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  1. First off I'm not gonna mince my words here. So apologies to the mods for my language but this situation is trash. You should probably post a clip of the whole engagement because it was literally under 3 minutes long. You did not need to cut out the part where you rammed our shitty little werner with your MUCH more expensive vehicle (which is why it stalled). I would've posted mine but OBS failed to record the screen. Btw I logged off right after saying bye - you were still in your car on my screen. There was no "Combat" we were at the parking lot because we wanted to park our car and log out. It was late and we were done playing eclipse for the night. Your crew rolled up and started yelling something about "trannies" which is piss poor "roleplay" to me, so I wasnt gonna give you the time of day (which is my right). Plus, we had just spent the whole day engaging in some good fucking roleplay, the bar was set a little too high for the reporting party! Alas, but there's still time to for you to learn! Definitely did not feel like going out of my way to RP with y'all because I knew it was gonna be the same old bullshit we go through every day. We got in our car and decided to drive to the bank (NCZ) and log off there instead. Literally right around the corner from the parking lot YOU rammed our crappy car with your expensive vehicle (doesn't make any sense, does it?) and it stalled. At that point i was just done and decided to log off without attempting to make it to safety. Why were you even trying to rob (I'm guessing you were either trying to rob us or harass us) 4 bitches in a fucking beater. Did you want our skimpy tops and plaid skirts? Are you trying to start a drag career and need a new wardrobe ? Cross dressing? What could we have given you to make it worth your while. Lmfao. I think I know what it is, I'll keep it to myself tho . I'm fine playing with literally everybody and anybody if they display even an ounce of common sense and RP skill - something you failed to do. I'll engage with anyone, even people who are looking to murder, rob, kidnap me (i fucking love the drama) I'm not here to win, my character gets victimized constantly bc she's a dumb ass hoe. Had you struck up a convo, had been a little bit more intelligent about your robbery attempt, we would have engaged. The way you went about it was bottom tier, so i wasn't gonna delay my logging off and stick around, just because YOU wanted me to. I don't owe you that, especially not when you literally gave me NOTHING RP wise (Yelling trannies or whatever at us is not roleplay, idgaf). Might be in the wrong (honestly don't think I am) but I don't care one bit. I'm not gonna be forced to engage in crappy roleplay when I was planning to log off before you even got there. Had you caught us a few hours earlier we would have roleplayed your predictable little tranny slur yelling robbery head shaving scenario and gone about our day. By the way...May I suggest GTA Online? Hurd it's good! We were not engaging in any combat and I'm not gonna be forced to endure 30 minutes of subpar roleplay just because you wanna feel like a big man. If you hadn't rolled up we would have logged off at the parking lot. You were annoying and we weren't gonna deal with it. Again, sorry mods. I'm just over this type of gutter trash "roleplay". Always a waste. I don't have time to play eclipse every day. I'm only ever around once a week, and I prefer to spend it with people who actually care about roleplay. The end. Anyway, toodles! Have a nice one, boys !
  2. +1 Robbing might as well be replaced by a /robs (ID) command with the way people do it lol (not suggesting it be done just making a point!) very boring roleplay wise. Always the same shit, rinse and repeat. I wouldn't mind being robbed if it made any sense and was roleplayed in a fun way - and if the robberies didnt have a 100% success rate every. single. time. A lot of servers (and roleplay environments in general) utilize a dice roll to determine whether an action would be successful and honestly i feel like robbery at the very least needs a system like that. Every time I try to do something different people just get upset because they wanna win, not roleplay.
  3. I don't want him back! I played him good! And um I would definitely report him if PD wasnt overrun by corrupt officers bought and paid for by friends of epstein and the clinton foundation (who shut my blog down by the way). I think we (the people) should take back the reins and control our city the way we want to. Also by the way this one time i got my ass kicked in front of the bank and I reported it and the cops laughed at me, one of them flicked my vagina and started speaking whale to me (WHAT THE FUCK?) So like I don't trust the police at all. I can handle myself nowadays, I just wanna get shot for sympathy and payola purposes - i am a blogger first and foremost and getting shot would enable me to get more sponsorships as i would be temporarily disabled which tugs on heart strings. Also the cops keep gangstalking me. I'll be minding my business and they'll throw the lights up (wee wee) & start chasing me FOR NO REASON (don't u see the baby on board sticker on my windshield? what's wrong with you!) obviously I'm not just gonna stop BECAUSE there are people who pretend to be cops and then rob you (or y'all rob us like the government robs us of our hard earned money under the guise of taxation which im also against) also I;'ve seen people executed when they stop..this city is on a downward slope u know, sometimes it feels like 1940 up in here (world war 2) By the way, be on the lookout for a gay officer in LSPD (if ur reading this HAAY GURLFREND YOU NEED TO TAKE ME SHOPPING SOMEDAY). I'm good with the gays but there's a plot to defraud him in progress. Officer Keanu Moody told me he wants to F his A because he has a lot of money and he needs the money for his strip club. i thought hoeing was illegal? only when i do it i guess! I won't let yall kill me (like MJ doctor) I will not be the next dr Sebi (they killed him)
