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    Postal code map

  2. Jonny D

    Change Whitelist and remove NCZ

    -1 we need a better, more strict, filter not a worst, more lenient, one. NCZs are limited to areas where it is unrealistic for a common citizen to commit a crime. Ex the bank in the middle of center city where it would be highly protected with cameras at every angle. You have a massive map to commit crimes elsewhere. Also, as far as I know only the interior of YJ is a NCZ. Meaning you can continue to commit crimes in the parking lot and surrounding area. Your argument seems to be: voice RP is restrictive, let's be a light rp server. While yes, voice RP can be limiting in the way you point out, it can also be better and more immersive in ways text can't. There are plenty other strict RP communities using VOIP, very much successfully so. I don't see this as a valid argument. I think we should strive to improve our RP standards not lower them. Being a light, unorganized, mugging simulator server is easy and will become old fast. If this is what you are looking for, play GTA online. If you are here for the RP then let's focus on that and do what we can to improve it, not make it worst.
  3. Jonny D

    MitchH - Carter Allen (FearRP Appeal)

    I understand what you have said and appreciate your time reviewing it. I still maintain the point that as a civilian he does not know that it is a panic alarm unless he obtained that knowledge previously, and thus I was taking a risk that he did not know and thus not directly breaking the fearrp rule. (All he saw was me press a button). Also the comment about the radio was inaudible to me. Nonetheless I understand your point and will respect your decision and opinion on this. Thanks again for taking time out of your day to review this!
  4. Jonny D

    MitchH - Carter Allen (FearRP Appeal)

    Alright thank you for your time and response. I would love for the opportunity to see what another staff members opinion is. Could somebody else listen to the video and let me know if they hear this? I've listened to the video multiple times and still can't hear it.
  5. Account name: MitchH Character name(s): Carter Allen Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 1/5/19 Punishment received: Warning Reason given for punishment: From what I see the demands was clear when the other guy repeated them to you to get out of the vehicle. Once getting out of the vehicle you should follow all demands and not touch your radio or anything else as this shows no fear for your life. Thus actually meaning you broke the Fear RP rule. Once you touched your radio they had every right to shoot as you didn't follow demands that were given. Your explanation of what happened: First looking what the staff member said "Once you touched your radio they had every right to shoot as you didn't follow demands that were given.". I don't know how else to put it other than this simply is an untrue statement. There is a video included in the post that shows the encounter and all demands that were given. In this video you can hear the only audible demand is "get out of the car". This demand was quickly followed. There for the statement "you didn't follow demands that were given." is untrue. Moving on to why I don't think I was in violation of FearRP. The Player refused to listen when advised that I could not hear him. He then continued with the robbery with me being unable to hear him. FearRP was issued to me because I pressed the panic alarm with guns drawn. When I pressed the button, the only demands issues to me were get out of the car, which I quickly complied. Therefor all demands were followed and I am in compliance of the fear RP rule. As is seen in the video no other demands can be heard or are audible. Now onto the pressing the panic button. At this point ICly I don't know what is going on as the only thing that was communicated is for me to get out of the car. It is a safe assumption that I am getting robbed or taken hostage, but at this point it is only an assumption as nothing was announced. Next all they ICly see is me pressing a button on my radio. In order for them to know that I am doing something threatening like calling for backup, they would need to have prior knowledge of how the PD radio works in order to know that I am pressing my panic button, which I ICly assume them not to know at this point. For all they know I could be turning my radio off. They did not make any demands that I don't move or don't touch my radio, specifically. As can be seen all they witness from their IC perspective is me clicking a button on my radio. Would you shoot somebody for clicking a button on their radio if you had no knowledge that it was the emergency button (which is a fair assumption)? Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't. I would wager that a non zero amount of people would not. That is why I feel I was not in violation of the fearRP rule. The action I did was non threatening to the average unknowing citizen who does not know what an emergency button is, and therefor I did not ICly feel fear that these men were going to end my life if I pressed it. My character, Carter Allen, was hinging on the hope that they thought I was turning my radio off and/or that they simply didn't know what I was doing. All other demands were met throughout the encounter. Why should your appeal be accepted?: In order to have a successful robbery (and ideally have some sort of RP engagement) you are going to need to communicate (actually RP) and do more than just point your gun at somebody and hope all falls into place. We should not be favoring and encouraging low quality RP with admin punishments. This is helping to encourage an environment where actual RP is very difficult. Examples of an environment where RP is difficult: People ignoring OOC warnings that the person they are engaging with can not hear them and continuing to move forward with an RP scenario. People running around HANDS UP DON"T MOVE'ing everybody they see with no /me's /do's or any room for actual RP engagement. These types of things should be discouraged. Post any evidence or further details: Apologize for formatting. It appears the format provided does not work with google chrome, this is the only way I could get it to post.
  6. Jonny D

