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Found 30 results

  1. Selling a 1G House /App at Vespucci Beach. Just interrested in a 2G instead, so no rush just putting it for sale. I might sit on it for prices to increase again. Thinking 199 buyout, but open for bids. Text 4011034. There's one bottom floor for 312 around the corner. Pros- Close to High end Close to cloth store Safe ATM nearby Beautiful Beach next to Second floor left one, private entrance Garage open ready for use for second vehicle Quite neighborhood, never had any troubles here.
  2. | 3G | | Great location | | Near tequila | | Looking for offers |
  3. Hello, Today I am selling this 1 car garage property located in Jamestown. Its a simple apartment for anyone who is new to the city and is interested in getting their first home. Features - Entertainment system. - Home computer - New Wooden Floors. - and custom lighting to enhance the living space. All of these are included in purchase of the property. Opening offers start at 190k
  4. Hey, today I'll be listing my gunstore for sale. I am open to offers please contact me via phone Thank you for your time.
  5. Taking Offers ----------------------------------------- (4/5/1/4/1 At High End) ----------------------------------------- (Stock $130k At High End) ----------------------------------------- Sabre Turbo (stock price is 32k) ----------------------------------------- Fully Maxed (looking for 250k)
  6. Selling Maxed Cognoscenti 55 at the High End Dealership for $99k. This Luxury Sedan has great Trunk Space. I have attached some images and paper work below showing what mods have been done.
  7. Selling oracle xs max. Turbo 1/2(2/2 doesn't add performance). Waiting for offers in the comments
  8. Taking offers around 500k for this Specter Custom, maxed everything with 1/2 Turbo. Picture of front Picture of back Picture of side #4266286 LoLoGramz#0082 @lifeinvader.com
  9. Mariukasss


    Selling a beautiful car (Elegy RH8), that kind of represents a Nissan GTR. Everything MAX except for turbo 1/2 ( 2/2 doesn't give better performance) Waiting for offers in the comments or in private messages.
  10. Name: Hakim iskendria Phone: 3885687 Location: JamesTown Garage: 1 Starting bid: 220k Buy out price: 280k Email: 3aser-g#[email protected]
  11. Got a decent 2G house in Mirror Park. 230k. Great neighbourhood.
  12. Selling my house on Grove St. Price starting at $150,000 Contact me through this forum or my number #5275348
  13. It is close to Tequi-la-la, with a big backyard and a pool for your leisure. Please contact me at 4817573 or leave a message below if you are interested. Offer me your price (Price is negotiable!!!). No low-ball offers!!!!!
  14. AUCTION PROPERTY DETAILS Welcome to the auction of this lovely four car garage house, located on a very quiet side road in the Richman area of Los Santos. The house comes with a large grassed garden and fantastic swimming pool, so this property is ideal for the house party people out there! It has plenty of off road parking, if the space for four cars in the garage isn't enough! The North of the property faces a wonderful scenic cliff side view and the South looks over the City of Los Santos. The road in which the house is situated on is technically a dead end.. so the privacy around this area is fantastic. ------------------------------------------------------------- LOCATION ------------------------------------------------------------- STARTING PRICE I am very reluctant to sell but I am now leaving the city and returning to England so this property is ready for a new owner. STARTING PRICE $2,500,000 MINIMUM BID INCREMENT $100,000 (Anything lower than this will be voided and the last valid bidder with a minimum bid of $100,000 will be the current leader in the auction). AUCTION END DATE/TIME Friday 21st December 21:00 UTC ------------------------------------------------------------- PROPERTY GALLERY EXTERIOR INTERIOR
  15. 3 Garage, Both locations in a great location, near water, store, clothing, gas and high end. ((fast 3g house loading time)) SOLD Respond here with interest or text 2057127 to negotiate.
  16. We all know the struggle of finding and selling your home, well that shouldn't be a problem now! I think this should be implemented into ECRP as there is no easy way to sell and buy your homes, this would be a brilliant addition to Eclipse RP as it would make the RolePlay Experience more immersive and realistic. I'm currently working on a website for this but for now, I have made a discord for it. This would make everyone lives easier and all of the problems you're getting in refunds about housing would be sorted out by us. To keep this as in character as can be I think we will need an office somewhere in town and a system which allows people to come in and see me if, ECRP ever decide to take all off this into account people should be able to send a request to view at one off the houses, The system should work that the seller has to sign their houses to us and when we sell the house )and do all the hard work) we take a cut from that and it automatically transfers the rest ion to there bank account. Dynasty as a business can grow and expand is the leading Real Estate company in Los Santos. I'm JJay and I represent Dynasty 8 and its founding Dynasty 8 Discord
  17. Hello, i am selling a car for my friend Andi Zeqiri The car is a beautiful Pegassi Torero and it is currently the cheapest one both available on highend and compared to the different dealerships around the town The price is 185k and the car is currently located at the highend dealership available for purchase The car is tastefully and classically modified with a Lime green color and a spoiler but besides that its completely stock. The car has butterfly doors and a two tone black/green stiched interior. The car has low mileage and has been driven very carefully. The car starts up everytime and everything works. OWNER CAN BE CONTACTED ON HIS EMAIL: ((Discord: Tokkyyoo#5443)) Pictures of the car:
  18. Hello, I am selling my Specter Maxxed out $290.000 PRICE NEGOTIABLE Grab your chances. MAX SPEED: 235 KM/H Brakes 5/5 Engine 5/5 Suspension 5/5 Transmission 4/4 Turbo 2/2
  19. Hello there, I'm currently selling two 2 garage houses that are located in Jamestown, where the Vagos used to hang. Minimum price is 160k. Email me for more information or text/call me when you have an interest. Name: Kendrick Ramal Phone number: 2281521 Selling: Jamestown 7 | 2 garage house Information: Located in Jamestown, nearby four blackmarkets, general store / gas station / clothing store all nearby! Willing to trade for: N/A Bid starts at: 160.000 house Buyout: 200.000 house Pictures / GPS location: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kendrick Ramal Phone number: 2281521 Selling: Jamestown 3 | 2 garage house Information: Located in Jamestown, nearby four blackmarkets, general store / gas station / clothing store all nearby! Willing to trade for: N/A Bid starts at: 160.000 Buyout: 200.000 Pictures / GPS location:
  20. samo


