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  1. Cooksley

    Nico Mackay(ban appeal)

    After Further review of the video I think that his time should be reduced to VDM Minor and George Jim should be punished for the 3 kill VDM. I am sorry I did not see that comet @vGorilla
  2. Cooksley

    Nico Mackay(ban appeal)

    Due to my video being corrupted this is the only one I have. https://plays.tv/video/5b74c596594565abc2/vdm This is the video i made my decision off of. But before hand before the report on the death logs there was a spam of people dying by a car and then the report came in which i responded to. When i got there there was 4 or 5 people downed. Ill let @Triple Seven Decide on how to progress. If there was a comet involved Is there any video of him hitting the people you claim you didn't down? @vGorilla
  3. Cooksley

    Nico Mackay(ban appeal)

    Hello @vGorilla I will be posting further evidence on why I banned you for 7 days due to 4 plus people being killed by a vehicle and the clip I have showed you doing just that and causing a chain reaction when you hit the first car causing the parked cars to kill people. If you do have further evidence of this please do post it as I remember you claiming that there was a comet involved but was no proof at the time. With that being said I am at work so be patient as I'll be uploading all my evidence on why I made the decision when I get home from work. It will be about 7 hours from now.
  4. Cooksley

    Add on to Store Robberies

    If the person stashed the money then thats a good criminal and wouldnt be able to be solved that way and they most likely will get free unless they have a detective up their ass
  5. Cooksley

    Add on to Store Robberies

    there is 6000+ different clothing and the chances of someone having the amount of money that are stolen from the clerk and innocent is not likely
  6. I think there should be a script like /Missingmoney Police can use at a general store. This would allow the officer to see how much money is missing from the clerk for the past hour or so. This would also be good because when people actually do call in a store robbery and know the description of the people and the police find them they should when searching the people see if that amount of money is on their persons that they stole from the stole clerk if they haven't dumped the money yet. I think this would add to RP and would be great for the server.
  7. Hello, my ban should be expired but its not...


    1. Cooksley


      You will be able to go in game at 17:48 server time

  8. I think you watch to much movies. Only government officials that take bribes are people who have power and that's like 3% of the police population. Yes it would be cool for police corruption but at the moment server is not ready for it as well as PD. And the reason why police dont take your bribe is because they enjoy the roleplay the LSPD have to offer. Also the average criminal gets caught and 85% of server criminals are average because they lack creativity like it or not. Yes there needs to be more things criminals can do like prison RP etc. But they definantly dont need easier access to guns. To continue with the post that isn't related to your comment. When it comes to IRL cops Vs Robbers Cops win I'd say 90% of the time IRL in the united states which is where Los Santos is based off of. In a shootout the criminal will most likely die 99% of the time due to the sheer numbers of the police that would respond or have already responded. But back to more of your comments saying police pull guns out of there asses is a development issue. We have been requesting to get weapons to be able to have a loadout and guns on gunrack that would require us to get our weapons from the trunk etc except for our standard issued pistol it's been on our list for almost a full year. Yet criminals still complain getting all these cool new updates with one coming as well that got teased today yet they still complain and complain I've been watching it for over a year now. So for you to say the police dont RP etc. And we are power hungry or whatever you want to say well you know there is a place to report that right? Internal Affairs on the gov website with your evidence of a cop not roleplaying properly and or if it's a rule break on the main forums. PD is held to the highest roleplay standard on the server and yes we get out sour apples but we cant get rid of them unless you and the community dont point them out. With that being said it boils down to development and the server is still under active development and things are going to suck here and there but that's why you make a suggestion not call 1 party worse then the other because that gets bo where and personally offends me being apart of PD for 1 year and helping develop its RP with Investigations bureau to help spread RP Into criminals which has worked and will continue working if you just do what you are suppose to and not go Into /b right away or wanting to RP death all the time or well coming to the forums and complaining about PD for no reason when the PD is held to the highest RP standards on the server. Anyways that's all I got to say if you have any questions about anything contact me and I can point you in the right direction on how to go about your frustration.
  9. Cooksley

    [CVG]MistNinja - Niko_Firehawking (Discord Appeal)

    @FatherOsborn when reading a PM that was sent to an applicant @MistNinja made it seem like he was on the staff team with out saying he was. When I asked the guy about it he thought he was on the staff team as did I due to the way he was talking. I know we dont mind people helping out but he was not professional at all say things like the reason why an app got rejected because it was to long which was not the case. I feel like as long as @MistNinja understands he can help but not use words like We and us when helping people out I'm ok with an unban. But the final decision is up to you @FatherOsborn
  10. Cooksley

    Stranger 4489_9697, FAILRP/DEATCHMATCH

    After further review of the evidence @l666 will be punished with non rp. As for the deathmatching icly those cops should have stopped but they passed you and in doing so resulted in your death and was just bad timing on the cops side but icly it looked like you called the cops giving him a valid reason to kill you. But with that being said that situation should have never happened due to the non rp by stealing your bike with no proper RP. @Skipper thank you for your report!
  11. Cooksley

    Stranger 4489_9697, FAILRP/DEATCHMATCH

    Can you link it @Skipper I only see two videos both of which you are off the bike
  12. Cooksley

    Stranger 4489_9697, FAILRP/DEATCHMATCH

    Yes I'm just trying to see where it is dysynced?
  13. Cooksley

    Salary increase

    -1 I feel like 10k an hour is to much with out money dumps and it kills the rp experience. Everytime a job gets reworked all that happens is everyone goes to the job that makes the most money or applies for a gov job to make passive money. With this being said it make it about making money and not actually focusing on the RP but focusing on let me get a fast car which is fine and all but I feel like there need to be way more money dumps if people are making this kind of money and or an economy overhaul. Because what's happening is houses on grove are going for a mil yet houses in mirror park are going for 100k? Same with cars they are so easily obtainable because of how fast you can make money on gov jobs and regular jobs now. I feel like more money dumps and such like insurance car maintenance car deteriorates after x amount of wrecks that total your car. The list can continue. I feel like Gov jobs and regular jobs need to be nerfed or else the economy is going to keep going up up up and making it hard for newer players to do something when they first join as it is already.
  14. Cooksley

    [Report] No-Crime Zone

    @Riflius You will receive your first warning of NCZ id recommend you go review the No crime zones thank you.
  15. Cooksley

    Stranger 4489_9697, FAILRP/DEATCHMATCH

    @Skipper Your first video just show him driving in circles around you. I dont see what you are talking about