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  1. when your in town let me know ill take it
  2. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Deshawn Haywood Character to Transfer To: Dante Watson Requested Transfer: Asset # Elegy Retro Custom - Plate: Z000M Asset # 290k Asset # BF400 Reason for Transfer: I was recently given my share from the company that me and Dante owned a while back. I've not been in the city long but I have made some good friends. One of my friends is leaving the city to pursue his dreams of being a business owner. He has saved money and got enough to start the company. I've been offered a job by this friend which includes a company car and a place to live. I'm taking that opportunity and I would like to leave my assets with my old business partner Dante Watson as I know he will look after the vehicles and use the cash wisely. (( I made the character Deshawn Haywood not to long ago I've been paying on this character recently but I haven't been enjoying the RP that this character brings. Id like to transfer my assets back as I plan not to use Deshawn anymore and if I was to play on that character again in the future id like to have a fresh start.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Samuel Martin or Mason Brewster or Darrell Brewster
  3. Selling maxed comet for 300k cash #2267009
  4. got any assests to add or something to bump it a little higher ?
  5. would you add cash for a neon?
  6. would you do that and cash for a neon?
  7. VzComplex

    ID 213 - FRP

    @alexalex303 what's the status on this report?
  8. have to be higher but thanks for the offer
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