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  1. A month passed after situation, I honestly do not remember who called the raid out. As I stated above I personally met Frankie long time ago when he was part of Rooks organisation. As I entered the apartment I could tell who he was and what/where I know him from. As this is clearly a reply to my reply I'd like to say few things regarding this. I'm not accusing you of not having a job interview OOCly. What I was trying to explain there is how my character Kelly sees Frankie. I know OOCly now that you were having a job interview and all but it doesn't change the way Kelly is seeing you. What I stated above I was just trying to clarify how my character sees you and why it would have suspicions and wouldn't trust Frankie saying he's just having a job interview. This is really related to my answer above. I've personally been in at least few situations where you were involved that ended up in shootouts( I have few clips of that and can provide to staff taking report if it's necessary) and we got Frankie's mask removed and figured it's him. Being involved in that. Despite saying he's "legal". No matter you're whispering or wearing a mask, you still can be identified doing crime, and you were - ICly. What I'm trying to say my character has like 0% trust of whatever your char was saying. Cause he proved me he's lying more than once.
  2. Kelly Gamble (ID 151) here. So we initially met with Triads and Aztecas high command at the Del Perro apartment complex and then ended up going into Wolfgang's apartment to talk over few things. If I remember right we met up cause some of us got information about other rival gangs having a meeting at the same apartment complex. So we just spent the time in the Wolf‘s place leaving few people to scout outside and tell us if they are leaving the place. At the same time other people went to scout different floors to maybe see any of the people being outside of their apartment and maybe we can figure out where exactly the meeting is going on. Then we got information that few rooks were found at the certain floor so we decided to leave and check it out as it‘s not a group none of us are on good terms with. We found these few people and decided to check what‘s going on in there. My character personally have met Frankie as a rook long time ago, then met him with some „worker union“ (not sure if that‘s exactly how it was called) when he was saying they going to be legal. Since that worker union thing I barely seen him but whenever I did I‘ve ended up getting into encounters with him trying to flee situation or being a part of shootout. Doesn‘t sound really legal to me. Ain‘t nothing but some lies Kelly have last heard from this man since she met him. ICly who knows are you really having „job interview“ or it‘s just another excuse and you‘re trying to get rid of us the easy way covering your illegal activities with legal names once more. We checked your house, phone, safes, for any information that could be useful for us. Well you live in a high end apartment which lets us think you probably have something valuable there too so we decide to check that. I‘m not even sure if anyone took things from your safes. Wouldn‘t say it was high risk low-reward robbery and it wasn‘t completed in a public place. Correct me if I‘m wrong but as far as I remember when we all went up there you had the main door opened as we were entering and that‘s how we made our way inside your apartment. We can only guess what you have inside or what sort of useful information you might have on your phone that might be a pretty high reward for our groups and there was an opportunity to check it.
  3. Good luck, Goblins!
  4. Zyzla

    Los Zetas

    It's time for a hike! As life goes on, sometimes the time comes where you have to be on your tip toes day after day. It might get exhausting and stressful, but at the end it‘s usually worth it. You can‘t say standing for your family is ever going to be not worth it regardless of the way it goes. As the recent events with WCA calmed down and people got some rest after patrolling Grove street 24/7, it was time to look around and take some time for themselves. Everything around town seemed to be calm and chill. As life came back to regular old pace Kelly thought why not to get to know the people we were fighting side by side even better. Kelly brought up the idea of going on a hiking trip to Alicia back in the day during the war and one day Alicia walked to her and asked “When are we doing it?” Kelly shrugged and said “It needs a bit of a planning” but Alicia‘s question pushed her to stop just thinking about it and finally just make it happen. After a quick talk with a few people from each group they agreed it was a good idea to do that. Everyone from the Triads, Aztecas and Los Zetas were invited to come over to meet up at Mount Gordo and spend some time with each other. As we met up we chilled a bit on the bottom of mountain as we decided it time to go on a hike towards the lake North of it. As everyone gathered together we finally headed out for the hike. Walking isn’t easy as it seems when we‘re talking about climbing up the steep mountain, so we took a few stops to enjoy sunset and get some rest. As we reached the destination lots of us enjoyed the fresh source of water to cool down after quite a bit of a walk, others chilled by the lake dancing, swimming and discussing various topics or just snacking or sipping on drinks. Day was going by as we could see the sun start hiding behind the hills so we decided it‘s time to get back where we started. After that we took a road back and ended up enjoying ourselves next to campfire just chatting and chilling in the bright moonlight. Everyone needs to stop sometimes and look around to see what they’ve got right next to them. Giving others reward and enjoyment is not hard, even if it‘s for the small things people do daily for each other. When you put effort into things, it’s always delightful to get something back for it, even if it‘s a small amount of quality time to spend together.
  5. Zyzla

