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  1. Loving the hard work you put into these posts! Keep it up!
  2. Never flown a helicopter but its a +1 for me to improve everyone elses RP experience
  3. I’ve stayed out of this due to the fact that it’s pointless commenting just to argue about OOC issues or whatever. But my faction is and was involved in this situation, I just want to let everyone know that I would rather deal with everything that happened the next time I am IC. This has sparked a new RP for us now and hopefully all the others parties involved also, as a new faction, I don’t think it is in Jays best interest to try and wipe us from the server. Maybe I’m wrong and he doesn’t want new factions in the server but speaking to most staff members, they aren’t looking for the same 3-4 gangs for the rest of their lives. As per the suggestion, I think NCZs force OOC actions and cause problems further down the line. NCZ is a -1 for nightclubs from me but I do think something could be added to help nightclubs more scriptly. I’m not sure what but I think that’s what the topic of discussion should be. Regarding the whole “non-rp” from the gang that was inside the club, once they were in the RP from them wasn’t that bad, they gave demands and they used /me and /do pretty well. I don’t agree with the holding the nightclub door and shooting whoever enters due to the fact that the entering animation plays longer and you spawn in faster than they spawn in for you, which means they are able to shoot first. Again, something that he can fixed using scripts or bug fixes from the admins. Let’s try and stay on topic here, the post was about a suggestion, leave your -1 or +1 and a comment as to why. Don’t start bringing my faction, @JayGamble faction and other factions into the post just because you want to shout at someone for something completely unrelated. I am hoping you agree with me, and that Jay agrees with me that newer factions should be given a chance to succeed and not just wiped but they do have to follow IC law set by whoever is setting the law at the time. If you want me to clarify anything, @ me on the post and I will get back to you.
  4. January is here and the MC will not slow down. Lucas and the rest of the club have been busy recruiting, building more relationships and organizing business opportunities within the city. With Lucas being the only Club Member in town over the holiday period, he was able to have some much needed alone time, he sets out on a long journey north to clear his mind, riding is the only thing he thinks that helps. The club returns to the city, after spending time away. They hit a recruitment drive and recruit a handful of new prospects. The prospects are drilled on the rules, told to wear their cuts proud and respect the club at all times. With the recruitment drive finished, Lucas receives a text from Connor C from The Ballas asking the MC to meet them to introduce new faces and go over old business. Lucas finds this as a good way to also introduce his own new members to The Ballas and to explain their current situation. A new prospect, Keanu, mentions that he has a club up in Paleto and he is interested in bringing the MC into the business so that the MC could have a bigger clubhouse for club meets and club votes. The club meets in the city and rides north together. His church table room impressed Lucas very much and the club decided to accept the offer from Keanu to have another club meeting point up north that can be used when the club expands.
  5. Tried this with Xoza ingame at the property and it does not work, tried from all angles and up close/far away.
  6. The last couple of days were hard for the MC, a lot has been changing and much more is due to change in the near future. Leon, the clubs Vice President sends Lucas an email, late at night - he informs him that he has run into some family problems in another town and will not be returning to Los Santos for a few months. He explains that he is no longer able to or committed to keeping his role as the VP of the motorcycle club. Lucas takes this with a heavy heart, a member stepping down is not something that comes easy for Lucas or the rest of the club. Lucas responds, he thanks Leon for his time at the club, and guarantees him a position on the board whenever he feels he can return. Lucas now needed to make a decision, the club cannot function without an acting VP. He calls Ezekial into a private meeting and explains the situation. They organise a club wide meet at Church and the discussion continues. Lucas makes his decision quickly, so the club will not suffer any downtime while they are without a VP. Ezekial is promoted. The MCs new Vice-President. During this club meet, Lucas takes the opportunity to promote three new prospects that are new to the club. They are all promoted to a full patched member and are explained the new rules and how things will be changing for them moving forward. Loyalty, dedication and determination are expected at all times. Jimmy, Maria and Ava are welcomed to the family with open arms from all current members.
