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  1. No. You share a driveway.
  2. Selling this practical 2G Condo in Paleto bay, close to bank. Buyout is 900K At the door, offers are welcome For further info contact 3864933
  3. I have seen a room for sale in Paleto Motel
  4. So if you give a person BuildProperty permission they are able to build inside of the property but not on the outside. Allow for players that have the said permission to build outside.
  5. Teca

    Access door bug

    Did you place the door inside a door wall? There was a bug if you placed the door wall first the doors would not work. Solution was to place the door first and the place the door wall. Not sure if this problem got fixed.
  6. Teca

    Los Calaveras

    Thank you for you for the suggestion. I have read it and i have 1 more problem with the story. As far as i know Gregor Smith is dead. Which you guys as higher ups in Valors should know.
  7. Teca

    Los Calaveras

    Soory but i do not remember those 2 people ever being higher ups in the original Los Calaveras
  8. Make it so instead of typing /accessdoor in chat you need to press a key (could be K etc) and the keypad shows up or the door gets unlocked
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