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  1. I got three 1 g places for sale one by the beach shop one close to high end one close to marina with boat parking looking to sell asap 200k or 550k for all 3 #5159733 or message here
  2. colt12


    For sale at door 300k
  3. colt12


    1 g right next to bank 300k buyout Renovated interior will have pictures soon
  4. So your gun was not concealed so this was just even more of a attempt to stall rp how is this report even valid its should be turned around on reporting party for stalling rp because obviously his gun was hanging off his waist line like I seen it and he said it was concealed witch it can not be all of this took valuable time where i had to read his stalling and think how to react when it should have been a simple drop you gun put your hands up get on the ground and because he didn't drop his gun when told he ended up killing me when I had to run
  5. id 40 here I did not answer his ooc chat with VOIP I was in roleplay I did not say okay like he clams I said "alright get down on the ground" as I move to the front of him. as for the stalling I first tell him to get on ground at 326 in his vid again at 338 then finally he follows my demands at after a bunch of ooc typing at 426 a whole minute after being told to get on the ground how is that not stalling
  6. colt12


    400 k on paleto pets
  7. House for sale at door
  8. 2 g house with extra garage Not in a hurry to sell looking at offers over 800k has a big back yard with a car gate and decent sized front yard and extra garage 2 bed rooms Top of the line CCTV system lots of storage and locking doors also has a radio and big screen in the living room Front yard has had some construction to make it alot safer to come and go from your house #5159733 Email:((colt12#1159))
  9. 1 g near bank Renovated interior with lots of storage There is only 6 people living in this building and 2 units are for sale enough room in underground for everyone to build a 2 car garage both units on second floor are for sale #5159733 Email:((colt12#1159)) Looking at offers 300k
  10. Paleto bay business property has room for 4 cars and some bikes lots of storage with locking doors and a safe room two floors six rooms or has everything for you to renovate to what you want looking at offers over 800k willing to trade #5159733 ((email: colt12 #1159))
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