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  1. I can confirm this was also the case for us last night. We would see the message, and then pass 5-6 on-duty cops at the pier 30-40 seconds later.
  2. congratulations team, happy to see how far you all have come since day one. make the most out of it!
  3. It's been real, so many memories made with this group of people, sad to see it end like this.
  4. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    In honor of the end of my time as leader of Four Seas Order, we present to you:
  5. I think the last thing we need is more NCZs. To add on to this, by doing a little bit of research, you can find the following online: In Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Pier area itself has the highest crime rate in all of Santa Monica. Santa Monica has almost twice the average crime rate than that of California, and almost double that of it's neighboring major city, Los Angeles. To say that realistically, your car could not get stolen, is quite frankly incorrect. You should understand the risk of you leaving your car unattended. Perhaps you could make a suggestion in-character, to increase police presence at the parking lot next to/on the pier. Similarly, what prevents you from moving to another fishing location? Sources: https://www.areavibes.com/santa+monica-ca/crime/ https://www.areavibes.com/los+angeles-ca/crime/
  6. -1 from me. There's a lot I see wrong with this and I can expand if you want me to, but I don't see this suggestion working out in the current server environment.
  7. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    Reserved for part 3.
  8. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    Reserved for part 2.
  9. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    烹饪 (The Cook-Off) --- The noodle shop was inching closer and closer to opening - The Silver Pandas and Chi were working hard on what all needed to be taken care of. One thing came to mind - the menu. Chi pulled out the old menu that Al Draco had given her a while back and smiled. It gave good memories but these dishes were undeniably Triad dishes. Charlie decided it was time to update the menu. A great idea was brought up - a cook off. They would figure out who in the Four Seas Order would win the bragging rights as the best chef - and in the process we could get some new dishes to add to the menu. Chi announced the cook off to everyone at a meeting and news spread. The day came and Chi brought the assembled judges forward and explained the terms. There were two judges, Simon Delacroix and Chris Kellermann, who would judge the final dishes. There would be two phases. In the first phase, the contestants would go and gather their supplies. In the second phase, the contestants would cook their dishes and present them to be judged. A timer was set and then the contestants were sent on their way to phase one. - Phase 1: Ingredients - Thomas Beaulieu came up with his plan. He first contacted his butcher and set up a meeting to pick up some minced meat. While the butcher was working on cutting the meat, Beaulieu went to the store to pick up the other ingredients he needed to cook with. Once the ingredients were collected, Beaulieu headed down to the butcher to collect his meat. Meanwhile, Dlugi MacShea worked on gathering his ingredients for his dish. He headed to the store off East Highway and began purchasing his items. At the same time, Aki headed to Vespucci Beach to gather some seaweed. After gathering the seaweed, Aki went up to the hunting grounds to find a chicken to use in her dish. Aki then went back to Little Seoul and found a trash bin, searching through its contents to find something to use. After finding a moldy orange, Aki headed up towards Sandy Shores and went inside the Ace Liquor. She headed upstairs to the drug materials and found a flask to use. It was then time for the three contestants to head back to Noodle House and work on preparing their dishes. To be continued...
  10. Nowhere in between 2:30 from when you got out of your cars to 2:40 when I left did you have guns in your hands. I'd also like to add that at 2:23 I began typing "/s aight" but figured I would not realistically hear your demands from that distance with my engine running. I then shouted (which you might not have RPly heard either) "Yall are sad". This was in no way an acknowledgement of the demands. It could be totally possible that my other gang member on the drag heard your demands, as he was closer and was on a motorcycle, but that doesn't apply to me. At the end of the day, it's up to the moderator handling this report to decide whether your demands were valid or not.
  11. Starting from 1:24 to approximately 2:14 in the video, I followed the two cars from a safe distance due to the hostile nature of the interaction at Chiliad. Knowing that they had four people and we only had two at the time, I was not going to place my character in a situation that could result in him easily dying. In regards to the demands, the two players come running towards our vehicles showing no immediate threat (no weapons in hand and no weapons wielded nor spotted in the previous interaction). I begin to back away once the two people get too close to my vehicle. It's pretty ironic that they tell us "you follow you die" while running towards us and even coming closer to me after I drive further down the mountain. As for continuing to chase the individuals, the individual on the drag followed from a safe distance up the Chiliad trail. He was far enough away to lose sight a couple of times. At 2:55, another one of my gang members arrives with someone in his passenger seat. We now have four people to their four people, one person 3 minutes out, and two more people headed toward Chiliad. We would have 4 or 5 people to hold our own, and two more people to back us up if needed (total of 7 people to their 4). We continue to follow the two vehicles up the mountain from a safe distance. At 4:25, my two allies slide to the right of the cliff so I take the lead on the chase. A couple of seconds later (4:30), I see one person to the right and once I go around the bend, there are two waiting for me (4:35). I comply with ID 366 and 131's demands, when ID 262 who was shooting at my allies comes over the ridge and injures me.
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 262 Date of interaction reported: August 3rd, 2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 159648913 Your characters name: Jae Fang Other player(s) involved: ID 366, ID 131, ID 346 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 346 and 366 rolled into the Chiliad Lab and decided to talk shit to me. I was only with another one of my members, so we exited the drug lab but followed the two vehicles up the side of the mountain while we waited for backup to arrive. Once backup arrived and we had the numbers to fight, we decided to follow the four players up the mountain. Upon reaching near the top of the mountain, the four players were out of their cars and I was ultimately under Fear Roleplay. I decided to exit my vehicle and put my hands up when ID 366 and 131 said to do so. ID 262 who doesn't see any of the initial robbery (at least in my POV), decides to come over the ridge of the mountain and kill me for no valid reason. I was complying to demands and posed no immediate threat to the individuals. When informing the individual to save his POV for the purpose of this report, he simply responded with "cry". The lack of understanding for the rules and the potential roleplay that could have followed in this situation leads me to reporting the individual. Had he not instantly injured me, my backup was right around the corner and would have been able to initiate a shootout in which I could have ran for cover. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/tlqs3y (The deathmatch happens at around 4:36, but the whole 5 minutes is the entire interaction we had with them.)
  13. Jae

