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  1. +1 even if im curently on the (probablly losing side) bans should not decide a war outcome. Ban is a OOC solution to an IC problem IMO.
  2. Teca


    +1 not just because of the snow
  3. Soory man but a -1 from me. This is an RP server, and at the end of the day this is a game. Im not gona add nothing more as i believe all points i had against this suggestion have been made already.
  4. I have one listed for 640k in Paleto Bay so if you want go check it out. Pablo Boscorelli
  5. Teca

    NCZ Zones

    Not a bad idea +1
  6. This system was put in place to deter players for acting like big criminals and to make them think of consequences next time they do something similar to what you did.
  7. Okay so. You need to understand that this is feature not a bug. This is how its supposed to work. Thats why i told you not to leave your stuff inside. Crates are not the same as bags. They are used for something else, something you should find icly im afraid
  8. Character to be refunded: Edward Miles Date and time of incident: Sometimes between 11 AM and 9:30 PM September 5th, 2019 Requested refund (what and how much): 5 long walls, 4 walls, 2 door walls, 2 doors, 1 table, 2 chairs, 8 empty bags, 1 empty briefcase, 1 safe and 1 bag full of meat. Description of incident resulting in loss: I don't actually know i logged earlier this day and moved 8 empty bags, 1 empty briefcase, 1 safe and 1 bag full of meat, the rest of the furniture was put there 2 days ago. To my property in Paleto Bay (Paleto Blvd. 11) and came later the same day to find half of my lobby missing, some outer wall missing and all the stuff together with safe gone missing. Evidence of loss: I have few screen shots of the said lobby few days before when it was made and i hope you can find logs what i had put down in the property and its furniture with inventory as this is a big loss without any blame on me. Screen shots i have are not from me but from a friend that took them while helping me finish my property. Additionally i have a video and a few screen shots of how it looks now. Screen shots from my friend about how the lobby looked like 2 days ago. Screen shot pf where the safe put down approximately 10 hours before i found out what happened. Same safe had the 8 empty bags, 1 empty briefcase, and 1 bag full of meat which i moved together with the safe. Red circle marks the place where i put down the safe with all the stuff i have stated were inside earlier today. Video showing how it looks now. All the orange (default wall color for the property) parts have missing walls. Video starts with me being in the lobby which is now gone together with a lot of other stuff on the upper floor. Screen shot of the property outside with its address. Comments: Thank you for taking your time to read through this and i hope i will hear from you soon. and i hope you can dig out some logs or something and approve this refund as once again i had nothing to do with this loss and i have no idea what happened. Kind regards, Teca
  9. If it were to get implemented this would be a good idea as you would rather go eat at a restaurant then in 24/7
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