  4. By the way: we're mixed with a lot of races. So we can join any gang. Preferably no mayo (ypipo).
  5. Sorry for posting so much today but I have a lot on my mind! So I'm sick of taking Ls and ive recently gotten into hardcore crime including but not limited to suckerpunching police officers (albeit corrupt ones) in federally surveilled areas and I've just been like thinking..why not join a gang you know! I know the pigs frequent these corners of the web and they'll likely see this but I like don't care anymore clearly I mean, I did punch that mf on CAMERA! You know how in 2011 everyone was all like I've got no fux to give mayneee xxD well..I was too young to understand back then but I get it now! So if you've got a gang and u wanna pimp me and my cousins out, so be it! We'll be throwin all this cat and u BETTER not duck! You need a shoota? Give me a gun and I'll shoot ANYONE up. No discrimination (I am a liberal). I will deal drugs, I will smuggle drugs, I will aid in human trafficking and I can type 70 wpm (blogger) I also know basic math (what's 2+2? Gonorrhea!) I am cute and shapely thick in all the right places, I have a cute face unlike a lot of these hoes on the streets of Los Santos (Paleto Bay is more tolerable imo those redneck bitches got it down!) I've been killing small animals ever since I was like 4 years old. I'm also really into arson and blowing shit up! Im naive and impressionable so if you wanna like take away all my agency I would probably let you if you buy me high end candy (reese's pieces) Anyway! My name's Jodi Whittle, my bones are brittle - Just kidding! That was me rapping (I'm known for randomly rapping although Star is like the rapper in our friend group I'm more known for singing, doing ad-libs et cetera) So that's that. If you're a cop and read this: You can't prosecute me because this is all just roleplay, like those shoplifting haul blogs. So yeah if any of you come up to me and ur like Miss Whittle ur under arrest, just know, i will sue you. If ur a sexy hot gang member (girl or guy i swing both ways) HIT ME UP! There's 4 of us - that's a LOT of crime potential! Also if u've ever seen the movie "Wanted" with angelina jolie.. first off Angelina and I are friends! I also know Brad Pitt, but thats beside the point. U know how in the movie, to become an assassin the guy needs to learn how to clip the wings off a poo fly with a gun? I can do that. And u know how he also needs to learn how to curve bullets? I can do that too. So I can like shoot and like..move my arm really hard and the bullet will curve. That's a really useful skill in shootouts. CONTACT ME! I know you hoes know who I am! Jodi Whittle wants to join YOUR GANG! And star
  6. yall hurd that? i hurd there was a mass shooting in the city and a lot of people got shot!! next time yall wanna shoot mfs up TEXT ME!! I've been looking to get into self victimization and getting shot in the leg or an arm seems like the ideal way to start my new joruney.. now that my blog got deleted by the clinton foundation and weazel news who conspired against me and my blooming career in media.! i just want somebody to shoot me in the arm so i can be like oh yeah i got this in vietnam (VIETNAM WAR) By the way...there's a lot of fake ass bustas in this city, friends of epstein in the blues yall...its all gonna come to a head soon. And the worms will wriggle out from beneath the sidewalks to reclaim this hellmouth. In other words: I've joined a cult! contact me if you want in but you WILL have to get branded with a brand name of your choice (not le chien, star already claimed that) bye! Jodi Whittle - The criminal ex girlfriend of LSPD officer Keanu Moody who was well aware of my criminal career including but not limited to shakedowns, burglary, robbery and prostitution! Only the best in the police force huh!
  7. I punched him once because it was pertinent to the roleplay (we were having mad beef & she felt disrespected enough to punch him on camera, she's also currently off her rocker)! People punch each other at the bank all the time, even though its a no crime zone and we all know it's not supposed to be done. Nevertheless, I was aware it was a No Crime Zone, i just didnt feel like a punch was that big of a deal because it was just like a symbolic fuck you to the patriarchy and the cops (two things my character hates) also keanu moody (the guy my character punched) is her ex & she exposed him for being corrupt on her blog, thats where the beef started. So there was a roleplay reason for that punch, not like it matters because it was an NCZ. Anyway doe, i thought the rp was fun!
  8. The album is SO good star! I've been bumping it wherever I go and people are asking abut you like all the time now! I cant wait to do a track by track review and star in your music videos!!! BIG SMOOCHES FROM UR TRIRACIAL COUSIN! I KNEW WE'D MAKE IT BIH!!
