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Gangster Disciples

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It was a quiet night. A rare occurrence for the newly founded GDs. Jamaar, Oti, Hoxton and other affiliates were posted 
up outside of their apartment complex exchanging laughs and conversating. Jamaar breaks off from the crowd, walking 
over to his elegy. He hops in the driver seat, grabbing a bong from the passenger side before signalling Oti 
to come over. The two had been brainstorming headquarters locations for the Gangster Disciples and tonight 
was the night to touch base with someone in order to make it solidified. Oti unlocks his cellphone and 
makes a call to CJ, a renown figure among the Clowns in their prime. A meeting was set and the two 
departed from the complex towards the designated location.



During their previous discussions Oti and Jamaar had both agreed that Benny's would be their first pick. Out of 
respect for CJ and the disbanded organization he once represented, the Gangster Disciples had deemed it necessary 
to sit down with him and see if it was acceptable for them to claim said historic location. The garage door opened, 
slowly revealing CJ strapped as per usual and his colleague Tim across the building. Oti and Jamaar hopped out 
of their whips before greeting the two. It was made clear from the start that it would be okay to use Benny's 
as the Gangster Disciples headquarters. Those present filled the remaining time they had by reminiscing 
of past, simpler times. As Jamaar was parking his elegy at the previously mentioned complex, a ringing 
was heard from his burner phone to which he answered. The voice he heard on the other end immediately 
made him stop in his tracks. 



The next morning Jamaar began hesitantly packing his bags. He sent a text to Oti imploring that he meet him nearby
the Los Santos International Airport where he would be filled in on the news. Before heading up to the airport
Jamaar took a trip around town visiting his properties, business and other notable locations that held a 
special place in his heart. He pulled into the top floor of a nearby parking garage where Oti and Zac were
anxiously awaiting his arrival. Jamaar had received word from the Gangster Disciples posted in Chicago
that the weapons pipeline that Oti had implemented was compromised by authorities and needed to be
re-introduced. It was decided that Jamaar had a mandatory duty to relocate to Chicago in order fix 
this issue and that he would not return to Los Santos until further notice while Oti kept his 
hometown GDs operating. With heavy hearts Oti and Zac said their goodbyes, understanding that
business is business. Jamaar then sped off on his drag to catch his flight.

"Stay safe out there g".



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