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  1. I have an offer for 900k for all 4 of the houses. I am also looking to sell them all at once preferably to two friends or business partners. Thanks for the offers though.
  2. Not every 1G is equal, I would not pay that price for a 1G in Jamestown or other locations but this location is great for many reasons. It is nearby the LS bank, nearby the major highways, has its own private garage, and many more great features that make it worth the price. The garage is owned by that property and every unit in that corner top or bottom floor is entitled to a spot in that garage if available. ((All our houses can park our cars in that space by clicking E on the door and parking it.)) Since those 8 houses have that garage available, It makes them more valuable in my opinion vs the other houses on that property. I have never had an issue parking there. The other units in that complex must use the shared parking in the back or can park on the street.
  3. FOR SALE Description: These properties are located in the Downtown Vinewood area. All units come with one bedroom/living area, a bathroom and closet area. One of the units was recently renovated, it comes with a nice king size bed, huge flat screen tv, wood floors, and more. What does this property have to offer? 4 Units side by side (top floor units) Walking distance to Los Santos Bank ($$$) Private Garage (never get towed at bank again) Private Staircase (A door can be added at the top of the staircase if you or friends own all the units.) 24/7 Store nearby (You can get a late night snack) Location: Pictures: My partners and I are looking to sell the following four units: Meteor St. 33, Meteor St. 34, Meteor St. 35, Meteor St. 36. Looking for offers at least 300k and above per unit.
  4. Selling the house soon to the highest offer. Current offer is 800k.
  5. Still looking for more offers.
  6. This nice home in Paleto Bay is still listed on the market.
  7. Thank you for the offers. I know I just posted this so id like to wait before just accepting any offers however I can tell you that I will not go under 800k, I rather keep the house at that point.
  8. SOLD FOR SALE Description: This property is located in the heart of Paleto Bay and it comes furnished. It has 2 bedrooms, living room, back room, kitchen, storage closet and a bath room. What does this property have to offer?: Huge driveway that can fit 2 land vehicles. Walking distance to Paleto Bank. Nearby the new Sheriffs Department. Nearby a car dealership. Seconds away from a gas station. Nearby a General Store. Many great fishing spots nearby. Starting Bid: $800,000 Buyout: $1,100,000 ((Buyout price set at the door)) Location: Pictures:
  9. It has been sold. Turbo 2 does not do anything.
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  12. Now taking offers under 99k.
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