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  1. The Ballad of Mark Winterfield Mark Winterfield at the San Andreas Department of Corrections. Rank: Commander | Badge: #05 Warning: This thread contains explicit adult content. Viewer discretion is advised. Abstract Follow the story of Marcus J. Winterfield and his journey through the streets of Los Santos. Engage in his battle with crime, drugs, sex & women as he struggles to stay on top. After all, he can't disappoint his family. Prologue Mark Winterfield was born on April 17th, 1991. Currently making him 25 years of age. He was born with thick brown hair, and bright blue eyes. His nose is fairly straight, but it may stick out a little too far. His mouth meets his nose almost unnaturally close and his cheekbones rest in the middle of the two. Mark has stood for a few years at 5'11''. His body shows it too, although his legs may be a bit stronger than his torso. Mark grew up in the busy business city of St. Louis, Missouri. During his childhood, Mark had (and still has) both parents and lived an upper-class lifestyle alongside his now deceased sister Megan. Being the older brother, he often looked down on her and their relationship was a bit shoddy because of it. One of Mark's biggest regrets in his life is not being there more for his sister before her death. Growing up, Mark was very spoiled and heavily favoured over Megan. Albeit to this day he does not want to admit it, deep down he knows it's true. As a handsome, young attactive teenager, Mark was definitely a "ladies man". His willingness for approval mainly came from the women he associated with in high school. Mark needed the approval of others in order to function. He sought for it daily. This led him to make poor decisions in order to stay relevant, call it "peer pressure" if it please. Mark ended up with a charge and spent a year on probation to get it wiped off. These qualties carried onto college, which he chose to move to Liberty City to attend. During this time, Mark spent his time studying business and criminal justice. College changed mark quite a bit. He is a self-admited, but fully functioning alcoholic because of the amount he drank while he was in college. Luckily, Mark avoided unplanned pregnancy and stayed out of jail. After college, he got a job as a data analysist. This is where Mark began to mature into the adult he is today. While still keeping his bad alcohol habit, he learned to manage his finances with his degrees. He was still distant from his parents but he started to appreciate everything that he had when he was growing up. He stayed at his job in Liberty City for about a year until his sisters death. After that, he moved back to Los Santos to be closer with his family. A few years later, he had landed a job with his best friend Damon Bando as a correctional officer. And this is where this story begins. Character Development Character Development Character Stories
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    The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

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    Mark Winterfield ($342,000)

    Character to be refunded: Mark Winterfield Date and time of incident: Over the month of december Requested refund (what and how much): $342,000 before tax. Description of incident resulting in loss: SADOC's paychecks were yucked from the start of the faction so our salary % kept counting without giving us our pay. So I am one of many that needs a refund now that it is properly working. Evidence of loss: i.imgur.com/yG60dMg.jpg Comments: 57 (number of paychecks missing) * 6000 (rank pay) = 342,000. This is before tax, not sure how that works.
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    The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

    #3 - Ms. Nightwood
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    Los Santos Triads

    I was an R6 in BHT on NGG, those were the days. Glad to see someone finally brought them here
  6. I am buying a house in the middle of nowhere. Not off the side of the road. Not on a major highway. NOT AT GROVE STREET. in the middle of nowhere. like nothing around it, wilderness, all that. you might be wondering "why are you saying all this" well because ive posted three adds, and all three took me to heavily populated locations to try to sell their shitty 1g apartment building. i want a house in the middle of nowhere IF YOU HAVE A HOUSE AND ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE CALL ME: 5273706
  7. Let me just start off and say that this thread is not meant to be an argument, some know why I'm posting it but it is not directed towards any certain person or any certain situation. So I've noticed something quite scary and it's the misconceptions of the powergaming rule on this server. Allow me to blow your mind for a quick minute. /do success? -> is not necessary, ever. And I'm going to explain why. First, lets start with the definition of the powergaming rule as per the server rules. 6.4 Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. For example, roleplay of having super powers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. 6.4.3 It is not allowed to input false information or lie in /DO as this roleplay command is used to explain the facts of a roleplay situation. For example, if your character is hiding a pistol and another player makes an attempt to search you, if the outcome of the search is successful, you must use /DO to state the roleplay fact that the pistol had been found. 6.4.4 Forceful server commands, such as, /HANDCUFF or /MUG are exceptions to the powergame rule. Powergaming has many, many, MANY definitions and it is one of the more complex roleplay terms. Powergaming is also the most often roleplay rule broke during situations and often the most misconceived. It's easy to powergame, honestly, and the more you roleplay the more chance that you'll encounter this rule either being broken or being bent. First let's take a look at a situation that is considered powergaming. For all examples, Mark_Winterfield will be me. John_Doe will be the person I'm roleplaying with. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. THAT is powergaming. There was no allowance of time between the /me and the /solitary. How would you fix that? Adding a /do success? is an option... but it's not necessary. I've always had a issue with this kind of roleplay because it opens the door for a crappy response. See below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * Do I succeed? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * No, John runs away (( John Doe )). W..what?? OK. That is very basic. John ran away. Cool. How though? I had him by the arm. Tell me how a man in cuffs managed to run away. Surely it's possible, but how am I suppose to respond to that? How do I combat that without using /do causing even more of a headache. Let me blow your mind real quick. Let's try this whole roleplay situation but without using /do for success questions once. Let's see how it turns out. * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. >Mark waits 30 seconds for a reply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. That is quality roleplay. Quick and easy, to the point. But very descriptive. It described every action without using a single /do. /do should be used to describe an action or an object. Or for clarification on a subject. Not to ask questions about succeeding or not. Sure it works, but it's sloppy and lazy. Let me clarify one thing: I will never send a /do asking if I succeed. Ever. When I send a /me, that is me trying to do that. If you have a problem with the way that I have done /me, you tell me in /do. Let's say that John Doe tried to kick me again after he was tased. This is how I would handle it. Check below: * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm and throws him in the cell. * John_Doe brings his foot up and kicks Mark in the shin, running away. * Mark_Winterfield stumbles backwards, reaching for his taser once he's comprehended the situation. > Mark stuns John_Doe * Mark_Winterfield takes the man by the arm tries to throw him in the cell again. * John_Doe kicks Mark again. * How would John have enough strength after being tased to kick Mark again? (( Mark_Winterfield )) * John_Doe would comply. /solitary John_Doe 60 * Mark_Winterfield walks away. And that is how you should do it. Only one /do was needed, for clarification. There was no confusion, no misconceptions. Everything was described perfectly. Think of roleplay like writing a book, your characters will attempt actions that are combated by other characters. Everything needs to be described. There is no technical problem of using a /do to ask if you would succeed, however in my opinion it is very sloppy. I would like to see less people do this and more people start actually roleplaying every action. As long as you give ample time for someone to respond with a /me, skipping the /do would I succeed is not powergaming. But that's just a theory... A FIL-
  8. /do is OOC and should be in third person. Instead of using 'I's and 'Me' you should use 'He' and 'She'. So if you use /do in roleplay, make sure it is in the third person. A lot of roleplayer's think /me and /do go together. Like one must always accompany the other. /me is an action while /do is a descriptive command. Lets say theres a situation where Ryan is tied up and John is holding a gun to Ryan. Mark walks into the room. When you walk into a room that has an active RP situation: /do What would Mark see? John -> /me is holding a gun to Mark Mark -> /me is tied up by a rope. You can also use /do to describe objects and events. /do The gun is sitting on the ledge, almost falling off. /do The brick is yellow and cemented to the pavement.
  9. Basically everything Darnell said. Just want to add one thing, Eclipse shows you when a player is typing. That way you know who is typing a response.
  10. unpopular opinion: I've never dice RP'd, it's just lazy.
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    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    lspd and sadoc being friends <3
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    Saddest story in ECRP