    Hello I'm selling my Pegassi Tempesta and am taking offers currently offer here or text 4517705. Cars number plate will be changed on purchase as part of the deal to whatever you want. Highest offer as of now: 5.5m in cash (Keeping this updated and will go to the highest offer in a few days) Any questions please feel free to ask. Highest bidder will win tomorrow.
  21. 3 Car Garage House in Vinewood Hills, Great View - $225,000 Location: Vinewood Hills Garage Spaces: 3 Sale Price; $225,000 Contact: 2046854 (#Denni2151) Description This beautiful 1980's detached house has some fantastic views of the city. Starting at the front you can see white wood paneling giving the house a very art-deco feel, a very Vinewood house indeed. The property boasts ample space to park your vehicles, with a 3 space garage on the inside. To the side of the house you can see a gate which leads you to the back balcony; plenty of space to have a barbecue with friends! There is shrubbery, palm trees and double-glazing windows all around the property; with what seems a strong front door to stop those pesky burglars from getting in. The house is open for viewing and you can buy straight away. Professional Pictures How do I find it? Contact Details If you have any questions, please call Jake Lawson on: 2046854 (Denni#5121)
  22. Yputi

    [Selling] Brawler

    I am selling my Brawler for under stockprice =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Harvey Spencer Phone: 5942791 Email: ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com Please contact for testdrives or questions. =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: Brawler Color: Black and red Reason for selling it: I bought this car for off-roading and for it's speed, but I could use some space for other vehicles now. Modifications: The car is only visually modded. No performance upgrades. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 43,000$ (Send text for offers) Stock price: 46,000$ - 48,600$ The car is already located on the high-end market. =================================== Vehicle images: =================================== Harvey Spencer #5942791 ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com
  23. SOLD I am selling my modded FCR2 for under stockprice =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Harvey Spencer Phone: 5942791 Email: ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com Please contact for testdrives or questions. =================================== Vehicle info: =================================== Model: FCR2 Color: Black, Red and white-ish (Livery) Reason for selling it: I have too many vehicles and I don't need a motorcycle. Modifications: The bike is only visually modded. No performance upgrades. The bike is pretty modifyable with livery's and stuff The bike is great for simple offroading. =================================== Selling info: =================================== Asking price: 19.900$ (Send text for offers) Stock price: 25.667$ The bike is already located on the Low-end market. =================================== Vehicle images: =================================== Harvey Spencer #5942791 ((Yputi©#9410))@gmail.com
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