  9. Omg fucking amazing! By the way I love and always have loved your face ever since you first got it done it looked so fucking hot and sexy! and people were like yess star thats so cuteee! And the album OMG its so fucking crazy like you literally went there and there are so many songs on it and there are REAL things in there like they are not ready! Like omg i'm so excited to post about it like this is insane how 2 months ago we were like being dissed on and trafficked and now i have a blog, u have an album, destiny has a project in progress, and eve has a baked potato! STAR Ilysm omfgggg
  10. Well first off I'm a girl I just dont have a typically feminine sounding voice lol. And I dont feel like depriving myself of roleplay because some people want to be assholes about it. Like i said in my original post, i made this a plot point in her character story. it wouldn't be a problem if people inquired about it. But coming up to me and yelling "tranny" for minutes on end is not conducive to good, even DECENT roleplay whatsoever. Lmfao. And if I have to sit here and endure a bunch of teenage whites using racial slurs VERY liberally (Yes boys! we can tell you're actually white lol), because they wanna indulge in their little rap fueled fantasies, then I think it isn't exactly asking much to expect the same type of respect and laissez-faire for myself and others in similar situations. I think most people who roleplay on this server wouldn't like it if i started accusing every character whos voice doesnt match the persona (white boys roleplaying black men) of being a "cracker" or using a foundation shade that doesn't match their skin tone. Or pulling a Rachel Dolezal. Which I have done before, just to prove a point - it wasn't well received...Quelle surprise! Implying I should handicap my game experience bc people can't roleplay properly is preposterous. It's not how roleplay works. It's called role and play for a reason
  11. By the way i'm not trying to force anyone to roleplay with anyone they don't want to roleplay with! In fact id HIGHLY prefer if people just didnt roleplay with me and or other people whos voice they dont find quite feminine enough/ or other bs reasons people hate on others for, instead of technically breaking IC/OOC mixing rules by harassing her/calling her slurs & forcing their own storyline onto MY Character (I literally get no say in any of it and nothing i say IC changes their mind at all, which sounds like powergaming too..lol). I just want to roleplay in peace. I've started avoiding specific people I assume would be irreverent dicks roleplay-wise, but i cant help people constantly butting into my roleplay with this bullshit. My character will literally be minding her business and some rando would come up yelling tranny...how is that realistic? But I guess at the very least, it makes me really appreciate the kind ones who just let me do my thing without incessant nastiness .
  12. Im not even a boy, just got a chainsmoker's voice. It's poor roleplay to be upset about something like that. It shouldn't be tolerated or allowed behavior in an RP server. It's quite literally mixing IC with OOC. I had to fill out a whole questionnaire just to be allowed on here and i'm honestly surprised 90% of people I've met somehow got accepted because they clearly dont get any of that Some tolerance would be nice honestly but theres white people on here saying the n word with hard r and i can tell theyre ecstatic about it lmfao. So... i get what youre saying i guess. lol
  13. Basically, I'm tired of 80% of "roleplayers" calling my character a tranny day in and day out. OUT OF THE BLUE. Randomly coming up to her. Theres literally a handful of decent people who will roleplay with me like a normal fucking human being. My character isn't even trans. I mean what am i supposed to do? Not speak at all? Okay great - can we extend that to all the white boys who are clearly not black in real life, but roleplay black men and throw around the n word excessively? I just want to fucking roleplay my fucking character, a day without getting called a tranny IC, for no fucking roleplay reason. It's not realistic. So it would be nice if there was a clause added in the rules for suspension of disbelief or something, regarding people's characters and voice mismatch etc. I really don't go around pointing out how supposed american characters sound like russians or all the whites roleplaying black people? It's really making it not fun for me to roleplay my character at all. This happens to some of my friends too. 90% its unprovoked. And I'm not one to get offended, I'm not new to roleplay, I'm very good at separating OOC from IC and vice verse, I'm no "SJW" i just want to roleplay my stupid fucking character. I actually have a backstory for why her voice is that way but no one ever asks, the people who call her tranny clearly don't want to roleplay with me, they just wanna say a slur without repercussions. Lol. To clarify: I'm frequently interrupted by random people walking up to my character as she's mid convo with somebody else just to yell tranny or something related to it. I'm sorry but that's not even fucking roleplay, it certainly isnt fun for me or my friends. Frequently I'm faced with one solution and that's to walk away. From my own fucking roleplay situation. Because somebody heard me talking and thought it would be the greatest idea to start yelling slurs IC. More on that really: There's a lot of crap that goes into gender recognition IRL. Women have deeper voices too...Some even sound like whole ass fucking men. So it's honestly just shitty roleplay and metagaming to assume my character is trans, and then force that upon me, preventing me from roleplaying my character how I want to - cause it's not like they care when she says "Hey I'm actually not trans at all" I'm sure there are men who want to roleplay as girls out there, and ive actually met some around and nobody does that to them. So I think its not farfetched to assume these people are just bringing their OOC feelings into Roleplay. It would be nice if this server was a welcoming place to everybody, and everybody's character. Cause ATM, I don't feel like I can roleplay my character at all. Anyway sorry for swearing a lot! I'm just really frustrated. I joined maybe a month ago and every time I play I have at least 5 different people do this shit to me.
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