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  3. I'll be there, just don't be upset when you all lose........
  4. Account name:UBUB / Grape#1000 Character name(s):Grape#1000 Admin who issued punishment:NBDY (as far as i'm aware) Date of punishment:06/MAR/2019 Punishment received: Discord Ban Reason given for punishment:I'm not sure exactly, however per Ballin's words I believe it was due to fuelling drama Your explanation of what happened:I had no intention of fuelling any drama. I believe the ban is due to the post I made in #fashion stating how thankful I was for everything MD has done for me in the past, this may have been taken the wrong way but I had no negative intentions, it was merely to say thanks Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didn't have any bad intentions when creating the post and if you interpreted it in a different way, i'm sorry. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  5. I would also like to add that I got suspended and demoted that all stems from this situation, so I would like that to be reversed/voided should he be punished
  6. Player(s) being reported: Dean_Thompson (19) Date of interaction reported: 06/MAR/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1551889755 Your characters name: Grace_Waters Other player(s) involved: Eleanor_Quinn Specific rule(s) broken: Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. How did the player break the rule(s)? We were in an MD "meeting" and I decided to go and speak to the commander in the office alone, when we were around 3 rooms away, he shouted at us to come back and I said in regular voice "it was our damn meeting". He would not have heard us realistically and just used the chat to see the message. Evidence of rule breach: Video contains staff chat, will be sent to the people taking it
  7. It makes sense that you cannot touch somebody inside an NCZ, especially if there is no evidence of that person commiting a crime. And sure, I agree it's poor RP to commit the crime and run to an NCZ. And this whole point you've made about crimes starting outside of NCZs removing protection for the person commuting the crime should they run to one makes no sense, as you're still commiting a crime inside of that guarded area no matter what that criminal did to you in the past
  8. This isn't the point, what should and shouldn't be considered an NCZ is a topic for another time. The point I'm making is that no major crimes should occur in NCZs under ANY circumstances bar admin permission, and being able to murder somebody in one is really one of the more severe crimes you could commit. And of course popular places such as a bank will have 24/7 security, and if not, response time will be extremely low, so it just makes no sense from a realistic or logical point of view
  9. -1...... Killing somebody that robbed or attempted to murder you is still murder, so you should not be allowed to commit a crime in an NCZ no matter what. This makes no sense whatsoever and I don't understand why so many people are for this
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