    is this your 1000th post?
  13. So I tried to have this conversation over a PM on discord, but instead he blocked me... so I'm going to go ahead and have it here. @Aldari_Tagril Earlier today, I was driving down the freeway when my game tabbed out, when I tabbed back in a few seconds later, @Aldari_Tagril, rear-ended me while being an on duty cop. Which I'm not upset about, because I understood it was purely desync. What I'm upset about was what happened next. So after my car gets spun out, and I drive off to the side of the road, I RP that my car has broken down because it was a pretty nasty hit. So there I am, RPly totalled on the highway, and Sergeant Daniel Shelby walks up to my car. I tell him that my transmission has gone out and I need some help, and tells me he doesn't care what happened that I should have "stayed in my lane." And takes my ID. He walks back to his cruiser a quick second and comes back, ticketing me, no RP involved. The only /me line he did was taking my license, that was it. Unfortunately, my shadowplay wasn't working during this situation so I only have a video of the chatlogs. In real life, when someone rear ends you on a roadway, it is their fault. You are suppose to keep a certain length away from another vehicle to prevent crashed. Always. Again, this is desync, so I didn't really push that issue. My main concern is that this was the RP standards posed by the PD. We had a nasty accident on the freeway, he 'pulls me over' and just tickets me. He doesn't ask if I am OK, he doesn't attempt to get me fully off the road, he just tickets me and drives away. All this while my car is RPly totalled with a thrown transmission. Doesn't even so much as RP writing the ticket, pure power-trip and was upset he hit me and wanted to punish me for it. All I was trying to do was turn a rather non-rp car crash into some RP situation, which he engaged by pulling me over after what we both knew was pure desync. I'm not mad about the demerit, even though IRL that would have never flown, I'm mad that a moderator on this server holds such poor RP standards. On my first day on the server, I was tased through a windshield. Another member of the PD told me I was powergaming for not doing a /do. And this man ticketed me and practically refused to roleplay, because he was mad he hit me. LSPD: Your RP standards are poor. I barely have decent interactions with you. This needs to change. So afterwards, I PM'd him on discord in order to try to sort out whatever happened. I was calm, approached him very civilly, and he blocked me. What if I was a new player? How would that make them feel about the server? Since you didn't want to talk to me on discord, I'm interested to see your reply here. As well as the rest of the communities.
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    Changing how far you can whisper (/whisper)

    +1. Also, I agree with @Xoza. A lot of the commands need range adjustments
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  16. this is just one of many folks, sadoc gonna produce some raps this year... stay tuned 🔥🔥🔥
  17. i thought about doing this song
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    L'ultima Famiglia

    Agreed with Bando, it would be very interesting to see a mafia arise with a heavy standard for RP. Good luck, will follow. When I was in the Vincetti Clan, this was my favourite part. We had a radio strictly for backup reasons only. We almost never used it. I would suggest making this a rule for everyone. Take this idea far and keep it strict.
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    The Ballad of Mark Winterfield

    #2 - In Deep Trouble this is my 69th post