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  1. Next time try using suggestions section 🙂
  2. Fixed in the upcoming patch
  3. NBDY

    ID 146 (Deathmatch)

    It is not your decision whether a player is going to get issued a punishment or not for breaking server rules. Such actions of pulling out a gun whenever possible clearly show one's lack of interest to properly RP. An administrator will process this DM case.
  4. Use proper aspect ratios. not custom ones.
  5. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.4.0 Dear Eclipse Community, After weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the 2.4.0 Development Update. In this update, you'll see a focus on civilian features and some minor changes all throughout. Without further ado; 1. Introducing - The Mining Job Located in the Great Chaparral of Blaine County, is the once Abandoned Mine Shaft. You grab the mining job from the outside and then proceed to press E on veins to begin mining. Each ore takes up 10 volume of your inventory, and there are 5 different ores to choose from, each comes with a different value (Tin - Copper - Lead - Iron - Bauxite) Once you have the ores that you want, you need to head over to the foundry in the Industrial Site of Los Santos and simply drop the ores inside the drop off point, which will then give you money. The system is very much like the drug selling points, the amount you get depends on the demand. 2. Introducing - Player Owned General Stores Players will now be able to own General Stores around San Andreas and manage them as you would any other business. The system will work in hand with the trucking job, and they will need to deliver cargo that you import as a store owner. This is pretty self-explanatory and it opens up new opportunities for players that have been wanting to own a business. Stores will be available to be purchased on release across the 24/7s in San Andreas, including those connected to gas stations, so be ready! 3. Introducing - The New Prison The new prison has long been wanted by the Eclipse Community, especially those from Department of Corrections and its frequent visitors. Our old prison interior was made in 2017 but throughout the years, new ideas came to light and a new prison was created by Dario Moretti who is a member of the Department of Corrections. This new prison offers larger space for inmates, it's more open and it offers more role-play opportunities for inmates and correctional officers. We hope that the community will enjoy the implementation as much as we do. 4. Introducing - Hunting, Hunger & Thirst We're turning this into a survival game (not really) but up until now, you've all been walking around feeling no thirst or hunger, and how could that possibly be a good simulation of real life? With thirst and hunger, you will be forced to occasionally eat and drink or suffer the consequences, which is death. To work hand-in-hand with the hunger and thirst system, we've also implemented hunting. Right now, you can only hunt with weapons that we've got available In-Game, including melee weapons, and it requires no expertise. It's not a scripted job so anyone can just go and hunt animals. The hunting grounds are the forests of Blaine County, you will find animals such as chickens, hen, rabbits, deers, boars and more - but be careful, some of them might fight back. After killing an animal, you can gut it, as long as you've got a knife equipped, you simply type /gut and it will begin the process. Once you've gutted the animal, you have to get the meat out of its inventory, and then what you want to do with the meat is up to you, you have 3 options. 1) You can eat the meat raw, and suffer a slight health loss. 2) You can cook the meat and then eat it. 3) You can sell the meat to the butcher, which works the same as the foundry and the drug selling points. For the less lighthearted, if animal meat is not enough, you can do this same process with human meat (players), but be careful - Deathmatching rules still apply and it might get you in trouble with the law! 4. Introducing - General Additions 5.1 Speakers Each general store can now import speakers for players to buy and place on the ground. The speakers will only play radio stations link, not youtube links. E.g. http://us4.internet-radio.com:8266/stream 5.2 Ability to Strip Ammo This has been a wanted feature for a few months now, and it's finally here - the ability to strip ammo from guns in your inventory. ENDING STATEMENT This is our second major update since the 2.3.0 update and we're very happy with the response we've gotten so far from our sneak peeks. We've been focusing heavily on the civilian side of Eclipse RP as we feel that there need to be more options than being a criminal or a legal faction member. We've tested this update as much as we could, but obviously, it's going to be different when there are 200+ players on the server. If you experience any bugs after this update, please make sure that you create bug reports so that they can be fixed in a timely manner. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/5-bug-reports/ Moving forward, if you want to stay up to date with development and look at sneak peeks of what's coming, make sure that you follow our Twitter. https://twitter.com/ProPaulius FULL CHANGELOG (including all changes made since the last development update) Added campfire (item buyable at stores) Added meat item, ability to eat and cook it Prison gates can now be controlled with /gate Fixed cell doors not being lockable. Added prison interior and made all doors lockable. Added additional MDC locations. Assigned regular and solitary cell positions and doors. Made animals not collide with vehicles Included a new prison lobby interior. Added multiple MDC location support. Made fence gates (outside the lobby) lockable. Fixed /showbadge command not working for government factions. Fixed administrator logs not working. Fixed F4 menu not working for the LSPD faction. Implemented player owned general stores Speakers can now be bought at the stores Implemented new ordering system to dealerships, gunstores, fuelstations Shortened /startrefueling to /refuel and FinishRefueling to /stoprefuel Added mining Added hunting Added strip ammo function to weapons Added ability to gut bodies, if player body was gutted will show /analysewounds Added detective badges for LSPD with /ib Reworked trucking to support new order system Added speaker as general store item, added commands /speakervolume, /speakerurl, /takespeaker Implemented hunger and thirst Added quiz id information to /alogs Fixed attachment sync errors Fixed weapons disappearing in weapons wheel Lowered gun prices in gun stores Taxi notifications are now subtitle text, not notification Fixed faction commands and functionality Fishing action will be stopped after missed fish This patch will reset every stashspot to the interior entry location Improved vehicle door opening to be more accurate Fixed bug where market vehicles were towable Fixed being able to put stashspot outside the house Added dead bodies limit per player Fixed bug where dropping carried item would make it disappear Added item drops lifetime. Saveable items like bags will be deleted after 3 days of them being dropped. Non-saveable items like clothes will be deleted after 1 day Added command /window that allows to open or close vehicle's window Fixed store cashier not putting his hands up Fixed bug where melee weapons taken out of police locker wouldn't be usable Disabled crouching when character is not supposed to do that action Fixed store robberies calls not showing up for police Implemented messages that inform players about /raterp command Implemented /afkmath command that will allow players to reset afk timer without moving their character Fixed disappearing PD vehicles Disabled irrelevant hotkeys, while MDC hotkeys remain active Main MDC is hidden by default, mini MDC will not enable the cursor Fixed vehicle scanner not showing all vehicles Fixed player search not working for players with an extensive criminal record Fixed tab counters not refreshing on MDC start Disabled hotkeys and chat Removed leading and trailing whitespaces when searching for a number Main lobby door made controllable with /gate Updated interior doors (removed/moved/added) Fixed unit leaders not being reassigned to their old unit Fixed issue that allowed passengers to change the cruise speed Fixed issue, that caused service payments to go into the player's bank rather than faction's treasury
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  8. Next time confirm items when you place them. The bug here is that you were able to put other items. Fixed.
  9. Lack of some feature is not a a bug
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