 1890s until the 1930s, this opened Kyle’s mind up to gang culture but never wanted to see himself apart of it knowing the risks that it would bring. Upon turning 16 Kyle had finished his education and decided to apply to join the British Armed Forces. After going through 2 years of intense training he was called to go on duty in Afghanistan. Seeing all sorts of sights such as IED attacks on his own forces from the Taliban, Kyle slowly drove insane and gained symptoms of PTSD during his time of duty. Not knowing who his enemy was because the Taliban fighters were wearing civilian attire Kyle grew annoyed and was then dishonourably discharged from the forces due to killing civilians in a Afghani village. Coming home Kyle was never seen in the same way again. The British public and Media used him as a scapegoat to pull out of the war against the Taliban due to his war crimes. Kyle then decided to leave the U.K. and came to Los Santos seeking a new life away from media attention. Coming to Los Santos In the early summer of 2019 Kyle had touched down at Los Santos International Airport. Knowing that he knew no one in the city at all with very little money, he forked out the majority of cash he had and bought a cheap car for him to use to travel to multiple jobs and to also sleep in. Kyle had a bad start in the city and spending money quicker than he could earn it he knew he needed to change something. Kyle decided to do the one thing he swore he would never do which was to make drugs. After asking around the city for drug lab locations one stranger told him about ‘Ocean Lab’ which was slight North-West of Paul’s Farm. Upon Kyle’s arrival to the site of the drug lab Kyle was surrounded by multiple men wearing all black with a smart and professional look whilst pointing guns telling him to get out of the car. Upon doing so a Higher ranking member of this mysterious gang slowly drove into the lab and stepped out of the car he began speaking with me directly and formally introduced himself as Al Romano. Romano gave Kyle a small black business card that read the name Al Romano, The Rooks then following his personal contact number. Weeks had passed by and the thought of becoming a gang member began to eat Kyle up because he swore he would never follow the path of his Great Great Grandfather, later that day he rang Romano and said he was interested in joining The Rooks, they later met and then Kyle, after going through an interview with Al Romano was offered the opportunity to join The Rooks, Kyle took it and then threw on the all black suit. What now? Knowing that Kyle had a lot of people surrounding him now he knew it was time to not only prove himself to Al Romano but also Dwayne Donovan and Mia Donovan as well. Kyle took part in all sorts of gang related activities and the money he so desperately craved began to roll into his hands. Buying a house and multiple cars, he began to make close friends in the process, Mack Tylar and Johnnie Everdeen becoming the closest of them all, the three of them would be seen together at all times during cookouts at drug labs and other illegal activities. Kyle's life had been completely flipped, he had never seen such an influx of money into his bank account, times had changed, he was no longer broke and was living his best life. Reality Struck A dark day for everyone associated within The Rooks, Dwayne and Mia Donovan alongside Al Romano had all decided to leave The Rooks. With their Chinese guns also leaving along with the three of them, a lot of false members had left too, a lot of loyal members knew that these members were in it just for the guns. Leadership was changed and Dmitri Leroy had taken the gavel to leadership. Things changed a lot internally for The Rooks, Dmitri didn’t know who to trust fully within The Rooks and didn’t make promotions for a long time. After seeing a lot of work coming from Kyle he promoted him to a Pit Boss and then later Kyle and Dmitri grew close and began to discuss about business matters together frequently alongside Timothy Smith. Kyle began to feel a lot like an advisor for Dmitri despite being a lower rank than a fair few of the other Rooks. Leaving the City Kyle had decided it was time to do the one thing he always wanted to do with his life and that was to travel the world. At the very place he came into the city, Los Santos Airport in a parking lot he announced that he would be leaving not only The Rooks but in fact Los Santos itself, shockwaves were sent through the ranks and the news got out to other people across the city as well. Kyle had decided to give away a lot of his belongings to close friends and donated his remaining 200,000 dollars to The Rooks to pay for their Headquarters, a leaving party was thrown for Kyle at the Rooks HQ with many of his friends in attendance, he felt loved and ultimately cried upon leaving both the Rooks and Los Santos. After hanging up his all black suit he rode solo for his remaining days in the city keeping in close contact with The Rooks each day. The Return Kyle was in Australia and began to grow depressed because he wasn't around Los Santos anymore, he decided to cut his time away short and announced to The Rooks he would be returning to Los Santos. They were ecstatic over the news they had heard, Kyle knew one thing after seeing their reaction to his news, it was time to put the black on once again. Kyle landed back in Los Santos in September 2019 and was greeted to members waiting for him at Los Santos International Airport. As to this current day Kyle is seen with The Rooks once again and he feels like he never left. Future Plans for Kyle Kyle plans to help The Rooks in any way possible, one of those tasks he sets himself is to gain Chinese gun contacts again, like the affiliation once had. He hopes to see himself in the High Command bracket of The Rooks in the future as well, pushing members to their potential is what he wants more than anything. The Rooks is all that Kyle knows, it’s his family and he would do anything for that family.
  5. Great group of guys who never fail to make me laugh, keep up the good work!
  6. +1, would love to see something like this, maybe having a fishing job and having a boat will allow you to be able to fish at a quicker rate than casual fishing at docks or the pier. Would make more people interested in fishing for sure!
  7. Hope you enjoyed the read guys! Took us long enough to make it but it's finally here, big love to everyone in The Rooks. Kyle Rodrigues.
  8. Thats's my bad about the FearRP claim on ID 104 and would like to reverse my report claim on @Paulie_Falzonii because of desync. Many apologies for making that report on you. With the Robbery of the Mule @Dylan Ortiz I received a text message that the mule had been stolen so that is what lead us to becoming involved. I am unsure as to what the whole situation was at the mines as all i knew was that a Mule had been stolen.
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID 104 Date of interaction reported: 07/30/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1564519540 Your characters name: Kyle Rodrigues Other player(s) involved: ID 9 (Mack_Tylar) Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. How did the player break the rule(s)? Myself and my gang had received word on the radio that a Mule was stolen from one of us and had been ditched after being flipped, the owner went to check why it was ditched and then saw two men running from the truck, this part initiated the whole role play scenario. After pursuing them on bike they proceeded to pull out a gun from the bike and shoot without making any demands which I do not have the evidence to unfortunately. After looking for both of the men I found one of them sat on his bike and proceeded to talk to him, when i confronted the him about the actions that he had just done with his friend he had then gone silent on me. We decided to then chase them because we recognized them from before. After ID 104 had then crashed his bike both me and my ally got out of our vehicles and made demands for him to put his hands up, knowing that we had two guns we were certain that he would comply to our demands. He then proceeded to pull out his weapon in an attempt to kill us both. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. How about you all stop nagging at each other and just wait for staff to resolve the situation?
  11. JesusTheRoadman

    ID 36 VDM

    Hello I am Kyle_Rodriguez in this situation,@Matriks first of all, you came to us with cocky like digs at us for chopping our cars, we told you that you shouldn’t be doing so and you continued to be cocky, we both gave you 3 seconds to leave the area and said we would use lethal force on you if you did not comply to our demands. After counting down the three seconds you left and there was no robbery or shots fired at your vehicle at all. There was every reason to threaten your friend in the car especially when coming to us with a cocky tone, personally I just think you were both using it as an excuse to DM us but that’s just my opinion. I do not have video evidence of the situation as I was not recording at the time. If any other comments are needed from me please let me know but I don’t really have much more to say. Thank you!
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