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  1. Predict, I aim a few mm infront of you depending on your walking/running direction. I know how to lag shoot, It's not my first time playing rage. Like i said, if you have evidence of me using a cheat, let me know and feel free to post it aswell!
  2. I have 12k hrs over the past 4 years of playing CS:GO semi-competitively. Shooting at head level comes default to me in almost any game. If u have any video evidence of me using any sort of hacking tools or anything, I'd appreciate if you post them.
  3. I got accused for aimbot because I presume I landed a headshot, I'd like to see the evidence, then again, I'm clear. No aim hacks or any hacks for that matter. Feel free to report me with according evidence.
  4. Like stated before (im dexx glory). I have no evidence because i don't record (game turns unstable, buggy textures etc). I am not even actively being reported according to the reporter so I'm still unsure as to why I'm being asked for any input. Thank you!
  5. "ID 198" "He got accused but I am not reporting it" So why am I included?
  6. you had a whole suitcase with human meat zz
  7. It was 1:31 AM In a industrial terrain, him selling HUMAN meat. Hmm, I don't see how it's Non-RP to rob him on a industrial terrain at midnight. It wouldn't be "heavily" populated, at most 2-3 people, which might've called police, but I doubt it would've happened considering the robbery took less than 15 seconds.
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