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  1. I remember you too!!!!!!!!! likewise. we should hang in-game sometime hey baby... yes yes u did axel... i wish you'd shoot something else on me honestly what was ur name cutie i wanna reminisce i wish i was fag spammer... u enjoyed my content...
  2. hi... get out of the way... you're blocking my light honestly
  3. I can't find my old thread anymore so here's a new one. I'm tidal. I role-play as Emily Britson. I'm best known for being on Next Generation Gaming. I might role-play as a drag queen since I feel like it's gonna be super awkward being an actress in her early 30s in-game then sounding like a man. Don't steal my idea bitches. Anyway, if anybody's from ngg who I've been friends or even enemies with in the past feel free to add me because nostalgia. If you aren't feel free to interact with me anyway. I love attention too much.
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