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  1. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [CCTVs] Added CCTVs implementation, currently in testing phase, only available for law enforcement [DrugLabs] Static drug labs take 2x less time to cook [Weapons] Fixed strip ammo bug [Weapons] Fixed ammo not being saved [Weapons] Fixed incorrect ammo amount being set
  2. You have posted video from one of the shootings, post a video from another.
  3. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [Apartments] Added elevator floor indicator to the interiors. [Misc] Added indicator if player is lagging [Apartments] Added the current elevator floor indicator to the main entrance text. [Apartments] Changed regular apartment entrance texts to world interaction texts. [Apartments] Fixed drug tables smoke and fire being created in global dimension [Phone] Fixed phone being displayed over some hud elements [Inventory] Fixed scaling for some resolutions [Admins] /gethouseowner now works with any property [Mining] Increased ore volume [Mining] Lowered ore respawn rate [Admins] Added /amanagelock for admins+ [Admins] /removecharges command is now for admins+ [RVs] Modified scaling of weight to speed [RVs] Lowered the minimal speed RV can drive.
  4. Do you have footage of the shootout that happened 07/27/2020 @ 8:47pm (UTC)?
  5. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [Weapons] Weapon attachments are synced when weapons are unequipped [Weapons] Changed how equipping weapons works, not its drag and drop [Weapons] Removed /dropgun command, use inventory Drop functionality [Trucker Orders] Fixed an issue that caused trucker orders not to load in the order menu. [Apartments] Security improvements. [CB Radio] Removed stranger names, and now it will show Player [id] [Furniture] If inventory is full and you cancel placement of furniture, furniture won't disappear [RVs] Removed /enterrv, instead there is now WI next to the door handle of RV [RVs] Increased the lockpicking success chance for RVs [RVs] RVs max speed will now depend on the volume of items inside RVs (dropped items and items in furnitures) [Furniture] Attempting to start place new furniture, when old furniture is not yet placed, will not delete the furniture item anymore
  6. /clearunit won't delete car anymore. Also it will not remove the unit from unit list, use /disbandunit for that.
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