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  1. How much is the sell price on this?
  2. Looks super promising. Look forward to seeing you guys around.
  3. -support General stores have CCTV. They get smashed and robbed anyways.
  4. I don't think that is even close to the 900k he is looking for or the actual value of the property for that matter.
  5. Sineye


    https://gyazo.com/2a5f0109f95b0a01b1716b7f698a89e8 Super useful info.
  6. Then it doesn't make sense to try to sell at those price now. Market is low right now. I would advise holding onto them if you expect this much.
  7. You are a more than a little over priced for apartments at 200k.
  8. Big -Rep do not rent from this guy. He does not follow through with his contracts and will scam you out of your money.
  9. Man says he will not break his rental contract with me and no more than two days late breaks the contract with no notice scamming me for a good 30k. What a shame. Big -Rep for this guy.
  10. your missing the complete obvious that you cannot shoot the gun ever while injured. When injured you are 100% incapacitated.
  11. I would like to run by and take a look today. I will be in contact.
  12. Chop always moves around. If people are sloppy of course cops will find it. I just find competition would tremendously decrease as there is not a need to go to the same chop as someone else any longer and if someone gets sloppy and police find one location just go to the other. There should be competition and consequences and I feel it is well balanced now.
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