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  1. [Camera] Disabled the idle camera. [Character Selection] Fixed a bug that caused players to spawn in the corridor of an apartment with a functional exit (not related to spawning in an apartment with no functional exit). [Character Selection] Fixed a bug that caused players to spawn in an apartment without a functional exit. [Charges] Fixed a bug that caused some charges to become active again when the charges are added while in prison or jail. [Entity Manipulator] Created an improved entity manipulator and furniture placement script. [Misc] Fixed an issue with the modal teleport that caused players to teleport incorrectly when inside in an interior. [Misc] Miscellaneous optimizations to improve the server performance. [Phone] Phones of imprisoned players will be automatically disabled. [Police] Evidence Lockers now use user input UI. [Properties] Fixed pet store generating exterior properties (stability improvement). [Properties] Custom property script will check whether there's a floor loaded underneath the player, before unfreezing them. [Properties] Added additional measures to check whether player has fallen through the ground of a custom property. [Properties] Changed custom property interior time from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. [Vehicles] Changed how vehicles submerged (under water) are deleted. [Vehicles] Vehicles will automatically lock whenever the driver disconnects. [Vehicles] Disabled the VIP autolock and locking with "K" for market vehicles. [Vehicles] Slightly reduced damage taken by vehicles, and normalized the damage taken by bikes. [Vehicles] Fixed an issue with vehicle trunks that caused players inside to teleport to the center of the map at random.
  2. I can't seem to connect after updating RAGE MP to the latest version. Doens't show any Eclipse Server while searching for it. IP: Direct connect to play.eclipse-rp.net:22005 OR None of these work for me.


    Are there any new changes to the server IP to connect and play? Kindly help as I am not able to connect and play. Haven't been online a few months.

  3. Hey could you check my appeal, been told to contact founders.

  4. [Police] Fixed spike strips [Boats] Added /dropanchor /raiseanchor [Police] Fixed CTRL+R [Police] Fixed /setcall -1 [Police] Fixed PD jail release position [Police] Fixed sheriff jails [Visuals] Nights are now darker
  5. [Bans] Changed the ban information UI to display an administrator alias instead of their account name. [Charges] Updated some criminal charges/fine ticket messages. [Commands] Added /unbanli and /banli for moderators+ (to ban users on Life Invader). [Commands] Changed permissions of /getglobalveh, /getbody and /settime administrator commands. [Commands] Added a "free mors" parameter to the /delveh administrator command. [Commands] Fixed the /AdminAlias command as it caused the server to crash. [Commands] Updated the /AMembers command to display the status of chat and visibility. [Commands] Changed the permissions of the /GetDrug command to head administrator. [DLC] Added an MLO Church interior at LS (near the cemetery). [Government] Added multiple /DonateGovernment locations. [Properties] Fixed /CreateProperty command assigning duplicate property street numbers.
  6. [Commands] Removed the /globalban command and changed /ban to ban players globally by default. [Commands] /GetItem and /MoveHouse are now accessible to on duty head administrators. [Commands] Minor text changes to administrator commands. [Commands] Added id support to administrator commands that work on both online and offline players. [Commands] /GetVehicle (/GetVeh) now supports both ids and plate numbers which are also case insensitive. [DLC] Reduced the file size of the city hall DLC as well as added an NCZ and lockable doors for the city hall interior. [DLC] Added a new Bayview interior and updated Gabz 24/7 store (for compability with the Bayview interior). [DLC] Updated the custom mapping at Bayview Paleto. [Factions] Added a "Pay All" button which pays every faction member their standard salary (hours times rank salary). [Food/Drink] Made food and beverages consumable even when at full hunger/thirst bars. [Houses] Changed an outdated house purchase message. [NCZ] /NCZCreate and /NCZDelete commands are now accessible to senior administrators. [Properties/Islands] Added sales tax to properties and islands which is similar to the house sale tax. [Warehouses] Added street address and property number to warehouse properties that are for sale.
  7. [Bicycles] Fixed bicycles using fuel [Bullet] Fixed bulletcasings and bullets appearing from weapons that shouldn't spawn those [Bodies] Disabled carrying your own dead body [PostOP] Fixed incorrect delivery locations [Coroner] Fixes [Spawn] Fixed apartament spawn bug [Admins] Misc changes. [Nametags] Reenabled nametags, made them a bit transparent [Attachment] Fixes [Commands] /amembers is now restricted to support+
  8. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  9. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  10. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  11. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  12. Fixed in the upcoming patch
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