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    First Aid kits

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    Add distance to emergency calls.

  3. Looking forward to this, what a great experience this should be!
  4. To simplify this, this would allow all factions to use it so it isn't restricted. Now from I gather this is suppose to improve role-play on all sides... yeah if its enabled for taxi drivers and are seen wearing one by pd I'm sure they will have more of a valid reason to stop the driver and question him. I'm sure really if you need someone driving around in a car with a mask, realistically gives Police more reason to pull over, search, etc so really your just asking to be pulled over. Now regarding the faction colour... it would be nice to be only visible by those who are in the faction and are on duty. Yes it would be nice to have it all plain but the colours are also nice to see who is on duty and can help with certain things.
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    New Server Rule - Excessive Traffic Law Breaking

    Depends how you look at it... If you want a community to have fun but yet have realistic RP experience then a rule like this would be good since it takes a load of IC policing since there is always something going on. But yes I understand your point of view, since they are IC laws they should be monitored IC by the police. Please try and understand this from different views.
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    New Server Rule - Excessive Traffic Law Breaking

    Well stating that just means in some way a load has to be removed off the staff or try and get more staff. I understand its easier said that done but these are suggestions only.
  7. Before I start, I did search the forums and server rules for this and found nothing. Suggestion: Excessive Traffic Law Breaking. Description of rule: This rule will enforce that RP is upheld at all times, even when the server is low on population and/or no police are on. The rule will enforce all traffic laws are followed by players at anytime unless they have a valid RP reason such as being chase by attackers, police pursuit, etc. Reason for this rule: As I am new to the server and have around 14 hours on the server, all I have seen that many players do not obey the traffic laws unless police are around. As a new player I see this as no one wants to RP or even be serious which can end up with new players leaving. Myself personally only notice that RP is present when interacting with others on the server. Enforcing this rule: As admins who are active should be randomly checking players, this could be a duty they can also check upon. But also not leaving this to just admins but players can report as well. Punishment (My Opinion): Now to have the most realistic RP server the punishment (not my decision) should go from a warning to a ban of 24 hours, then a 3 day ban and finally a perm ban.
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    Working Steering Wheel Guide

    Hi guys, Just a simple brief of what this does. This application allows the use of a steering wheel & pedals for GTA V. Files included: Default Folder - Just contains the .exe for you guys which then you can configure yourself. Logitech G29 - Since I have the G29 I have a preset, this may be used with the G27 or G920 but will need changing, definitely will need changing for the G27 (Could use the shifter's buttons as the D-pad since the same layout). http://www.mediafire.com/file/o1dzn9861xo1zmf/Steering Wheel Tool.rar Important: Place files within the GTA V directory and run the .exe so that it can download the required files. Key Mapping: Dead Zoning and Steering sensitivity: Please try not to edit the Dead Zone since it allows you to steer straight without going all over the space. Anti-Dead Zone controls how much the vehicle wheels turn in regards to a wheel turn.