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  1. 154 days more yella habib

  2. [Admins] Added a command to fetch dead bodies. /GetBody [Admins] Added a command to delete dead bodies. /DeleteBody [Police] Fine tickets cannot be paid near police officers anymore. [Economy] Disabled additional welfare bonuses that players with high experience received. [Economy] Misc changes. [Misc] Bug fixes
  3. Moreover, I would be interested to know why MD and DOC were excluded from this suggestion as they also use teamspeak.
  4. I have informed you about 24 hours for providing evidence for the claim, I will have to treat it as spreading misinformation on purpose if you fail to do so.
  5. Please provide evidence/facts supporting this claim in the upcoming 24 hours, thanks.
  6. stop resisting man.... marriage when...
  7. [Vehicles] Vehicles will drop their inventory if destroyed or chopshopped. [Vehicles] Adjusted cycles and motorcycles inventory volume to 15 from 20 [Vehicles] Carrying a bag or a briefcase and driving over 50km/h on a bike will automatically drop the items [Weapons] SniperRifle volume increased to 10->20, Heavy to 10->15, Shotgun 10 -> 15, AssaultRifle 10 -> 15 [Vehicles] Increased the amount of damage vehicles take on impact, damage no longer depends on engine location [Vehicles] Adjusted hakuchou2 handling, it will now burnout a bit more when accelarating from 0 and th
  8. [Voice] Fixed speaking players indicators bugging out on the right side of screen [Misc] TABBED OUT will appear above players when player is tabbed out [Misc] Optimizations [Misc] Crash Fix [Misc] Disabled oneshot-headshots. [Misc] Fixed red crosshair appearing when hovering over players
  9. [RageMP] Updated to 1.1 version of RageMP [Sheriff] Updated the SED hats and masks. [HUD] Added text shadows for better contrast on light surfaces. [Shipments] Increased the chances of illegal shipment interception. [Factions] Replaced /PW and /MW with /FactionLoadout (or /FL) [Uniforms] Added new uniforms, headware, gloves, armor, decals, weapons and equipment to the new /FactionLoadout command. [Misc] Fixed dropped objects not being collisionless [Map] Changed the map texture [Death] Fixed time not being set correctly after death [Death] If player dies in a vehicle, they wi
  10. fokn gangway bruv

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