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  1. JasonG

    [BUYING] House in the middle of nowhere.

    go fuk urself )::::::::::::::::::::
  2. I am buying a house in the middle of nowhere. Not off the side of the road. Not on a major highway. NOT AT GROVE STREET. in the middle of nowhere. like nothing around it, wilderness, all that. you might be wondering "why are you saying all this" well because ive posted three adds, and all three took me to heavily populated locations to try to sell their shitty 1g apartment building. i want a house in the middle of nowhere IF YOU HAVE A HOUSE AND ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE CALL ME: 5273706
  3. JasonG

    Voice Changers

    ya'll really gonna make a thread about this?? if someone wants to rp a girl they can rp a girl. voice changer actually makes it BETTER. nothing like erping and then a man starts moaning over the mic amirite kidding but for real, useless thread. get over it
  4. JasonG

    Aliasing restrictions

    +1, when I first joined the server I thought that was how it worked but was shocked to find out I could actually alias someone who had a mask on like that made any sense. Not sure why it wasn't done like that to begin with but it's never too late.
  5. JasonG

    Jail time

    SADOC has a huge doc of things we would like to be added into the server. Prison jobs are one of them, and guard discretion increase and reduce time commands are also suggested. This would encourage good behaviour. All this, of course, still needs to be talked about & approved. But It's a start.
  6. JasonG


    Discord servers was down, go ahead and try again
  7. I am so glad that you wrote this post. Thank you very much. I too played a SA:MP server where if I used /do success? i would've been laughed off. Unfortunately, an admin (I won't name him) told me that my roleplay quality was "lacking" because I didn't use /do's for that. This was right after a member of the PD accused me of powergaming because I didn't (even though /cuff is opted out according to the PG rule on here) and I gave him ample time to respond. The thing is, people on here don't understand that if I do /me cuffs the man and then do /cuff... that's not powergaming. Even if it wasn't opted out in the rule itself. If they resisted, all I had to do was /uncuff them and we would've continued from there, you know what I'm trying to say? It's hard to explain but it surprised me that he was so quick to claim PG when it really wasn't, not like I /cuff'd and immediately /solitary'd So better roleplay standards will always trickle down from top to bottom, and it seems like we have a long wait on our hands.
  8. JasonG

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    that's not how tax evasion works and if this system gets implemented it shouldn't work like that either. all money should be linked to a player. but +1 for the idea - but the tax issue is a big one to think about.
  9. JasonG

    The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

    1.0 - The Aftermath
  10. JasonG

    Your desktop screens

  11. Regardless, resorting to dice RP to figure out whether or not you're capable is silly in my opinion. But I do agree with you. However when I first joined this server it was advertised as medium-heavy RP and having an application system like LSRP enforced that belief. Although that quickly proved to just be a formality because apparently they accept just about anybody.
  12. I don't know man I know that me personally would not try something like that unless the shooter was distracted. I understand though how you might think that, but if I have a gun to someones head and I see them move quick without me telling them too I'm going to shoot. Of course that always leaves the possibility of a discussion in /do about whether or not he would've made it out in time. But dicing gives you more of a chance then you would have IRL for a situation like this IMO.
  13. JasonG

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    Her: Come over I'm bored Arthur: I can't I'm patrolling the prison in my Prius Her: My parents aren't home Arthur: