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  1. I like the idea, would be interesting to see how it would be implemented.
  2. +1, seat belts would be an amazing addition to the server
  3. -1 This is more of an issue of do not get your car impounded and you won't be annoyed. Parking somewhere without a valid parking ticket or getting your car impounded by PD for illegal actions has consequences. Trust me you will be waiting a heck of a lot longer than 30 minutes if you had your car impounded IRL. The system works, shouldn't be made easier for people who don't like it because of inconvenience.
  4. I am a -1 on this one. I feel like the loan companies fulfill this already and that if this were to be implemented there would be major abuse and people would never actually pay there stuff off they would be in so much debt.
  5. I love the idea and honestly ended up building myself a garage outside of my house for the reason that i want to see my garage.
  6. HUGE +1. There has been a huge issue with people doing this straight after being injured and some even while under gun point. @Jasmine The radios that i have seen that effectively erase data in seconds are stupendously expensive. The one our special forces use are $1k+ IRL and i personally don't think those erase that quickly.
  7. I like the basis of this idea, but it could be very hard to implicate into the city.
  8. This is super exciting RP! Glad to see the quality of RP leaping in these forum threads!
  9. jeremyy

    The Misfits

    Looks promising! Goodlcuk!
  10. Happy New Year people! Hope you have a fantastic new year ahead filled with stupendous success! 

  11. Huge +1. Stealing a car should not be as easy as bobby pinning a door. Crims are always complaining that they want new things, more challenging things. Here is something that they can actually start to challenge their roleplay with.
  12. Its a great idea that could add to the RP in the prison. I have personally TP'd people back into prison to carry on rp in situations. its a great idea.
  13. I like the idea of each faction having their own "supplier" to buy weapons from. I feel like this could add light to a problem that has clearly risen in the community.
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