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  1. what's yikes? the fact we can have an opinion about you as well as respond to your bogus report (which is your second that day, i find it funny you rp a gang member but report anyone who doesnt wanna rp with you lmao) and as for the rest of the footage, that's funny considering you were calling us all types of slurs RIGHT before you magically started recording. you were calling us slurs as we were parking our car to go to bed, we didn't wanna deal with being harrassed when we're all tired as hell after putting in hours to eclipse already. if i get punished for this, it's just another example of people who rp thugs and drug dealers calling admins because we won't sit around and let a group of men call us trannies for 10 minutes. it's just telling. hopefully you can see that this guy is just report happy and eager to get revenge on anyone who won't play along with him, i doubt he'd care about the rules if the situation was the other way around. we've all put enough time in this game to really look past some really petty bullshit like this. we didn't rp with them at any point and they just rammed our car for 3 minutes before that, so, not really much else there.
  2. i must confess, miss jodi dubs, you are, the holiest, in los santos (los santos), those whom may jest of you are not fine, they will be fiiiiiiiyiyiyiiiined, hit them jodi one more time!
  3. i appreicate this response but i'm already out of jail and don't plan on returning, anyway, shit on the walls is unacceptable, and i'm sure it's easy to have the chef prepare big mac, i really don't know what else to say, thanks for responding? not sure why a C.O would be responding to my blog but ykw, i'll take any audience i can get
  4. video coming very soon for my latest track,,,


    hear it here or what the fuck eva



  5. hold up! i just dropped another diss track for that fake ass purple wig ass bitch whos hating on me... lol youre done https://audiomack.com/song/starlopez5000/star-lopez-weak-bitches-zetas-diss
  6. SO, it's been a while, let me say, that as of late, i have a newfound respect for everyone who's ever been to federal prison, it's not fun and the treatment of prisoners is outrageous, the toilets, are COVERED IN SHIT (regardless of WHO'S shit, that shouldn't be there...) and they don't have big mac, which i'm relentlessly addicted too. anyway doe... i'm out, i did my time and took the charge because what is there to defend? why would i waste my time with a lawyer when i was willing to do the time for it. i knew what i was doing, and i wanted to do it, simply put. i have NO regrets, because i learned so much from prison. I'd like to give a shout out to the pink republican soup cookie next door to my cell, you were so nice! while i was in jail, i was confronted by vivid hallucinations of my victim, judging my everyday wear with statements like "oh star with clothes on" what does that mean? i always wear clothes, a bikini top, whether revealing or not, is still clothing, they sell it at the what? clothing store. plus, my bikini tops are all LE CHIEN, which is a very pricey designer brand, so keep hating but i'm dressed perfectly fine for a city so close to the beach! especially now with all this WARM weather we're having. anyway, this hallucination of my victim also started questioning me, he would ask "where did you get the gun, are you licensed, why did you do it" and i thought it was weird because, number one, why am i hallucinating, am i schizo? and number 2, the feds already charged me, i'm in federal prison, why am i being questioned again. maybe i have some guilt after all, i mean my victim was a happy man who lived the bachelor lifestyle, albeit at the detriment of my cousin, Jodi, but when he broke her heart and then laughed at her, something just flickered in me, a glitch almost, where i just wanted to attack. anyway doe, i wrote this song while i was in jail, with the help of an officer, and i wanted to share it with you all! hope you enjoy (https://audiomack.com/song/starlopez5000/star-lopez-shot-the-sherriff)
  7. so as many of you know, my album dropped on jodiwood records, and a week later was shelved. i'm not proud, but i understand it was a niche project that not very many would probably relate too anyway, i could scream and yell, blame jodiwood records for not promoting me or booking me interviews, blame the city for implementing a new law that killed my tour, blame the clubs that were paid to play my music but never did, AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE so i'll be making my return to modeling/dancing this week. and quitting rap, a filthy genre that has led to the degradation of many people worldwide anyway. i know i dissed a lot of people on my album, some may say just about everyone, but, thankfully i still have the love and support of my cousins and friends in los santos, anyway doe, i'd like to announce my pregnancy! i'm only a week along, but i got the results back and i'm so excited! we don't know the gender or race, however time will tell with those sort of things, and idgaf cause im an inclusive mother. so i'm announcing my baby shower! it's a small event, for anyone who supports me or my baby! if you'd like to bring a gift it's encouraged, there will be free food and drinks, as well as games!
  8. the video for my single "Anyway Doe" has dropped! check it out here! : i would like to thank all of you for the positive reception my album has received, i would like to say a special thank you to my cousins, who have been with me, by my side since we were all born. miraculously, may i add, since our moms had us in a pregnancy pact back in tha 2k! anyway doe, (link above) i'm so excited to keep working and promoting eCola as the new face of eCola! and to all my HETAS: eat a dick! now, i'm gonna be working on my next album, which i'd like to announce will be released by JODIWOOD RECORDS! and it will be a lot more personal, and contreversial... so on that note, bye! you hoes know where to find me! and if you wanna fight me it's nothing cause bitch i will really knock you out! (not a threat, just saying...) and to any BALD HEADED hoes, who may or may not work as an EMT (not bianca, she's my doll, love u girl) who TALK ALL THAT SHIT, and HATE! then i'd like to say a big fuck you right back! you and your man ain't shit and nobody likes you, bitch you can't sing! stop talking about me. i never talked about you in my life girl! i gotta go! don't hate on me, i'm nice, come talk to me if you think otherwise! Star Lopez-Bailon p.s: i know you haters saw my toes on jodiwood lol!!!
  9. Music video for Anyway Doe out tomorrow! ❤️ 


    fuck lspd

    1. La Jodi Whittle

      La Jodi Whittle

      u like farts bbg? cant wait!! 🇺🇸

  10. HEY, just clearing something up, definitely not dissing you, tommy voight, i was dissing tommy gatt, my ex from 2 weeks ago, keep doing you x
  11. Ur in the first verse, but my engineer messed it up! "evie, she be styling, she be wylin' on these zeta scrubs"
  12. hey! not sure if everyone knows but i just shit out a really hot album at weazel studios! 


    now it's done and ready to be heard,,


    here is the experience






  13. Just so everyone knows Jodiwood blog just premiered my album! thank you jodi! please check out her cover on playtoy, it also has a very special lay out of me! thank you so much to all my friends and family in the city, por hacer mis sueños realidad if you still need a link to my album, here you go diva: https://audiomack.com/album/starlopez5000/star-lopez-mixtape-presented-by-ecola
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