    Gangster Disciples

    Looking good boys, good luck.
  14. +1. It'd be pretty epic to have people sit there and figure out the tuning on certain vehicles for certain situations. Mod shops could have their own tunes that they sell and it would open up more roleplay. The biggest roadbump here is the limitations/issues of RAGE that you and I have already spoke about. Hopefully there's a way to safe proof this and prevent people from gaining an unfair advantage.
  15. Jae

    Los Zetas

    You guys will always remain family to me and many others on the server. Best of luck to you all.
  16. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    面馆 (The Noodle Shop) --- As the Four Seas Order grew larger, it was time to secure a location to operate out of. The Triads had offered the Noodle House for $2 million, but it would be a while before the treasury was big enough to afford it. Bruce Wong and Jae Fang discussed the possibility of renting out the building until Four Seas Order was ready to purchase it. Bruce sat down inside the Noodle House and wrote up a contract outlining the details of the rental agreement. The contract would explain everything from payment dues, dates, utilities, holders, and more. Bruce and Jae then met in the meeting room of the Noodle House. Bruce showed Jae the contract and explained the details of it. Jae then read it over himself and signed on the dotted line. The Noodle House would now be rented out to Jae until Four Seas Order had enough money to buy it outright, setting a tangible goal for the group over the next couple of weeks. The original copy would be moved to a safe inside the Noodle House away from the public to ensure it's safety. With the deal in place, the Four Seas Order would have an opportunity to purchase their first property. In the meantime, they could operate out of the heart of Little Seoul, plan events for the Noodle House, and build their treasury in order to own the building outright.
  17. I agree with this, not only does this make sense for certain properties but it would give people more freedom to realistically build on the properties that they own. As long as it comes with a rule change then I don't see why it would be an issue.
  18. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    外交 (Diplomacy) --- Many different factors go into the creation of a new group. It begins with a strong core of high command. Your closest members and those you can confide in to lead the group in the right direction. Next comes early recruitment, recruiting quality soldiers that will enforce your ideas in the field. Third comes diplomacy. Diplomacy not only requires you to reach out to other groups, but to maintain that relationship with them over time and build it up as you become more pronounced in the city. The first two points had been taken care of, but the diplomacy still needed to be worked on. Murdablock unexpectedly got introduced to the new group at a clothing store, but proper meetings needed to be setup between Zetas, Aztecas, and Dojin to formally introduce the new group. Flint Capone met Jae and Brandon at the Noodle Shop in Little Seoul. Flint was briefed on the major points of the group and how they would be operating. Any questions or concerns were answered, and a small meeting to introduce the new group to the Zetas was setup for later that night. This meeting would only be the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Zetas. Jae then reached out to Carlos Rodriguez from Aztecas to setup a time to go over the basics of the Four Seas Order. Carlos met Jae and a few others at the Noodle Shop. Carlos was told about the goals and reasoning behind the new group, and within a short amount of time, he was caught up to speed on what was going on with the group. The Four Seas Order made their way to Paleto to meet a few of the Aztecas and share information. Dojin-Kai had been asking a lot of questions about the Four Seas Order, so a meeting was setup at The Koi. Mike Laurie handled the meeting on behalf of Dojin-Kai, and Jae and Brandon handled the Four Seas Order side of things. Mike had a few questions about the Order, but they were quickly answered and he was caught up on who the new group consisted of, their colors, masks, hangout spots, and more. Some members of the Four Seas Order were invited to meet with the Zetas and Aztecas in order to go over a game plan for the night. A joint frequency was made and shared between the few members of each group in order to coordinate attacks and plans for the next few hours of the late night. This would be the beginning of relationships between the Four Seas Order, Triads, Zetas, Aztecas, Dojin-Kai, and more groups within the city. The Four Seas Order have begun to spread the word about their name and who they are.
  19. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    Family (The Beginning) Diplomacy The Return of Jason Nightwood The Noodle Shop The First Wave The Journey Brandon Fitz's Personal Story Taking a Break (At the Noodle House) Purchasing the Noodle House Dlugi's Introduction Jean Pelletier's Personal Story The Lau Family Donny's Personal Story Kai Zhuo's Personal Progression / Cop Scenario The Cook-Off Part 1 Part 2 (Coming Soon) Part 3 (Coming Soon) Internal Business / Diplomacy
  20. Jae

