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  1. +1 that is actually annoying 😒
  2. Hi, Kelly here. You can see me pulling out a gun at 2:58 in Goonaxe video and pointing at Edward waiting till he gets out of the car first. I didn't shot a bullet till he got out and I saw animation that character does while he takes gun to his hand so I thought he's about to shoot at us, which made me shoot few bullets till I saw him putting hands up and instantly stopped shooting. The rest of situation I personally was just taking their stuff and didn't damage anyone or their property.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 2019-04-09 21:45 UTC+2 ( not sure about exact time, but it happened few times I tried to do it at different houses) Character name: Kelly Gamble Issue/bug you are reporting: I can park my „Carbonizzare“ only in my house, I can‘t park it in any other house that I have keys to even when it has empty garage space. Expected behavior: I expect to be able parking my cars at friends houses if there is space there and I have keys to it and usually I can do it, but only with my „Carbonizzare“ I am not able to do it. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: This is video and what panel on the top says „You can‘t park this vehicle in this house!“ and it happens in any house I try to park it , unless I own the house. Then I am able to park it. Vehicle license plate number*: GAMBLE
  4. Very good suggestion +1
  5. Well what person did it's not very nice. But it's a part of RP I'd say. If you're doing some dirty business and get caught and get life sentence in prison or just very big debts you know you can't pay it might lead a char to some suicidal thoughts/depression or hatever and in the end lead to CK as well. It seems pretty legitimate in my eyes. But I'd say no for removing all assets instantly when person does his character kill. Overall I believe it totally depends on persons behavior at the end of the day. You kill your old char but it depends how you act with your new one. He might just come as a new extra rich person who moved in town and bought all the stuff from 'dead' person and lives his rich life or whatever. Just depends how you play it after. And name change for sure shouldn't be and I believe it's usually not considered as CK as what if char just doesn't like the name his 'parents' gave him. Or person gets married. There is at least few reasons to change your name without CK.
  6. Zyzla

    Los Zetas

    When Zetas got leaked information and copy of a document about alliance against them being formed from smaller gangs they are neutral with in town and Los Zetas being named as an enemy in it. We were surprised but reacted fast and had a meeting with all gangs mentioned in the contract as we had a nice relations with almost each of them. As we figured out the document was edited and passed to us as a copy where Zetas as enemy mentioned. When real document didn't had anything to do with it and most of the gangs didn't signed document with Zetas name as enemy on it. To meet the people who did arranged this fake document we had to find them and take them to motel to have a talk while surrounded by people with guns, so they had nowhere to go but to tell truth. After this accident the gang that did this will never be trusted the same way again. Los Zetas gave them best condition they could have between each other, but they managed ruining those relations themselves, by making up an issue where there was none. That's how you figure out who is trustworthy and who is not and those who were not - paid for it in a massive shootout.
  7. Zyzla

    ID 21 & 19 DM/KOS

    Hello, I think there is no need for me to respond anymore at this point as the person who made a report said he thinks everything was by the rules, so do I. Cheers, Kelly Beans.
  8. Zyzla

    ID 107 (DM)

    It's your point of view. And I can tell you it's very sexist. So I told you I shot you down because you were hitting my friend over and over it is pretty clear. And I think he tried to punch you as he couldn't shoot you as he was speaking on his phone and you just kept knocking him down.
  9. Zyzla

    ID 107 (DM)

    But my pretty clean ban record speaks for for itself I believe 🙂 As well here I still believe I had a right to shoot you as you were running over my friends as I said already. He cant just as you can clearly see he's falling when you move towards him. you can see it very clearly at 0.08 at my video and this gives me reason to DM you.
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