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  1. Matin_Dark

    Henry Magpier, Arta Logan 6.4: Powergaming

    I can confirm that story me and two of my friends were at this situation and we saw they are passing each other money because /AME will notify us that action @superdaxter and @GoldenEye can confirm this story too!
  2. Matin_Dark

    Arta_Logan(13) | 3.3 Offensive language

    and by the way, I forgot that my discord id is Matin_Dark#0001 and I am not in your discord do you have any evidence I am there?
  3. Matin_Dark

    Arta_Logan(13) | 3.3 Offensive language

    I can't understand why you are changing the subject and what should suppose to do with those stream links, stop posting useless information you breach rule I report that that's all stop self-promote, please!
  4. Matin_Dark

    Arta_Logan(13) | 3.3 Offensive language

    I didn't think so, I don't have any idea what are you talking about STREAM snipe? and I didn't know you either what kind of joke you are talking about?! I just know your in-game character name because I report you like thousands of time when you were robbing stores and ...., it's my job as an informer
  5. Player(s) being reported: Arta_Logan ID 13 (Offensive Language) Date of rule breach: 1/14/2019 Time of rule breach: 9:21:41 (GLOBAL UTC) Your characters name: Matthew_Michelson Other players involved: Jason_Michelson(witness),Tony_WayLand(witness) Specific rule broken: " 3.3 Offensive language 3.3.1 Players are allowed to threaten other players and use offensive language in IC chat for roleplay purposes. 3.3.2 Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context." How did the player break the rule?: He insult me in ooc chat he called me ASSHOLE Evidence of rule breach:
  6. Matin_Dark

    MatinDark - Matthew Michelson (Punishment Appeal)

    no, I don't want to appeal for Fear-RP because I did that mistake and I am aware of that the only thing I want about Fear-RP is to change the date of punishment to early November because situation happened on that time and reporter decide to report me on December
  7. Matin_Dark

    MatinDark - Matthew Michelson (Punishment Appeal)

    Hello there thanks for handling this appeal, I did appeal because of that burger and for fear-RP i request to change date of punishment because that situation happened on early November ( when I request backup in radio when I was injured) and the person who reported me, decided to report me on December (I don't have any idea why ) so if possible please change date of that Fear-RP offense to November because it has some effect for me to join government factions ( it happened in 1-5 November when I was newbie in server )
  8. Matin_Dark

    MatinDark - Matthew Michelson (Punishment Appeal)

    Still waiting for 2 week i guess 😞
  9. Matin_Dark

    MatinDark - Matthew Michelson (Punishment Appeal)

    Actually, I had mentioned Fear-RP on the first report and I told you I did that and after that in another situation Musket told me to do not request backup in radio when you are injured but he just told me he didn't give me any offense or verbal warning and after that I didn't breach any rule about Fear-RP I learned my lesson and I am asking for your forgiveness, my punishment log is so important to me because when I asked about applying again for LSPD from Daniel Shelby ( Aldari Tagril) he told me we cannot accept you because of that Fear-RP offense, he told me that I need to wait and be clear for 45 days the problem is that the situation happened on 1-5 November and I received the punishment on 15 December, I am so sorry if I broke any rules but please accept my apology and remove that offense or at least change the punishment received day to 1-5 November, because I broke the rule on early November, not 15 December
  10. Matin_Dark

    MatinDark - Matthew Michelson (Punishment Appeal)

    but you still giving me offense for FearRp and that affects my applications on Factions, Musket already told me to do not call backup when I am injured and I never repeat that again if you don't want to accept my Apologize I don't have any problem but at least change time of penalty to 1-5 November because that situation happened on that moment when I was a newbie but the time of punishment is 15 December which means anyone not going accept my application, please forgive me I am not gonna break any rule ever again and I didn't do anything wrong since 17 December
  11. Account name: Character name(s): Matthew Michelson Admin who issued punishment: ChuckM Date of punishment: 15/Dec/2018 04:23 Punishment received: Has been verbally warned not to eat food during a combat/chase situation (Fear RP | Offense #1 (Normal) | Forum Report) Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: I was warned because I was eating a burger in an active situation, and it's just what I got a warning for, let me tell the story in my point of view. in a bad night, me and my friend went to a general store to buy a burger, I was eating the burger in front of the store suddenly we saw a car with a suspicious passenger is getting closer and closer to us, I got scared and hopped in my car with the burger in my hand and tried to escape then they shouted "PULL OVER" but we didn't, then they fucked the brawler's engine shooting it. when the brawler got stalled, we saw that the car who was chasing us got close to us with a bike, which was their friends and we hopped out of the car quickly and killed them. I was scared and I had 5k XP at the time I forgot that I had to do /stopeating, then shoot, but I didn't even take a bite of the burger when the situation was active, it was only in my hands. then another car came and killed us with all being said, I didn't start eating, or take a bite when the situation was active and If you don't believe me, you can watch their recordings and the footage again to see that when I was in the car, I had the burger in my hands already, and there's a script not allowing you to use such items while you're sitting in the car Why should your appeal be accepted?: the story I told you, was the actual thing that happened, and if I really did that, when a person has 5k XP, I think its better to just tell him not to do this, not to give him an offense Also, I did this about a month ago, but I just got the offense for what I did when I was a newbie, I can't join any government jobs because they see me as a rulebreaker, I would be so grateful if you could just remove the offense Post any evidence or further details: the script which doesn't allow you to start eating a burger or such items in the car, and the footage they uploaded to get me punished
  12. Matin_Dark

    Vice Lord Gang (Property)

    Character to be refunded: Martin_Michelson,Stan_Rodgers ,Lucass_Sanchez,Arash_Vierri ,Mehrab_Hoffman,Arman_Vierri,Jack_Vierri Date and time of incident: don't remember as well 3 PM (UTC) Musket was in the situation can ask him more Requested refund (what and how much): Lucass_Sanchez : 80 Bullets AK(assault rifle) , 70 MARIJUANAS,15 COCAINES,10 HEROIN.Pistol 50.(edited) Arash_Vierri : 3pistol 50 + baseball bat + 3whiskey+ 1burger+2radio(edited) Mehrab_Hoffman : 72 MARIJUANAS+2 Pistol 50 +Radio(edited) Arman_Vierri : 17 heroein ,13 extasi , 13 cocain , Radio , Pistol 50. Jack_Vierri: 67 Marijuana, 18 Heroin, 22 Meth, 17 Cocaine, 19 Crack, 3 Pistol 50 Martin_Michelson: Pistol.50,Radio Stan_Rodgers: Pistol.50,Radio Description of an incident resulting in loss: A gang with a cream suit robbed us last night at a chilliad lab and we lost three our men and one of our gang mates Lucas Sanchez escaped we had KOS on them next day about 12 hours later we found those guys at chilliad again we decide to group up and kill them and we do that ass well once we killed them after 25 minutes they back and start shooting at us without no reason as they broke NLR and DM cause they interact with their killer within 30 minutes and some of those guys were same guys we killed them we decide to report that situation and we did after that Musket handle that reports and give all of them offense + jail but musket told us he can't give our stuff back because he doesn't have enough permission to do that and he told us to submit refund request and he can confirm our story Evidence of loss: There is no evidence of loss because they instantly killed us and there isn't any chance to gather some screenshot as evidence but as I told @MusketDeezNuts can confirm this story
  13. Matin_Dark


    Thanks for inform us about this way ❤️
  14. That's the last word we should let the staff decide, I was shooting at your brothers who was in the way between you two, and its possible that he was injured by accident/crossfire, but I don't remember very well because it's been weeks and I had low experience of shooting and stuff like that, at moment