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  1. [Bicycles] Fixed bicycles using fuel [Bullet] Fixed bulletcasings and bullets appearing from weapons that shouldn't spawn those [Bodies] Disabled carrying your own dead body [PostOP] Fixed incorrect delivery locations [Coroner] Fixes [Spawn] Fixed apartament spawn bug [Admins] Misc changes. [Nametags] Reenabled nametags, made them a bit transparent [Attachment] Fixes [Commands] /amembers is now restricted to support+
  2. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  3. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  4. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  5. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  6. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  7. [Jobs] Added coroner (HQ at paleto, call 6666 to request coroner). Coroners get money for picking up dead bodies. [Fishing] Added fishing drop off at paleto [Trucker] Moved freight depot to paleto [Bus] Added bus HQ in paleto and added paleto bus route [Bus] Increased salary [Mining] Added dropoff at paleto, increased salary [Hunting] Added dropoff at paleto [Medics] On death, players will either respawn on paleto or pillbox hospitals [Tollbooths] Misc fixes. [Bodies] Increased despawn timer to 60min. [Stamps] Lowered amount of stamps needed to remove one second from prison
  8. I will change the map to a slightly different version that has less trees, lets check how that works
  9. Bug occurred and this player See blow. teleported back. Closed.
  10. [Interior] Added pillbox interior [Interior] Added misson row interior [Police] CTRL + R will respond to the last call [Garbage Job] Increased payment. Garbage objects will respawn faster [Admins] Added the government faction member count command for admins (/FactionMemberCount or /FMC). [Inventories] Fixed offline player clothing/loadout inventory synchornization issues. [Wellness] Halved the wellness increase rate over time and from food. [Wellness] Reduced the minimum wellness to 10. [Vehicles] Increased the time needed to despawn a player owned vehicle from 2 hours to 8 hou
  11. Buff PD

  12. Please read this https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/legitimate-interests/what-is-the-legitimate-interests-basis/ As an example, you can try to get banned from a game like DayZ, and then go and ask for BattleEye anti-cheat to delete your data. That is not going to work. But I am going to deactivate your accounts and delete all the data that is not required for us to pursue our legitimate interests like ban evading checks.
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