    Four Seas Order

    The Four Seas Order is an up and coming gang based out of Little Seoul. The Four Seas Order operates two wings both legal and illegal and has its hands in all sorts of dealings. They aim to bring Chinese culture to the city as well as extend its influence throughout the city. There are many chapters across the world but the Los Santos branch was established early in the year after two of its members were approached by higher ranking members of another branch. From there they have grown to include many diverse members in the family from all walks of life. Following the creation of the Four Seas Order, the Asian Noodle House in Little Seoul was secured as their headquarters. From here, the organisation will conduct its business using the restaurant as a disguise for their criminal enterprises. The group being formed of ex-higherups within the Los Santos Triads inherited a good standing with the active gangs in the city. Moving from this, the group aims to focus on building their own public image along with increasing any possible revenue gained from legal fronts. Along with the legal income, the Four Seas Order is deeply invested in introducing new street markets, pushing drugs on corners and opening new criminal markets, along with illegal gambling rings. They aim to have a strong presence in the immediate area of Noodle House and also in Little Seoul. The members selected for the Four Seas Orders will only be of extreme quality, professionalism, and those who are willing to invest their lives into the success of the organisation. For the Four Seas Order, reputation and image is everything. The group has taken influence from the current existing Los Santos Triads and aims to form this into their own image, whilst focusing heavily on business aspects and a professional reputation. The Four Seas Order works heavily on rigorous training processes to work on the criminal skills of each member within the organization. The Four Seas Order does not stick to any one place, like water, they go where they please. However, they often put time aside to patrol, party, or just vibe at their homebase in Little Seoul. The current plans for the Four Seas Order include, but are not limited to: ‣ Establish presence and power within Little Seoul and the surrounding areas ‣ Purchase the Noodle House in Little Seoul from the Los Santos Triads ‣ Build the organization's treasury to allow for purchases of properties ‣ Find and secure multiple locations of interest to expand operations to ‣ Maintain diplomatic relationships with other organizations in the city ‣ Purchase businesses to front as a legal operation for our illegal businesses ‣ Secure a warehouse to store goods for the organization ‣ Expand the organization’s reach into Paleto Bay ‣ Control locations such as chop shops, drug drop offs, and other illegal ways of monetary gain 1. You must have 50,000 XP on the character applying. Exceptions can be made for those that have high XP on another character. 2. You must be in good standing with the community. Extensive admin logs or severe punishments will be grounds for denial. 3. You must be willing to learn or already have the ability to provide exceptional roleplay. 4. You must be active before joining, and as a member of the faction. A minimum of 5 hours should be played on your character every week, with absences longer than 3 days being approved by a high command.
  21. It’s to properly RP the wounds that you have. DeathRP (ability to roleplay your death and subsequently die) is a privilege and should not be expected, and is usually up to the main person on the scene to say if you get DeathRP or not.
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