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  1. xxStallingCoinxx

    Emily Britson, Forever Superstar

    I shot Emily many times as National Guard on NGG I see u there.
  2. xxStallingCoinxx

    Call, Backup, Alarm Tracker

  3. xxStallingCoinxx

    Nicholas Harm and Friends <3

    "I'm going to remind you 'Justin Case' you forgot... To stay out of Harm's way." I fucking love you @Harm
  4. xxStallingCoinxx

    Blackburn Premium Designs

    (( Name: Miles Townsend Phone Number: 231-8680 Design Type: Banner Size (in pixels): 1280px x 200px Few words to describe what the finished design should express: LSPD should be involved, bad ass look, etc. Anything to add (background picture, assets, stuff for my use, what the text should say, etc.): N/A ))
  5. xxStallingCoinxx

    Increased AFK timer.

    +1 from me - the only reason being is when I'm in long RP situations (which actually is frequently) I always have to move, which does ruin the immersion a bit.
  6. xxStallingCoinxx

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    Proud of you @SmallboyRyan, hopefully get some great RP processing our 10-15's lol
  7. xxStallingCoinxx

    Revolutionary Suggestions

    As a police officer I would like to point out that WE ALL are to stop at red lights and drive 70 km/h as per traffic rules (unless we have lights or sirens on). Cops have been reported to IA about not following those rules, and have been punished. I drive 70km/h and stop at all red lights and I do admit the lights are coded not very well and the lack of traffic (player base) makes it pointless, but police officers are supposed to follow those rules. I believe that more things need to be added to the server to make people interact with each other and RP - more than script jobs. I don't know what that would look like but I'm sure others have a great idea of it. There would be also more of an intro to joining the server, etc. where to get started, what to do, etc. Cause when I first joined I was lost on how to do anything (aside from /me and /do, etc.)
  8. xxStallingCoinxx

    Change the 6.3.1/6.3.2 Metagaming Rule

    I mean I was punished in faction chat for saying "Why doesn't anybody take their car home after shift". To me, that isn't metagaming. It's metagaming if I say "Everybody move your cars after your shift" I asked a question OOCly, and did not give an IC command OOCly. Of course, there are different circumstances to this, but I mean over it should be the act of USING OOC info, not the act of RELYING the info.
  9. xxStallingCoinxx

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    If you're giving Molotov cocktails to criminals, that's goona be a bad time.
  10. xxStallingCoinxx

    suncity || new logo

    Wow - this is fantastic!
  11. xxStallingCoinxx

    [ACCEPTED] Stranger 8589_2758 - 7.3 (Vehicle Deathmatch)

    I can get a longer video, I still have it. Length doesn't determine what you did. You can ram me ONCE if I was shooting at you. That was clearly not the case. This statement doesn't make any sense.
  12. xxStallingCoinxx


    There was no roleplay in any of our deaths from my understanding. I was rammed, ragdolled, then KOSed. @Denise C was immediately VDMed with the ram that ragdolled me.
  13. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8589_2758 Date of rule breach: November 5, 2018 Time of rule breach: ~8:20 PM (GMT -7) Your characters name: Miles Townsend Other players involved: Unknown Specific rule broken: " Vehicle deathmatch is identical to deathmatch, however, the rule explains how vehicles should now be used as weapons. " How did the player break the rule?: Rammed me with a car for no reason at all, never met the guy, shot at the guy (as I was being robbed/kidnapped as a cop). Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/dm1gp
  14. xxStallingCoinxx


    The same thing happened to me as well (Miles Townsend here), the ram didn't kill me but I was killed after by one of the perps.
  15. xxStallingCoinxx

    Question Regarding Police Enforcement

    Yes, the police do enforce traffic laws. (speeding, running red lights, parking on a red curb, etc.). Not many people drive RPly though.