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  1. /calls will only show calls that are for the faction you are currently on duty in in the upcoming patch
  2. NBDY

    Go back to the old UI

    It won't be brought back. The current system will be worked on and improved.
  3. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [Fireplace] Fixed fireplace crafting menu not being openable [Fireplace] Added dismantle option [StaticDrugLabs] Switched to WI system [CharacterSelection] Bug Fixes / Optimizations
  4. Put your tables so you can access them next time instead of stacking them next to each other
  5. NBDY

    13 Extra Characters

    I have fixed your account.
  6. NBDY

    Campfire unusable.

    Fixed in the upcoming patch
  7. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [Exteriors] Fixed exterior not working [Items] Fixed logs and branches not being pickable [Dimension] Fixed dimension not resetting after death [Gunstores] Fixed gunstores throwing error messages [Gunstores] Fixed gunstores not being able to import melee [Vehicles] Fixed key owners not being reset after buying a vehicle from other people [Vehicles] Added /removeallkeys for vehicles [Voice] Push to talk keys M and N are now rebindable in GTA V settings [Speakers] /takespeaker no longer requires for person to be the owner of it [Weazel] Renamed /wr to /wro and added new /wr command
  8. NBDY

    Game Changelog

    [MDC] Disabled player lookup by ID [QOL] Introduced new WorldInteraction system for interacting with different objects on the map [Criminals] Added chance for other criminal gangs to be informed when one gang makes an order [LaptopOrders] Added 14 more pickup points [Drugs] Dismantling drug tables won't work if table is not cold [Drugs] Added /dismantlevent command for dismantling ventilators [Mechanics] Fixed some vehicle details not being synchronized after mechanic order is applied [PaletoVehicleMarket] Moved to a larger area [Market] Potential fix to cars being placed inorderly [Vehicle] Added mileage to vehicles (/mileage) [Weapons] Melee weapons and such won't have serial number anymore and won't be registered in the weapons database [Apartments] Added apartment complexes. [Apartments] Added shared apartment garage parking. [Apartments] Added apartment interior styles. [Apartments] Added apartment corridor and lockable door. [Apartments] Disabled certain map objects to improve the view out the windows. [Credit Store] Reorganized the credit store menu. [Credit Store] Fixed the vehicle preview images. [Credit Store] Added pets to the credit store. [Credit Store] Added credit vehicle transfers (within the same account) for a fraction of it's original value. [Credit Store] VIP is now global and will work on both (EN/LT) servers. [Credit Store] Movement animations are now account wide (any purchased movement styles will work on all characters of an account). [Credit Store] Added the ability to refund a credit store vehicle within 24 hours of purchase. [Credit Store] Added the ability to change the name of all characters that belong to the current account. [Pets] Added different pet color variations. [Pets] Changed pet prices and added a few new pets to the pet store. [Misc] Bug fixes
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