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  1. Looking more for around the 1.2-1.3 region, if anybody is interested.
  2. how the fuck you guys find this post
  3. The Cabrones Cleaning Company experienced an enormous amount of success upon returning back to their home country and overtaking the large task of cleaning the Palace of Versailles. Despite the large success, the Chaz’s could not help but feel an unhappiness over leaving Los Santos and it was always their intention to one day return. Following the completion of their task in cleaning the Palace of Versailles, it became clear what they needed to do. The Chaz’s are returning to the city of Los Santos to ensure it is kept as clean and shiny as possible. They packed their belongings and the secret cleaning formula, before chatting with their contact in France about immigrating back to Los Santos, afterwards getting on a tugboat to make their way back to the US discreetly. Several days later they arrive at the city of Los Santos, filled with excitement and happiness. Their work on the Palace of Versailles yielded a lot of success and most importantly money. Their main priority upon arriving back to the city was finding a suitable location they could utilise as their headquarters and call home. Using a portion of the money they received from their work back in France, they invested it and bought out the Bugstars company while still maintaining the cabrones cleaning company name. Along with the company came a suitable headquarters and a fleet of vehicles. They decided their second approach towards cleaning the city and keeping it as shiny as possible would be different from their first time. They have a solid plan moving forward. This is just the beginning.
  4. I too went up Mount Chiliad, the only possible sign of Aliens I could find is this odd murial depicting Mount. Chiliad, surrounded by lightning, with what appears to be a UFO above it? Let me know if you find anything else. - Grace Waters
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