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  1. Great thread man, hope to see you guys in the future!
  2. Car will be sold to the best offer in 24 hours. #2133718
  3. Do you want me to sell it right now?
  4. I will be in town in 10 hours from now, maybe we can make a deal then? Currently best offer.
  5. I'll sell it right now for 705k. Are you free?
  6. Currently best offer, if no bigger offers come i'll sell it in 12 hours,
  7. Character to be refunded: Joey Poppins Date and time of incident: 2020-03-12 ; 1583974201 Requested refund (what and how much): $97325 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was playing poker and i had K 6 and the board came K 5 Q 10 10, the person who won the main pot had two pair, but there was a side pot of $97325 and the person who won the side pot had K 2( A worse hand then mine ) and he won with a two pair. I had K 6 and i had the same pair of K. But i had an 6 as a kicker and he only had a 2 as a kicker which means that i should of won the side pot of $97325. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/dpf0hkI Comments: None.
  8. No, offers in trade i take overpay.
  9. Title says it all hit me up with your offers. Contact #2133718 I can add pictures if needed.
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