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  1. Account name: Amystake Character name(s): Amy Stake, Brooke Morgan, Mae August, Hailie Cohen Admin who issued punishment: Mikex (I think, several were present) Date of punishment: 25th of July Punishment received: Ban Reason given for punishment: Failure to report ban evader Your explanation of what happened: I was aware Dushane was getting impatient to get back on the server, and he'd been saying he was done waiting. It wasn't, however, until he pm'd me on my alt, Brooke Morgan, that it was confirmed to me that he had ban evaded. I didn't have much to do with his new account from there, save a few interactions on Brooke. A number of things went down at SADOC causing me to focus majority of my attention on HRI and keeping everything together. We had a lot of great plans in the making, I'd been mainly on Amy since that one day. While he did pm me on occassions, I didn't pay it much mind and focused on the issues at hand at DOC. On the 25th, however, I was TP'd away from an RP situation and asked if I knew Dushane had ban evaded. I replied I met him ICly on Brooke while fishing, which is true. I did, though, know that something was amiss and failed to report it when it was confirmed. All of which I explained before my ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I realize my mistake and am aware that rulebreaks of that significance should be reported immediately. I will not make the same mistake again as I treasure the time I spent on ECRP. I do not want to lose the interactions I get with lovely people on a daily basis there. Furthermore, DOC needs all the help it can get, and I'm itching to get on with the changes we had in store. I recognize what I did was definitely wrong, but I keep wondering why only I was investigated and banned when I barely had anything to do with him. My offense remains, though, regardless of that. Other than this now, I've had a clean admin log, I have yet to be reported on the forums. I would really like to return to the family I have at DOC and help it grow. I will under no circumstances repeat this offense, and I do regret it. I have far too much to lose to risk my place with ECRP for anything or anyone. I've gotten a serious wake up call I will remember. Post any evidence or further details: -
  2. San Andreas Department of Corrections Recruitment OPEN! Will you be joining our team? https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=707
  3. Passed out against my will and couldnt wake up. Sorry about that
  4. Yee, those are all my screens. You can be jealous, it's okay
  5. Offer withdrawn due to excessive wait after placing buyout. Good luck with the sale though!
  6. How long do you plan on keeping the sale open for?
  7. Aight, gratz on the sale! 🎉
  8. Have you received higher offers?
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