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  1. Hey, how quick is the turn over for application acceptance usually? I just submitted mine by the way.

    1. JulesInfinity


      Depends, 24-48h. Usually under 24.

  2. how do i join


    1. Mike Bradey

      Mike Bradey

      Look up Eclipse Roleplay on RageMP and click on it and continue from there.

  3. Can you replicate it once more and film the whole scene
  4. [Vehicles] Added animation when searching the trunk [Food] Dropped food items now will have different object models, instead of the same bag model [Beverages] Dropped beverage items now will have different object models, instead of the same box model [Items] Added hand over functionality to items, you will now be able to give items to other people without dropping them on the ground. [Beverages] These items will now have indicator, showing, how much liquid there is inside them. E.g. Empty Soda, Soda 60%. [Police] Cuffed animation will now be more reliable. [Carrying] When you are carring an item, and your player animation is stopped for some reason (E.g. falling of the building), it will now automatically drop the item you were carrying. [ItemDrops] Added quantity next to the dropped item, if quantity is over 1.
  5. [WI] Fixed visual bug when hovering over several items at the same time [Trucking] Fixed bug that allowed player to do trucker job as a passenger [EntityManipulator] Added safety check in order to prevent errors if the object model hash is incorrect [StoreRobberies] Misc. text fix [NCZ] Added notification when entering NCZ for new players [NewPlayers] An automatic communication medium (via /report system) will be opened when user finishes tutorial.
  6. [Bank] Fixed wire transfer not working at the bank [ContextMenu] Fixed incorrect player name being displayed when player is selected [Furniture] Added ability to remove or edit property furniture with CTRL + X menu [Inventory] Fixed bug which caused certain items to disappear on player death if player inventory is full [Inventory] UI will now show only 1 decimal place for volume [Prison/Jail] Incorporated PD/SD New Player leniency into the script. New Players will get jail time and fine reduction. [Prison] Fixed phones not being turned off [Property] Permissions will be automatically updated when person changes their name [VOIP] Fixed incorrect player names being displayed on the right side of the screen when player is talking.
  7. [Quiz] Added additional logging for quiz [VIP] Added free 14 days VIP when finishing the tutorial [Phone] Added government app [SpeedCamera] Adjusted fines for new players [Mors] Clicking on unavailable vehicle will say the time left for it to become available. [Mors] Adjusted fees and waiting times for new players [CityBee] Car rent will always be available for new players [Items] Added help notification when carrying item [Items] Added newspaper, battery and briefcase items to new players inventories [NewPlayers] Changed the initial money to 12k in bank and 1k in hands. [Apartments] Players will now be able to leave apartments if they are locked [Properties] Players without AccessProperty permissions will not be able to lock doors [Inventory] Fixed inventory total volume being calculated incorrectly (ignoring decimal places) [Vehicles] Misc. logic improvements
  8. [Commands] Added /FactionVehicleColor (/fvcolor) command permissions for MD and SADOC. [Commands] Added livery selection support to the /fspawn command for MD and SADOC. [EvidenceLockers] Fixed misc. bugs [Finance] Fixed loan company bugs [Items] Re-enabled speakers in general store [PlasticSurgery] Fixed text label and markers [Police] Removed the portal inside PD [Portal] Disabled wineyard portal [Trunk] Added help notification when entering trunk [Vehicles] Added a Police Jugular performance-wise identical to the civilian Jugular. [Vehicles] Added custom animation support for vehicle bodies and enabled trunk bodies for the Romero and the Lurcher. [Vehicles] Added new liveries for the DLC PD/SD/MD/SADOC vehicles. [Vehicles] Fixed stall issue related to freeze [Vehicles] Re-balanced the performance of the Police Vacca to match the civilian Vacca.
  9. [Admin] Admin markers are now dimension dependant [DLC] Reduced the file size of Bayview MLO interior. [DLC] Updated the text color of the Police TARV for the CIC. [Furniture] Disabled furniture placement restrictions for custom interior properties. [Interiors] Added command /SetInteriorTime [Items] All items are now saveable (meaning they wont be lost on server restart). Each dropped item now has a timer after which that item will be deleted [Items] Disabled restriction on dropping more than 5 persistent items on the ground. [Items] Fixed dropped items having collisions [Markers] Markers across the server now use the same style [Misc] Property optimizations [TextLabels] Labels across the server now use the same style [Vehicles] Improved vehicle spawn logic [Vehicles] Potentially fixed random freezing issue
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