    Mask 6818_8710 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    Let's see the video since clearly from my perspective VOIP is buggy and what you said is pretty inaudible. Question. Why did your associate think it was okay to keep using VOIP after he was told it did not work?
  7. Jonny D

    Mask 6818_8710 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 6818_8710 Date of rule breach: 1/2/2019 Time of rule breach: 10:20 PM EST Your characters name: Carter Allen Other players involved: Mask 7779_9312 Specific rule broken: "Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban." How did the player break the rule?: ID 49 was told multiple times that his VOIP was not working and to type instead. ID 49 continued using VOIP to communicate, unsuccessfully. The player then shot and downed Cadet Allen without valid reason. A player is expected to do more than point his gun at a person in order to have a successful robbery. Evidence of rule breach:
  8. Jonny D

    Speed cameras

    Please read some of the other replies on this thread (Page 5).
  9. Jonny D

    Speed cameras

    Couple things. First of all good reply and you bring up some good points. First, I don't think we should compare this to real life. In real life the risk of getting a ticket is enough to deter people from speeding and you don't see people doubling the speed limit and driving on the wrong side of the road often. On our server we do, because of the difficulty in enforcing it, there are just too many people speeding vs. how many police we have, and the punishment is not enough to stop people from doing it. One truth that is if you are on a hakou drag you basically never need to worry about getting a ticket. Camera's would solve this problem. Second, I don't believe the keyboard thing is an argument since cruise control DOES exist. Perhaps improvements could be made to the system to make it easier. Like have multiple cruise control settings to easily switch between highway and city speeds (130 & 70). Also it isn't IMPOSSIBLE to control your speed without it. You may not be able to hover at exactly 130, which is fine. Thats not the problem. The problem is people blowing past at 180 in the city. I'm fairly certain the camera's will not be targetting people that are accidentally doing 75 because they are using a keyboard without cruise control. Perhaps the threshhold will be 10+ over the legal limit. Third, I believe the intent is to have camera's deployed at strategic area's. Not just have an auto ticket no matter where you are on the map. Things like NCZ's, Bank, etc would likely be targets. So it seems we are in agreement on this point. Finally, you certainly are liable to pay a ticket "you don't deserve" if somebody steals your vehicle. Your vehicle being stolen should be a larger issue than it is now (this would also add to realism). Currently people are rather careless with their vehicles. I see them parked in the middle of the road very often. If you are doing this then quite frankly you should be liable if somebody steals it and uses it to speed around the city. There are current ways to store your car safely (parking), outside of hiding it in a good spot (which is perfectly viable). I would like to see more parking options though for people without houses. Other than that have you experienced any other glaring issues with speed cameras being implemented on other servers such as NG-G? Interested in hearing your other criticisms.
  10. Jonny D

    Speed cameras

    +1 Perhaps stolen vehicles being registered on the cameras isn't such a bad thing. Maybe it will encourage players to utilize the park feature more instead of just leaving it about and picking it up at mors next time they are online. I see a lot of cars carelessly parked everywhere. On the side of the highway, in the middle of the road, etc. This might at least encourage people to find a better hiding spot. I'd certainly like to see more than one parking garage though. If the owner is able to provide ICly valid proof that their vehicle was stolen Cadets on desk duty could also remove the charges, this will still be deterrent to not let their vehicle get stolen as they had to go out of their way to go to the PD.
  11. Jonny D

    Gun license.

    +1 To this. Mainly to make guns harder to get as it seems everybody RP's a hardcore criminal that goes around mugging people in broad daylight as much as possible and do it with VERY shallow RP (if literally any at all). I think guns should be MUCH harder to get. It would be great if you had to prove you can RP before getting a gun, like having to find a high up in an crim faction and having them purchase you the gun. My suggestion that isn't too severe: Allow people to have a license as is, but they can only own 1, maybe 2 basic pistols at a time (no .50). If they get a criminal record somehow they lose their license and ability to buy pistols legally. This will force the player to actually RP and make dealings with an official faction member in order to obtain guns in the future. The people who join just to run around mug as many people as possible without any real RP will no longer be able to get guns and thus problem solved!
  12. +1 AK, SMG, etc should always win over a .50 pistol. Also I'm all for making guns harder to get in general.
  13. Jonny D

    The Last Riders MC

    We out here boys!