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  1. can't believe my idol told me to fuck off. I thought you were a good person. I stood up for you when nobody else would. Go find yourself a new #1 fan. I'm literally shaking right now. I'm crying. How dare you.
  2. By not including his phone number or email, Dwayne Smith hereby forfeits his rights to bid in this auction or any future auctions.
  3. Name: Grace Waters Phone Number: 3906-119 Email: Joeee#[email protected] New Bid: $7,100,000!
  4. When are you ending this?
  5. This can be archived
  6. Account name: Grape Character name(s): Grace_Waters Admin who issued punishment: Anti-Cheat Date of punishment: 30/10/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Hacking - Anti-Cheat Your explanation of what happened: I was running a few minutes after logging in, game connection closed and then the game crashed. When I came back a couple of minutes later I had been banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: There are a number of possible reasons I believe this could’ve happened, because as most people, and hopefully the staff team know, I would never use software to gain an advantage at GTA. A possible reason is due to something I saw when looking up other appeals that were similar to mine, in which the guy states “it occurs when people plug phones into their computer” which it so happens I did a few minutes before I was banned. But obviously, that alone isn’t enough of a statement to convince anyone. It’s also clear that in the video I posted under ‘evidence’, in the last half a second or so, you can clearly see that I alt-tab which shows all of the open programs. These are only Discord, GTA and Chrome (my PD app). As I’ve previously stated, there is little to no reason for me to cheat either way. I very rarely get in gunfights, the last one I can remember possibly going back to my days in MD (which ended in March) I usually stick to Civ RP and verbal torture rather than physical. Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVlnBSA3llk - the video shows I was just running (on my way to the impound for my car) the foregoing moments before I was banned - the game crashed and so the recording ended, but when I logged back in I got the ban message.
  7. The Cabrones Cleaning Company is hired by the City of Los Santos to provide some routine maintenance and cleaning to one of the more popular landmarks of the city, The Vinewood Sign! Chaz Letwo gazes upon the beautiful landmark from afar, before he successfully manages to make his way to the very top of the sign. Inspecting his surroundings, Chaz Letwo realizes he has his work cut out for him. Chaz Letwo decides to get down to business! He begins cleaning the back of the sign thoroughly, removing any dust and dirt that have built up over the period of several months. Chaz Letwo finishes cleaning the back of the sign, and decides to shift his focus to the front of the sign as he begins removing the different graffiti tags. Chaz Letwo is in the process of removing the dust, dirt and graffiti tags from the front of the sign when he decides to look down. He begins realizing how far up from the ground that he is, and his fear of heights comes into effect. Chaz Letwo lays himself down, as he begins feeling nauseated and scared. Chaz Letwo finds himself in a panicked and scared state, before suddenly realizing that he has no way of climbing down the Vinewood Sign. He decides to call the emergency services for help, and the quickly arrive at the scene. An EMT begins making his way up the ladder to reach Chaz Letwo but somehow slips and falls in the process, injuring himself badly. Another EMT on scene witnesses this and rushes to his coworker, providing medical care. After stabilizing his coworker, the EMT decides that the best course of action is to dispatch an emergency helicopter to assist Chaz Letwo in making it safely down onto the ground. The EMT utilizes his radio and requests a helicopter. Action is quickly taken, as an emergency helicopter quickly takes off from the Central Los Santos Medical Center and makes their way to The Vinewood Sign. The Emergency helicopter quickly arrives at the scene, and safely make their way to Chaz Letwo who successfully manages to climb into the helicopter and make his way down to the ground. He thanks the LSEMS for their quick response time and helpful assistance.
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