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  1. Hello and thanks for the tag! So first of all I‘d like to mention that I was on their radio frequency for quite a long time before this all occurred and I kept relaying information to my gang that there is two people from enemy gang we were in active war with, in a blue trophy truck, dressed in blue somewhere in town impersonating us. https://streamable.com/2xcd1 - you can hear Jamal being assured radio is not compromised and telling about him buying blue trophy and changing clothing, warning his people its him https://streamable.com/qz5qf - Jamal once more confirms changing into blue outfits Just a proof of that, they spoke about it twice in the period of 5 minutes while I was listening to them so I was really aware of the situation, when they had no idea we were on their frequency as it was confirmed that they thought its not compromised when Jamal asked. So they didn‘t know we obtained such information. So in around roughly 20-30 minutes from them talking about changing into blue clothing, we drive back in town and end up in a small shootout with them and after leaving it we see blue trophy truck heading that way. As I am sure its none of us, but the same guys who spoke on radio I pull my gun on them and give demands. In my video https://streamable.com/icw0y right here you can see at 0:06 me pointing gun straight at the man‘s head and giving demands going 11 km/h (http://prntscr.com/rezbzf ) when they are themselves going same speed right next to us. As well in Jay‘s provided video you can see their characters looking at us while I point a gun going 6 km/h http://prntscr.com/rf14gd which is a speed a car like trophy truck which has no windows and is pretty open would hear demands from I'm pretty sure. First of all, the reporting party was in the gang we‘re actively fighting with. Secondly I obtained information they are impersonating us. Thirdly I finally saw them, gave them demands that they heard ( at least that‘s what I thought) and opened fire as they didn‘t comply. So as far as that goes I think my demands were plausible at least in my opinion. We were basically stopped so I thought they really heard and saw me, but as they decided to flee I opened fire. (apologies for not hearing my voice as I press „n“/“m“ in any of the videos uploaded from my side I don‘t know why but my shadowplay just didn't had mic key binded, but you can hear it in other people‘s PoV)
  2. Just wanted to say it's working again and I can hide dreadlocks under the mask again! This can be archived, opa!
  3. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    It's not because I'm upset or anything it's because I think what you did is not okay and I think you broke the rules there
  4. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Hello As I saw him I turned from my way to the right where he went to. As he was wearing all black I thought it might be one of the dudes from the gang we’re at war with now. My intentions were to follow him and get my friends on this chase (sadly you cant hear what I say on the radio) and to get him of the bike ID him and check what’s in the bag. As usually people don’t carry bags like that there must have been something heavy as I thought either meat or guns. That’s the second reason I started following him. Cheers Kelly
  5. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 2020 02 24 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1582536576 Your characters name: Kelly Gamble Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) From recent update : " • Wheelies/Leaning Forward on Motorcycles: Abusing game mechanics such as doing wheelies or leaning forward on a motorcycle to gain a significant speed advantage over other players will not be tolerated. That means if you are being chased by another player, you shouldn't be doing wheelies or leaning forward to gain speed. It's unrealistic and we will be cracking down on this. " How did the player break the rule(s)? Whenever I started following dude(ID54), he started wheeling on his BF 400 to gain more speed so I can't catch up with him. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/dlsul Tagging @Varakai as he took report in game and said to tag him when I make post on forums.
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): 2020-01-20 Character name: Kelly Gamble Issue/bug you are reporting: The mask goes under the hair when it supposed to go above it and hide it. Expected behavior: Some masks like clown or others should hide hair completely and it shouldn't stick out through it. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: The mask going below your hair first occurred when the new hairstyles were added, but later on it was fixed and now it's bugged again. https://imgur.com/a/H9RbKdU here's how it looks like. In first picture how it supposed to be like and in second how it is now. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  7. He said "dysync" or something like that in /b yet I don't know if he apologised. You probably could see in his logs I don't remember that honestly. And yes, they instantly came to loot me, took my heavy pistol and radio and then left the situation asap. I got my stuff back only cause sheriffs came and then my gang members pulled up and I described them what happened, not because they gave it back willingly. I legit posted the whole chase since moment I see you lol. WIll reply only when mod taking report asks me to though. Cheers, Kelly.
  8. Why does it matter? Me chasing you doesn't give you guys DM rights anyways. I can drive behind whoever I want to with no reason at all. and what I did? you can clearly see me fearing for my life stepping out of the car when it stalled and putting my hands up instantly.
  9. Here is video of whole chase since the moment I see them. You can see them trying to hit my car or block the road at least few times and I tried to avoid it as much as possible. No demands or interactions happened before they slam into my car stalling and then running me over, besides me just driving behind them. I'm sorry its in two clips cause I use shadowplay so I clipped first time when he tried to slam into me and then the rest https://streamable.com/ewqt4 https://streamable.com/kided
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