    Mass Rulebreaks

    Hey and thanks for tag. Well it was a middle of shootout and I was being shot at the moment. It was a pretty stressful as shots were going on and I tried to tell that I am hurt and feeling low because I got shot at already. English isn‘t my first language and I just picked whatever words I had in that hectic situation, never meant to mix or anything.
  6. +1 would make things so much easier. Or would be cool to have small search bar where you could just put persons name in and see his/her deposits/withdrawals in treasury logs
  7. Hello and thanks for the tag! So first of all I‘d like to mention that I was on their radio frequency for quite a long time before this all occurred and I kept relaying information to my gang that there is two people from enemy gang we were in active war with, in a blue trophy truck, dressed in blue somewhere in town impersonating us. https://streamable.com/2xcd1 - you can hear Jamal being assured radio is not compromised and telling about him buying blue trophy and changing clothing, warning his people its him https://streamable.com/qz5qf - Jamal once more confirms changing into blue outfits Just a proof of that, they spoke about it twice in the period of 5 minutes while I was listening to them so I was really aware of the situation, when they had no idea we were on their frequency as it was confirmed that they thought its not compromised when Jamal asked. So they didn‘t know we obtained such information. So in around roughly 20-30 minutes from them talking about changing into blue clothing, we drive back in town and end up in a small shootout with them and after leaving it we see blue trophy truck heading that way. As I am sure its none of us, but the same guys who spoke on radio I pull my gun on them and give demands. In my video https://streamable.com/icw0y right here you can see at 0:06 me pointing gun straight at the man‘s head and giving demands going 11 km/h (http://prntscr.com/rezbzf ) when they are themselves going same speed right next to us. As well in Jay‘s provided video you can see their characters looking at us while I point a gun going 6 km/h http://prntscr.com/rf14gd which is a speed a car like trophy truck which has no windows and is pretty open would hear demands from I'm pretty sure. First of all, the reporting party was in the gang we‘re actively fighting with. Secondly I obtained information they are impersonating us. Thirdly I finally saw them, gave them demands that they heard ( at least that‘s what I thought) and opened fire as they didn‘t comply. So as far as that goes I think my demands were plausible at least in my opinion. We were basically stopped so I thought they really heard and saw me, but as they decided to flee I opened fire. (apologies for not hearing my voice as I press „n“/“m“ in any of the videos uploaded from my side I don‘t know why but my shadowplay just didn't had mic key binded, but you can hear it in other people‘s PoV)
  8. Just wanted to say it's working again and I can hide dreadlocks under the mask again! This can be archived, opa!
  9. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    It's not because I'm upset or anything it's because I think what you did is not okay and I think you broke the rules there
  10. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Hello As I saw him I turned from my way to the right where he went to. As he was wearing all black I thought it might be one of the dudes from the gang we’re at war with now. My intentions were to follow him and get my friends on this chase (sadly you cant hear what I say on the radio) and to get him of the bike ID him and check what’s in the bag. As usually people don’t carry bags like that there must have been something heavy as I thought either meat or guns. That’s the second reason I started following him. Cheers Kelly
  11. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 2020 02 24 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1582536576 Your characters name: Kelly Gamble Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) From recent update : " • Wheelies/Leaning Forward on Motorcycles: Abusing game mechanics such as doing wheelies or leaning forward on a motorcycle to gain a significant speed advantage over other players will not be tolerated. That means if you are being chased by another player, you shouldn't be doing wheelies or leaning forward to gain speed. It's unrealistic and we will be cracking down on this. " How did the player break the rule(s)? Whenever I started following dude(ID54), he started wheeling on his BF 400 to gain more speed so I can't catch up with him. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/dlsul Tagging @Varakai as he took report in game and said to tag him when I make post on forums.
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