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  1. Stormy nights

    So true
  2. Stormy nights

    If you did not see this whole post is about turning down the storm server side because turning down the sfx turns down everything like the rain and engine sounds etc which all in all ruins immersion the thunder is just way to loud imo
  3. Game Giveaway

    https://www.twitch.tv/events/TD4zGqB1RlOM-1GpJoUVFg Tune in for your chance to win a 60 dollar game or less on steam.
  4. So when are we getting FatherOsbornVR, need to know if I need to start saving up money for a VR kit.

  5. When are we going to get a FatherOsborn 3D @FatherOsbornHD

  6. John Obama Metagaming

    I made a judgment call and yes as Investigations command which I cant give for possible metagaming. I trusted the source the fact that liam paige has that connection is beyond me but Internal affairs is open for a reason for when mistakes like this happen and ICLY at the time I would take any measure to catching leron after what he pulled it effected my character as a whole if you watch the VOD you can see that I made a call while raiding your house which ended up getting my officer almost shot and killed at the prison. So yes ICLY I was off the rails and should be kept IC not brought to OOC saying it wouldnt happen because I could say camping at a prison wouldnt happen as well I mean there is countless things we could go on about fighting about what's real and not but I'm not willing to fight about this for I take metagaming seriously and dont stand by it so if it was metagamed I'm here for that not get criticized for the actions that where taken ICLY.
  7. John Obama Metagaming

    I'm willing to void RP of the LSPD knowing where leron lives if this does close as metagaming.
  8. Spike Strips

    There is a mod for it I have had it placed in mods for PD for when 0.4 gets released so we can only hope
  9. Spike Strips

    Not to mention when we use barriers for a road block it turns to ooc
  10. Stormy nights

    I just wanted to make a suggestion. Is it possible to server side decrease the volume of the rain/thunder. I love the storms but they are always just to loud and sometimes cant even hear people. As a streamer it gets irritating as wel I'm because it washes all other sounds out. Yes you can decrease sfx in audio options but this just make everything quiet. Anyways just wanted to put that here Travis McGregor
  11. Money Making Methods

    It's the fact you fish with people if people use it like before it is a great RP spot
  12. Money Making Methods

    Drug dealing
  13. How to fix the super-car issue.

    Where does it state they wont be available 8n the future? Just curious