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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/531393859 do not underestimate the prison wall of justice
  2. Bl0wUrFace

    Gang Wars

    the "WAR" could last only 2 hour and the "dead" could be kick of the server until the "WAR" is over,this would add a legit fear of death (perma death would be much better as the weak minded would just hide while the true G would be running street)
  3. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    absolutly glorious! (so we could cut the bullshit of having to rp it) exactly what i said relying on the use of rule book and admin time to justify you innability to roleplay you trying to group up on me to get me perma ban its pathetic...
  4. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    yes it is needed now a day on eclipse unfortunately to protect yourself against some fool that rob everything that move anywhere...relying on the rule text book to compensate for their imagination....im not terminator but you guys asked nicely there was no pressure at all just casually asked me to drop my shotgun...
  5. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    so what you jealous? you cant rob something nice in a safe zone or what? its a victimless crime... Ben have over 100k exp and he killed like 5 dude total
  6. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    what are you trying to do?
  7. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    he PM me yes and i answer him... i never in my life initiated a PM....Admin can confirm that and i was not afraid because i could have slaugther you all...there was no dedication what so ever just a bunch of baby G running their mouth,almost relying of report for their laziness in role play....can you just drop the shot gun?!!?!?! is that all you got for fear rp?
  8. Bl0wUrFace

    ID 150 (FRP)

    you call that fear rp? dude you robbing a guy with a sawed off buck shot in close quarter...is being merciful now a crime? that baby one shot cop,and beside my character have earn the right to go in that particular zeta store,you should have asked on radio instead of just being greedy to steal my shotgun....truth is i could have slaughter you all in that tiny store All video and screenshot evidence may not be edited or tampered with in any way. Posting tampered or manufactured evidence may result in a ban from the game. The action lasted 1 minute yet the proof video is only half of it...
  9. police irl truly dont give a fuck about their cruiser as long as they can justify the damage (pretty easy) do you really think real cop would take their personal car and their personal insurance to tackle other car? and for any realism the city need a mayor to regulate both side,until then its just mental masturbation about who did what when
  10. yeah as long as there is admin involve i guess its a no go! if we cant use water then let us use fire! i tried many time to burn people alive but the fire is client side same for the car,they blow up but only client side, and dont forget that police IRL have good salary yes have mansion yes sport car yes but they only have 1 gun! you lose your gun you lose your job!
  11. the organized criminal should start mass abducting cop until they have to pay for their gun! taking your personal car should have consequence to! like being allowed to throw their car in the ocean
  12. i never said putting the fox in charge of the chiken pen was wrong....i am a very missleaded men indeed,and i would be curious to know from a trusted individual like you, the price police pay for weapon?
  13. good luck proving cop meta gaming if you are not on team speak! let us join the team speak so we can hear! XD
  14. did you know police radio is actually teamspeak? and even if you remove their radio in game they keep talking ( i never went on police teamspeak but its possible they have a addon linked to the ingame radio that mute them when no radio is found by the addon)
  15. Bl0wUrFace

    VOIP Not working

    go in option and make sure voice chat is enable,every time a reinstall the game and go on eclipse i have to reenable voice chat in option
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