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  1. Pending @Bakmeel please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  2. With the MC getting bigger and bigger every day it made sense to Lucas that he needed to expand the MC into a bigger building and a new HQ. The MC scouted all over the state, in the city and back up to Paleto. A few good finds were chosen but ultimately it came down to an empty and abandoned factory in Paleto. The factory being next door the their beloved and famous nightclub "Club Mojito" it made perfect sense for the MC to be stationed at this end of Paleto. The factory had an already working Warehouse and an office area where the MC would go to work turning this into their new Clubhouse. Lucas made arrangements to the government to secure the building, but until then, the MC would claim the building and the area as their own.
  3. Pending @Dqniel please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  4. Pending @Emulsify please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  5. I will offer you Ava
  6. Pending @RedHot please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  7. Please can you use the correct formatting when making a player report. Also - you need to have evidence (IDs and UNIX) to submit a player report. Please make sure to include these in your next post.
  8. With the new government laws coming into place over the last few months regarding business's and business licensing the LSMC have been working hard to get their businesses registered and fully recognised by the state government. Lucas decided to create LSMC Corp which will be the main parent company for everything the LSMC does, holding all the money inside the treasury and employing staff directly. LSMC Mojito Inn & LSMC Gas both will fall under the Corporation company so everything is kept in one place.
  9. Luxas


    @dawpi are you looking for tables for your house plants?
  10. This is a duplicate of this thread:
  11. This is a duplicate of this thread:
  12. This is a duplicate topic from 2 days ago. -1 though, do not do the RP if you are not there to finish the RP. How does it make sense to go and commit a series of crimes, get a 2-4 hour jail sentence, go to bed and then play the next day as if it never happened?
  13. Hi! Just an update on this, your app would have been looked at by now. Please try and login and good luck!
  14. +1 always happy to see new stuff for civs added to the server! Would bring it so many more jobs, Court Staff, Security, Extra Police, Police Convoys (Prison Transport to and from court house), would also bring in prison breaks for crims (attacking the convoys, attacking the courthouse etc)
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