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  1. Jonny D

    L'ultima Famiglia

    Please archive post @Dqniel. You've been incredibly helpful and professional through the entire faction process. Thanks for being the best faction handler on! the server (sorry others) L'ultima Famiglia its been real!
  2. Jonny D

    Goodbye ECRP!

    Thanks for the goodbyes everybody! Will miss yall.❤️
  3. Jonny D

    Goodbye ECRP!

    Bye guys! I've decided to move on from ECRP. Thinking about maybe making a thread under server suggestions discussing why. Cheers to everybody, its been a pleasure meeting each and every one of you!
  4. Jonny D

    The Clowns

    Good, fun RP from the clowns. Good stuff guys!
  5. Jonny D

    L'ultima Famiglia

    Gahahaha I wish I remembered. I know you on other alts. Hopefully we will meet IC on Jonny so I can change that to a proper name 👍
  6. Jonny D

    L'ultima Famiglia

    Lol what timestamp? I think it's a very old alias as I have no memory of it xD
  7. Jonny D

    L'ultima Famiglia

    Assassination attempt after the event:
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