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  1. Luxas


    Good luck! I know you got it in you!
  2. MC would love to give this a try! I will contact you
  3. A hard week of recruitment meant that the MC needed to get their initiation process done with the new prospects. They were taken to the secret spot and shown the ways of the club, introduced to high command and asked to show there commitment to LSMC. One of our members Daniels was injured during the initiation process, so the club sat and prayed for him while waiting for medics to arrive. He made a full recovery at Central MD and was back on his bike in no time. After the initiation process was complete, and Lucas was happy with what had been said and who was joining the MC they took a ride down south to the bank to introduce themselves to some new faces in the city and to also have a quiet catch up with other local clubs and groups. The night was finished with a couple of quiet drinks in the MC clubhouse, prospects and members were given new patches and everyone celebrated the clubs latest growth and improvments.
  4. BUMP! Are you bored after your PD or MD job? Need something to do in the city other than work? Drop me a text on the number above if you are interested in joining the MC!
  5. I understand how you don’t want to promote unnecessary feelings. But why not look at it the other way? If someone left a negative rating for me personally, I want to know why. I will use that negative rating to improve my RP and to improve myself in that situation again.. just as staff ask in player reports and appeals “how would you do this differently if you got in the same situation?”. I don’t think it would promote negative feelings and if it does, it would be anonymous anyway.
  6. As the person who runs the legal MC (LSMC) I agree with this comment the most. We used to get hit when we first joined the server, we lost everything 10 fold over.. but we fixed it using IC techniques and now we don’t get hit at all. This is mainly a IC issue, unfortunately you have branded yourself as “illegal” which means the official factions will cause you problems, just something you have to deal with and try and find solutions IC.
  7. -1 Scamming is real, it’s also illegal IC to have your own contracts as it’s tax evasion. If you get scammed, it’s your own fault.. not the rules fault
  8. Luxas


    Starting price please.. Very interested. Please text me with your buyout 4103828
  9. LSMC has been making a name for itself in the world of security and protection for local businesses. A friend of the MC reached out and asked us to run security at the door of his new club opening. The club opening went well and there were no problems at the door. Another step forward for the MC. The MC is looking to open a legal business within the next few days, so security and other business ventures can bring in more money.
  10. Are you bored after your PD or MD job? Need something to do in the city other than work? Drop me a text on the number above if you are interested in joining the MC!
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