  7. ((ah okay, will get admin to delete, thank you))
  8. For the past few months Lucas has been trying to setup a meet with a new gang in town, The Skulls. Lucas reaches out to their leader and they arrange for a meet to happen when everyone is in town from both groups. Unfortunately the MCs VP is unable to make it, so they are set with what they can do. They arrange a meet at the Cascade nightclub, midnight, at first everyone gathers outside but the MC quickly brings everyone inside as PD start to circle the block almost immediately. The MC do not want PD taking photographs or videos of them at any time regardless what is happening or who they are meeting with. Once inside, Lucas and The Skulls leader talk about the future of the city, dedication to each others organisations and loyalty to one another. They quickly discuss business opportunities and how they both work on a day to day schedule. Everyone swaps names and a new friendship is born. The two leaders seal this friendship with a Skull Trademark.
  9. Knowing criminals in the city that are no longer criminals and have turned their lives around it would be good for City Hall to introduce some kind of criminal reform program. most state jobs and gov jobs either want you to own a firearms license or have no previous records. at the moment, you are told IC to appeal, you do so and then you are told they can’t do anything. my suggestion is that City should introduce a rule system for reformed criminals - no prison time in the last 4 weeks ((OOC)) - a point based referral and recommendation system - a parole officer that you have to report to, what have you been doing, do you consent to searches at random time of all cars and properties to make sure you aren’t breaking the law - a licensed and registered gun from PD, that you have to have inspected and returned every few weeks
  10. Progression up the clubs leadership ladder is something every prospect dreams of and why every member strives to be their best while with the club. Steve and Hamish approached the club at around about the same time, they were both patched in as Prospects. As every new face is. Since they have been a patched prospect, they have made themselves known to Lucas, Leon and Ezekial as hardworking, trustful and dedicated. This sparked a club meeting. The meeting was held and it was decided that both Steve and Hamish should be promoted up to a fully patched member. Being a fully patched member know means they will have a seat at the table, be able to cast a vote and be able to attend club only events. They will become role models for every aspiring prospect and would be expected to make good decisions at all times. Hamish and Steve are then both called into the club church, they are both asked to remove their cuts, take the old badges off and sew on the new badges. A couple drinks and a stern talking to later they are patched members. LSMC welcomes them to the brotherhood.
  11. Massive +1 for all of these being able to sort contacts / rename them and being able to see if a text actually sent or not is something we need!
  12. +1 on more rural options for living!
  13. +1 we have a crash channel on our discord (LSMC)
  14. @Redeyes04 Let me know when you are in town.
  15. Its a warm evening in Los Santos Lucas decides to go to the beach, Lucas, the MC and a friend decide to go fishing. Lucas has never liked the water due to some old childhood history involving deep and open waters but goes anyway as its good money for the club and its a good place to clear the air for any issues that need to be spoken about in a safe environment. After a short boat ride, the crew arrive and begin to fish, a couple hours go by. Lucas decides its a good place to carry on with his personal Journal, a journal which he has been writing for many years now, there are entries going all the way back to London when he was a teenager and a prospect in the UK. He stops fishing, goes and sits down and looks over the calm waters. He pulls out his notepad and a pencil that he keeps in his bag. The journal entry would read the following. "December 29th its late, maybe 1 or 2am? I'm not sure, its been a very long day and my phone is currently switched off. I got robbed today, just as I awoke at Leon's apartment. The guy didn't make it very far, a convenient placed cop just across the street watched him flee and then caught him as he tried to rob someone else. I know his name now, but nothing needs to be done. Ezekial seems happy, i'm proud i'm happy for him, he deserves it. I just hope he can stay looking forward. The club is going well, we have new members now, a prospect who is soon to be a full member and new prospect joining before the weeks up. LS is treating me well and I have made very good friends here but I miss home, I miss the UK but I know I can't return, and not being to see you. It destroys me. I hope you get to read these one day, maybe I will ship a copy over to you when I am done. Or maybe not. Tomorrow is a new day, Lucas"
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