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  1. I understand that it may be fun at times, but it's like a double edged sword at the moment, if you leave your shop then customers are stuck waiting, but also if you're busy at the shop there's no chance for a tow to come pick up their car. If we're talking about realism, you tell me a mechanic you know that does both the towing and then fixes your car himself on the same business day, just doesn't make sense.
  2. I appreciate the feedback. One suggestion per topic seems pretty mundane if you actually want something done for the server. Why not give the devs/staff a list of suggestions and let them choose which ones are deemed of a high priority? Let's not limit ourselves here. Definitely valid points on the radio frequency, perhaps implement it in the players list menu (" ` button ") ?
  3. Eclipse Quality of Life Suggestions List After playing this game for over two weeks now as a new player/criminal, I feel that I've gathered up enough points/suggestions to start a topic on Quality of Life. This topic thread is about certain quality of life updates that can be useful within Eclipse. Up to the mods if they want to pin this topic as this will be continuously updated, and seeing as there aren't any pinned topics thus far. Not to bash the devs because they do come out with regular game additions/updates, I just feel like certain quality of life changes can be implemented along with these updates. Open to any community suggestions and veteran opinion, staff included, as this will be a constant work in progress to update more quality of life changes as time goes on. If any new updates are implemented then the suggestion will be crossed off and highlighted in green to show that it has been implemented within the game. I will be breaking up this thread into different topics which you will see below and the suggestions to go along with them. If you disagree with any suggestions, please voice your opinion because the quality/input of the people of this server is will what make it better in the long run. Alright here goes... HUD/UI/Menu's Let the top bar notifications from the server last a second or two longer. Example: When finished chopping a car, you see the dollar amount show up for less than 2 seconds then goes away, with no log to back it up. Have a constant countdown timer that doesn't disappear while chopping a vehicle at chopshop's. Can implement a timer system or progress bar. Have the phone text notifications pop up be more clear for the player, in certain situations if you don't look at the bottom text or hear the sound, you'll have no idea someones texting you. (Could put a text message icon next to phone number if you have a new text?) Fix the dragging items menu bug, probably the most consistently annoying bug I've witnessed, and I'm sure many other players can agree that this bug fix should be top priority. Update certain NCZ's to show as actual No Crime Zones on the HUD. Places such as the bus station, etc... (and maybe some sort of indicator for the 1 block radius around NCZ for new players?) Show your current active radio frequency channel somewhere next to the Voice setting to the right of the Minimap if you own a Radio. Can F5 Menu be updated with most current commands? Some commands are disabled or don't exist anymore and an update would be nice. Can F7 Menu also hide the phone when hiding the rest of the UI? Phone Utilize/create more apps within the phone to interact with jobs and people. For an RP Server we have too many commands and not enough apps to do certain actions, and we should be able to utilize the phone functionality much better. Create a Weazel News app that shows the most recent Weazel News shoutouts and be able to apply for your own shoutout through there. Create an app that allows players to see how many current Mechanics, Weazel News Reps, and Medics are online without having to type in commands. Create an app that allows you to see the current car selection of dealerships without having to drive physically to the location to see which cars are available. STILL HAVE TO PURCHASE IN PERSON THOUGH. Easier way to check if your car is at Mor's Insurance through an app. Black Market app for criminal factions (or put it on the Laptop as a program, make it worth the $50k). Post guns/ammo/vehicles for sale, or see what other criminal factions have to offer. Fix your calling system, no clue if its the server or RAGEMP's issue, but somebody has to sort it out, otherwise why have the feature at all. Rare bug causes half of the phones screen to glitch and stay stuck/inaccessible until the player relogs. Can't replicate it, but I've have had it happen twice to me randomly. De-syncing Issues We can all agree de-syncing is an issue within the server. The problem is that certain values aren't updated properly, and that a 20ping differential between me and my buddy can cause a lot of problems. Vehicle stability shows different values for players riding in the car. Don't know if it's partly client sided or just my American ping to the Europe servers, but you can notice a significant difference in values. Character animations get stuck if used for a while, such as holding hands up or /down for too long. Create smoother process to cancel these animations besides CTRL + 0. General vehicle de-sync. The vehicle may be in one location for me, but another location for my friends. Certain players voices can't be heard from any range regardless if they use Whisper, Normal, or Shout. I think it has to do with the de-syncing of players. Mechanics/Towing Why is towing done by the mechanic??? Why should the mechanic have to leave their shop to come out to god knows where and tow a car back to the shop? Implement towing as a separate job, send an offer to a player to tow to the nearest mechanics station. This allows mechanics to continuously work on cars at the shop especially if there's less than 3 mechanics on at a time, which allows for a new type of job and way of making money. Add a mechanics shop to Paleto? That town seems pretty bare-bones besides the apartments and the bank. Might as well throw in a mechanics shop to bring more players to that area. Keybinding I hate to be that guy... but lets be real here certain commands can be keybinded. Do I really have to type /startrefueling and /finishrefueling to get gas? Lets say a player tries to rob you at a gas station while you're filling up gas and you're stuck in the gas animation trying to quickly type /finishrefueling to get away, the kicker is you added an extra character so you have to retype it all over or find and erase that wrong character just to finish. Just set it all to a dedicated key for fueling. The same Keybindings could be used to taking salary form the bank, or finish eating early, I'm sure there are others that can be tedious to type... Housing I understand housing is scarce with the new influx of players and the inflation barely makes it worth buying houses/apartments/trailers, but the selection of open houses is way too low. I've noticed the adminmarkers in certain areas for adding new houses, but you guys might need to speed up the process as there's a huge demand for housing. Also, is there an inactivity script for how long the player can stay logged out for before their house goes back up for sale? I feel like every house is already owned and I guarantee some of those players either quit or haven't been on the server in months. Maybe resetting some houses of inactive players will help with the purchasing of new housing for new players willing to pay. Criminals Armor pls. Stable black market economy? I've seen threads where people ask for the prices of selling drugs to be increased a bit. Paying large amounts to own turfs? This would be a nice incentive to gangs to own turf within the city. Limit it to 2-3 turf areas within the city, and you can't set turfs outside of the city. This will also increase gang vs. gang dynamic within the server and also make it more interesting for non-gang players as well. (why is every official faction allied??? = long term boredom.) Again, these are all just suggestions so you don't have to bash me for what I put on here, I'm simply stating things that could have a beneficial side to them for the servers sake. I'll continue to add more and to add any of the communities suggestions as well.
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