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  1. Hazel

    Archive Please

    @thiggins19 Extended permissions does not mean that we can just trace anyone without any valid reason, those permissions are still restricted and dependant on a lot of prior detailed paperwork in the background. What appear like random and unwarranted traces to and against criminals are almost always, if not always, ICly justified. We are OOCly regulated not to use the command without prior proper roleplay and not to abuse it, if we do, we’d be removed from the Investigations Bureau, which takes a lot of work to get into to begin with, so I highly doubt Detectives are abusing tracing, considering what they’d be risking.
  2. Hazel

    Archive Please

    @CallumMontie While I understand that some of these are IC issues, I brought them forth to show and explain our side. Tracing protocols are strict, we are not allowed to trace every John Doe with an Unlicensed Firearm charge or Jane Doe with Reckless Operation. I get that from the criminal side, it might appear like we are just tracing anyone we fancy from the warrants list but that is definitely not the case. I don’t disagree with us having to be more sneaky and I agree it’s an IC issue, but I was bringing it forth from the aspect that everyone makes that connection based on the easily identifiable GTA unmarked cruisers, that was the main point of it. I don’t disagree with protocols being IC and that they should remain that way, but I brought them up, to give more insight. I don’t expect criminals to be truthful at all at any point, especially when it comes giving us information, but I brought it up, because I wanted to give, again, more insight into why we need it and how it wouldn’t work with our regulations. I know you can always change IC regulations, however those take time if this were to be changed one random day. As for the paperwork, the amount that is optional diminishes with each rank while the non-optional increases. A regular PO1-PO3 might have the time to gather phone numbers and keep track of them, but it’s also more difficult for them to acquire them. Detectives are the ones with the tools to acquire them but are burdened by a lot of responsibilities outside of their Detective work that criminals don’t take into account as it doesn’t directly affect them. What I’m trying to say is that while yes, it would be possible, it’ll also add to the time spent on the forums updating, going over phone numbers and fact checking them instead of being in the field. There might be flaws with the system / protocols for the small number of people that have access to extended tracing permissions that I’m not seeing ( probably because I know how it works but can’t really share the details ). Yes, I agree, a small number of people can affect a majority, however, I mentioned it mostly to counter the stigma that every Detective just traces gang members for no reason, just because they are wearing a certain colour / style. Not taking your feedback as ill intent, I’m mostly trying to explain the Detective side and how losing phone numbers from the MDC / making it manual would affect us and the LSPD. I’m still against the initial suggestion but burner phones with restrictions could be neat for both Criminals and Detectives.
  3. Hazel

    Archive Please

    Let me shine some light onto tracing, why making us manually keep track of phone is unfeasible and the “traces every 5 seconds” allegation Members of the Investigations Bureau are held to strict regulations when it comes to tracing anyone, gang member or otherwise. Those restrictions rely heavily on us knowing that the phone number belongs to a certain person. As for obtaining phone numbers IC and keeping a database for it, I don’t see it as feasible, because: • As a Detective, absolutely every single high profile criminal just immediately knows I’m a Detective, even if I’m just patrolling in an unmarked cruiser without a kevlar vest. I get that information circles around, but it’s also random civilians, who know what unmarked cruisers look like on GTA, just yelling “hello Detective” as they run a red light past me. • We can’t be certain of the truthfulness of numbers obtained from a criminal, which would clash with our internal protocols and we could find a farmer John Doe somewhere instead of Jin Koi or any other criminal we were after, which again, clashes with our regulations. • The LSPD already has a very large amount of paperwork and things to keep track of. I personally can spend an entire day shifting through paperwork without a single chance of actually playing the game and I’m not in a very high position where the paperwork just piles up more. There are already some non-optional paperwork bits, such as firearm revoke requests, that are forgotten because there’s so much else to keep track of ontop as well. Having to keep track of every phone number and actively updating them with maybe accurate information isn’t realistic from a workload perspective. As for gang members being traced every 5 seconds, like it was mentioned and refered to in an earlier reply, that can only be done by less than five people, it’s not done as often as you think and is actively done by three at most with it’s own set of restrictions and requirements to have been met before it’s even allowed. So no, I don’t think us having phone numbers is unrealistic and should be yeeted out just like that. I do believe that something like burner phones, with restrictions such as cost per phone call minute / message or a set amount of prepaid messages before it gets locked could be added, restricted like that mostly to reduce the inevitable abuse and constant overusage.
  4. i agree with @Serthon +1
  5. Hazel

    Remove /erp

    It serves no purpose and exists pretty much only for the reasons pointed out. Not to mention that the whole /ame itself is borderlining on mixing besides the mental RP aspect.
  6. Fingerprint RP is already done by members of the Investigation Bureau, however criminals are unwilling to answer a /do in a /PM just because they feel like they are being forced into roleplay, unless it benefits them, which is a ridiculous mentality to have on a roleplay server. This applies more to pulling prints off of evidence, vehicles, bodies, etc. than ID-ing corpses, but the point stands.
  7. Hmmm donator status? 👀

  8. Hi! As I recall, I gave you permission from my side to flee or to stay when you were getting inside the vehicle because you stated that you did not see us aiming our weapons at you and I did not wish to put you at a disadvantage due to desync if you had any intentions of running from us immediately. However you then decided to engage in further roleplay, reaching for your glovebox and were given clear orders not to and to step out of the vehicle with a lethal firearm being aimed at you for a while by then. I remember giving you three seconds to comply and to step out of the vehicle when you RPed turning on the engine and fleeing from us while under direct gun point with the vehicle’s engine off prior. I was willing to reset RP to before you took off, however to my understanding, you kept arguing over the rules and eventually stopped responding to PMs all together.
  9. Hazel

    /eid bug

    Date and time (provide timezone): 04/03/2019, 19:42 UTC Character name: Eleanor Quinn Issue/bug you are reporting: /eid is tied to the camera, making it only visible in first person or when the name tag is at the edges of the camera. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Look at any PD or MD member that have their /eid on in first person when the name tag is at the edges of the screen and finally in third person First person At the edge of the screen Third person Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  10. A bug report has been made to make the developers aware of the issue Locked and Archived
  11. A bug report has been made to make the developers aware of the issue Locked and Archived
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