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  1. great story @mikebumbum
  2. Responding to MrWonanother, I do not have a POV as he never notified me of a report. And I never reported you, I actually stated in /b to my friends " I wouldnt bother reporting him for NLR " stating that cause I checked your XP and seen you was a newer player.
  3. id 160 here Don't know really why he is reporting, I was at the pier looking for friends etc, and I asked this male, and as he walked away I thought he said "Fuck off bitch" which he didnt, but that lead to me attempting to punch him, which it did not connect on either of our screens, then I ran back to my friends, later on I went to a different group of people not speaking to him at all then he proceeds to talk trash to me again then punch me, I went and got a knife and my firearm which is a uzi the only weapon I had, I didnt want to waste ammo on him as its expensive and hard to
  4. clean thread , fire interactions with the crew
  5. https://gyazo.com/345b55488ab4780e003daf9a6ddd203f this is you, we robbed you after you was talking shit too your comet etc, and you also said you was going to report me in this situation, so im sure you've met me in game.
  6. id 184, i got off the bike with gun in had you as you got out with gun in hand you shot first and i just returned fire, didnt fearrp or dm , thanks also how do u kill me when you not even aiming at me bruh im down terrible dont got pov as the reporting party waited around 20 minutes after the incident to tell me to save pov, never know when this guy is going to report, he says in /b reported after everytime he dies so i didnt know if he was serious due to that i dont have my pov.
  7. I was the person "DM'ed" but he told me the reasoning for him killing me , and its completely understandable, and I dont think he should get "dm".
  8. I've been told by staff members that they cant make you not talk unless it rply makes sense which in this situation there was no reason at all for me not to be able to speak. There was no reason to deprive me of rp by speaking because they just didn't want me to speak. I did accept it there was just so much stuff going on during that situation that it was hard for me to follow chat. I wouldn't say this is powergaming the bike was close to me I locked it, and no one ever told me to unlock it, I would've unlocked it no problem. Honestly I was just mad at
  9. ID 143 here Honestly I didn't mean to shoot and I pretty much stopped shooting instantly you can see that in my POV, but thats besides the point, we was actively shooting at your ally ( The 9F) which we have been for several minutes before you arrived and I'm sure he called that out on radio which would make that an active shootout, it don't need to be 30 vs 30 for it to be a active shootout. So your intentions was to get off your bike and put your hands up while your friend is shooting at us? It seem's like every interaction with this faction is a forum report if and makes me not want
  10. how did you get these clothing items in this city?
  11. I really didn't do anything wrong in this situation I was fresh released out of prison my allies was robbing the officers for whatever reason, most I did was look inside there trunk, and pick up a pistol that Tyrese gave to me.
  12. ID 73 Here As you can see I was clearly trying to interact with this individual and she was not responding to any of my demands rather that shes afk, or just dont want to respond as you can see in her POV. Now about the robbery at a public place, yes we where at a public area, but my main goal was to move you to a more private area / alley way get your freq as my allies was actively being chased by council, and If I got freq I'd have very good intel about the situation on your side, and I would also throw them off by speaking on the freq as that would force them to change fre
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