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  1. Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy your time on the server.
  2. -1 I think it is obvious and has been stated why this can't be a thing.
  3. -1 Only ever seen this been used as a way to offend someone while giving the people cutting their hair a good laugh and never seems to be really good rp. I don't respect the current rp as far is this goes and that is why this doesn't have my support.
  4. Retracting my offer due to the failure of the seller to respond.
  5. Pretty sure what you are describing is my dish washer.
  6. I need to know when this auction will close. If it just sits here I will need to remove the offer I made.
  7. This isn't productive. Wait and see if they will give you the GPS location.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/ballinbynature420/clip/HyperFlirtyPlumCmonBruh?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time Disables flight controls too apparently. Don't know if it affects helicopters.
  9. HIGHLY overpriced. Charging a 2 g price for a 1g that isn't even standalone/buildable.
  10. Just a though I had and decided to kinda spitball it and see what people think of it. The thought would be an additional in character section on the forums that would be designated as the dark web. This would be designated for the unlawful trading of items, in character organization stuff, or classifieds. These are just some basic ideas and I feel others may have a better inclination on what the categories should be. Also I did a little bit of an inspect element so everyone could better visualize it. Suggestions suggestions suggestions.
  11. Just cause you tag "super" on the front doesn't make it a super. Yeah it is technically classed as one but I don't think anyone looking to buy a super would ever in their right mind consider taking a sultan. Sell it to whoever is offering you 5m. It is likely the best offer you will ever get. Doubt it will get sold for that though in all honesty.
  12. Good luck selling this one for 5m. I don't see this going for that much due to how common the import one is along with the lack of having a real super look to it.
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