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  1. Account name: Bartas321 (M4RTIZ#6826) Character name(s): Igor Morozov Admin who issued punishment: I dont know Date of punishment: 19/5/2019 Punishment received: read only in "i_have_a_question" section of discord Reason given for punishment: I think because i @nbdy for a question about a recent update. Your explanation of what happened: I @nbdy for a question about a recent update (didnt get reply :() Why should your appeal be accepted?: Doesnt say anywhere in the rules of discord i cant do that. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. +1 would like to see more action between gangs.
  3. This house is worth a lot more than 550k in my opinion, keep the house unless you get a great offer. Good luck selling it.
  4. Massacro still for sale!!!!
  5. @JakeInnit_ sure - contact me 3574026
  6. Offer prices down below.
  7. Would you take vehicles in exchange for it? maybe some cash add?
  8. good luck finding massacro for 320k
  9. -1 Since most people arent from the US, they will have very high ping leading to them leaving the server.
  10. Some relaxation before gang related activities.
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