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  1. Thread looking bomb guys! Keep it up
  2. A month passed after situation, I honestly do not remember who called the raid out. As I stated above I personally met Frankie long time ago when he was part of Rooks organisation. As I entered the apartment I could tell who he was and what/where I know him from. As this is clearly a reply to my reply I'd like to say few things regarding this. I'm not accusing you of not having a job interview OOCly. What I was trying to explain there is how my character Kelly sees Frankie. I know OOCly now that you were having a job interview and all but it doesn't change the way Kelly is se
  3. Kelly Gamble (ID 151) here. So we initially met with Triads and Aztecas high command at the Del Perro apartment complex and then ended up going into Wolfgang's apartment to talk over few things. If I remember right we met up cause some of us got information about other rival gangs having a meeting at the same apartment complex. So we just spent the time in the Wolf‘s place leaving few people to scout outside and tell us if they are leaving the place. At the same time other people went to scout different floors to maybe see any of the people being outside of their apartment and maybe we ca
  4. Zyzla

    Los Zetas

    It's time for a hike! As life goes on, sometimes the time comes where you have to be on your tip toes day after day. It might get exhausting and stressful, but at the end it‘s usually worth it. You can‘t say standing for your family is ever going to be not worth it regardless of the way it goes. As the recent events with WCA calmed down and people got some rest after patrolling Grove street 24/7, it was time to look around and take some time for themselves. Everything around town seemed to be calm and chill. As life came back to regular old pace Kelly thought why
  5. Hey and thanks for tag. Well it was a middle of shootout and I was being shot at the moment. It was a pretty stressful as shots were going on and I tried to tell that I am hurt and feeling low because I got shot at already. English isn‘t my first language and I just picked whatever words I had in that hectic situation, never meant to mix or anything.
  6. +1 would make things so much easier. Or would be cool to have small search bar where you could just put persons name in and see his/her deposits/withdrawals in treasury logs
  7. Hello and thanks for the tag! So first of all I‘d like to mention that I was on their radio frequency for quite a long time before this all occurred and I kept relaying information to my gang that there is two people from enemy gang we were in active war with, in a blue trophy truck, dressed in blue somewhere in town impersonating us. https://streamable.com/2xcd1 - you can hear Jamal being assured radio is not compromised and telling about him buying blue trophy and changing clothing, warning his people its him https://streamable.com/qz5qf - Jamal once more confirms changing int
  8. Just wanted to say it's working again and I can hide dreadlocks under the mask again! This can be archived, opa!
  9. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    It's not because I'm upset or anything it's because I think what you did is not okay and I think you broke the rules there
  10. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Hello As I saw him I turned from my way to the right where he went to. As he was wearing all black I thought it might be one of the dudes from the gang we’re at war with now. My intentions were to follow him and get my friends on this chase (sadly you cant hear what I say on the radio) and to get him of the bike ID him and check what’s in the bag. As usually people don’t carry bags like that there must have been something heavy as I thought either meat or guns. That’s the second reason I started following him. Cheers Kelly
  11. Zyzla

    ID 54 NonRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 2020 02 24 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1582536576 Your characters name: Kelly Gamble Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) From recent update : " • Wheelies/Leaning Forward on Motorcycles: Abusing game mechanics such as doing wheelies or leaning forward on a motorcycle to gain a significant speed advantage over other players will not be tolerated. That means if you are being chased by another player, you shouldn't be doing
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