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  1. Pending @Timmaayy, please be patient while this is reviewed.
  2. This report is a duplicate.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 9:30 PM 22/MAR/2020 UTC Character name: Zoey Deul Issue/bug you are reporting: Depositing into a general store's vault states you deposit into a fuelstation. Expected behavior: Correct information to display Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go into the management panel on a general store and deposit some money into the vault. Vehicle license plate number*: n/a
  4. Pending @BallinByNature. Please be patient while this is reviewed,
  5. I don't feel we need to shorten the command, its only 3 characters as is to type. Prior roleplay experience we had to type /dept and right now I mostly use /deplow. In my opinion /d and /dep does not really take long to add those two extra characters and wouldn't save but a split second compared to what you are saying over the radio itself.
  6. +1 for /viewimpound to show how much it is going to cost the person to release each vehicle.
  7. I believe that sums it up. It partly comes down to players reporting someone using a vehicle they took from the job for non job related things and staff handling it. The examples listed in the rules are just a small list of how they could be enforced, not limited to that list leaving situations up to staff decision.
  8. Chapman

    Close please

    Hello, I am the player who is being reported, Zoey Deul. It has been stated that you do not need to roleplay looting injured players. I did not use any forceful commands and used the I key to open your inventory. • Looting Injured Players: We do not require that players roleplay before looting an injured player. The script sends out a text prompt that you are looting someone, and there's a very long timer before you are successful. When a player is brutally injured, they cannot move, which means that they also cannot resist.
  9. Right now when you use M to use the radio, it will randomly play the N talking or IC chat animation when talking. I feel that it should be consistent when using intended animations. https://i.gyazo.com/d126cf8f7161ec0a1c0810968fd466fa.mp4
  10. I believe that is a game mechanic that your character puts on a helmet on certain vehicles and that if you /resync it will remove it until you go to a different area where your character puts it back on for others on their end. +1 though for a clothing removal system to remove clothing such as hats, glasses, watched etc.
  11. +1 PD/SD and mechanics need a working way to “tow” away vehicles that a tow truck can not.
  12. +1 its annoying to have to switch to first person to get your altitude and would add convenience.
  13. I feel like people would be more focused on ruleplay and the list of vehicles rather than roleplay. If you think you would be able to ram with a vehicle you should ask staff to make sure you can without breaking rules. -1
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