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  1. I buy VIP for bleet and fuel only aside supporting server.
  2. Now lets see how the story continues with time eh! 🙂
  3. Combined with our desync problems, i dont think it would be something positive...
  4. Player(s) being reported: ID 93 ; ID 106 Date of interaction reported: 7/2/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549556413 Your characters name: Henry Goodman Other player(s) involved: EDIT: Kevin Logan Specific rule(s) broken: Swimming in order to escape RP situation. Rule Broken How did the player break the rule(s)? We decided to raid a lab, once we came they started to run into the water and swam away. Dive down and we could not see them anymore, after couple minutes when we wanted to pick their cars, suddenly they climbed some rock on the sea, just enough to get them in straight position so they can shoot. Killed one of our guys, when we started shooting back they swam once more. On the videos down below you can see when we first came and they ran in water, second video shows their 3th dive, and on the end 4th one when they came out of the water to get their car. It was just terrible experience, insted of some quality criminal roleplay I got some dudes that ran into the water first thing they saw us, and after it lie in PM it was not them... Evidence of rule breach: 1th dive in water 3th Dive in water
  5. [BUYING] House 1/2 Garage Location does not matter! Contact: #4313535
  6. I remember last time i was on scene with admin, it was some argue between players killing each other in NCZ. That is when he confirmed that NCZ ends on the middle of road, basicly same as it is showed on the pictures above. Now the problem is that some players trigger NCZ eaven being far from it, and some much closer don't trigger NCZ rule. Thats why i believe we should get specific info about it, maybe then people will know they are in NCZ and wont do crime.
  7. Seems so easy and basic, but people just stick with /me frisks man. RP with PD/MD is always up standard, taxi, doc also, but among criminals, especially new guys in town, its just terrible. 🙁
  8. Henry Goodman - Life of Vice Shotcalla' - Early Access video
  9. I played SA:MP before and it was diffrent a bit, but if server and community preffer /me and /do than its what i will do and follow. But some people just dont do it at all. For example, ID 55 RP could look something like: /me attempts to check man infront for any items. /do any resistance? /do I am down on knees, my hands above my head. Showing no resistence at all. /me Frisks his pockets, touching him all over the body with both hands. /frisk ID But it looked like this... /me frisks the man /frisk ID Video of the event On the end, it was better than doing something with none /me or /do's... Since all his previous /me or /do were just /me frisks the man I bellived he will do something like: /do Did i found your wallet while searching? /do Yes, wallet is in my back pocket /me reaches for the wallet from his back pocket. /mug ID SS of the event What are your thoughts on this roleplay situation and how you preffer /me /do to be used for this case? All feedback is welcome 🙂
  10. Is it possible to get the actual info where no crime zone starts/ends. As i was informed before by server staff NCZ looked something like this. NCZ - Red indicates NCZ ; Green indicates where NCZ rule was triggered. (Skizee - Dinis Silva NCZ Appeal). /NCZ - Red indicates area around bank ; Green Indicates area around tattoo shop. EDIT: 6.8 No Crime Zones I could not find specific section in the "Eclipse Roleplay server rules" that states doing crime outside NCZ can possibly trigger NCZ rule if it is not very far from actual NCZ margins. It would be good if we could get updated version of NCZ rules with better explanations and new margins.
  11. Specter is very good vehicle. Had it and can say all the best. Amazing in turns!
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