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  1. Zemaitc

    ID 82-41-32-24 -Non RP

    Hello there, ID 69 who is injured near fish drop off point. I just want add my point of view in this also. We were 3 people who were injured on the scene. Eventually I was the only one who survived, was provided /cpr 2 times by ID 41 and eventually a medic came. The whole time, none of the officers asked us, the injured guys of what happened. Other two injured guys kept asking for help, but officers kept on talking with a girl on the street, who had nothing to do with the scene, she wasnt involved there at all. Even the cadet (streamer) is admitting that the job on the scene done by officers is "quality" (in a bad way). Seemed like they were more interested to talk with a female instead of gathering evidence or saving lives of the civilians on the ground. IC'ly they received SD card of what happened but it did not show the whole scene, only bodies on the ground. Main point - no interest in doing their jobs in gathering evidence, testimonies from injured people or from me later as a survivor and no interest in keeping people alive rather talk to random people on the street about nothing. I also had some issues with the stuff (fingerprints on bike, that was stolen, I thought he tampered it) that happened there with one of the officers but eventually sorted it out in the PD since I survived (but the thief didn't so I couldnt press any charges anymore. I could have if people were would roleplay on the scene with the actual witnesses, not randoms, who should have been cleared off the scene in the first place). Have saved some clips of my own perspective also, but as I am too far from main road, I did not see the whole situation that happened there, only what happened near me.
  2. Zemaitc

    ID 45 (7.2 DM)

    Hello to everyone involved into this, since I am the guy who was involved in this (passenger in Dardan car, my video is used also to see that roof guy shot first), I will share my point to this situation. As you can see, we come in to the lab, since I see we are outnumbered I dont even try to stay for the conversation and even try to tell Dardan to back off. Since I was not near the roof, I dont know what was the conversation between you guys, but mostly OOC from what I see. I see Dardan jump to his car, he sits in and he gets shot at, his car gets stalled. Dardan is not the one who started shooting, he was shot at first and Bart Daniels jumps off the roof with a gun in his hand which seemed as a pursuit of Dardan and I understand why you seem like a threat towards him. The longer clip you have provided Bart, has no sound which proves nothing of what has been said between you guys and the shorter clip has the sound, so I dont know why the longer one has sound hidden? ID 35 shot first without any reason (unless he can provide a valid reason why?) and dragged all of you into this.
  3. Zemaitc

    Change back to stranger ID

    -1 from me, I like the new system, no more recognition by stranger/mask ID which were unique and in time you could really remember some of the players by it. As for the quality that is brought into the report videos, for those who has low fps, take a screenshot, will help a lot.
  4. Zemaitc

    Chopshop does real damage to the vehicles

    @ViktorR no need of visual thing, engine stalled and smoke would be more than enough after 5th minute mark 😉 same as when car explodes or is destroyed to the point it requires a mechanics help
  5. This idea comes from a warning I have received. It stated that I moved my vehicle while chopping. Since when you are chopping a vehicle you cannot determine is the vehicle still able to move or not in the current chop time I would suggest some time frames that would be like this. 1. 1-5 minutes your vehicles simple parts, visual part are being taken out, which still lets your vehicle to move because none of the essential parts have been taken out (engine, transmission, wheels, etc) and can move at any point. 2. 5-8 minute the engine gets stalled to a point that the vehicle is not usable anymore or if chop gets canceled during the 5-8 minute mark, It would require a mechanic to make the vehicle usable again. Because as it was stated, the car is being chopped so it cant be moved, although many do that, even run from there if danger comes by, PD shows up or real owner comes. If rply the car is being chopped then the owner if he successfully retrieves the car from chop, shouldnt be able to drive from there like nothing happened because his car is missing parts in it also.
  6. Zemaitc

    Zemaitc - Vito_Magelanni (Warning Appeal)

    Well, yeah, technically, but also, as I stated, there is no way to determine in which condition the car is at the moment while chopping. I was not doing the donuts in the area (which also happens), I reacted to the shots that happened and moved a bit back and forth. Simple example of common people movement in the chop is when someone new comes in the chop, he sees the wheels spinning on the cars which is annoying and asks for others to move a bit to cancel the visual glitch, so people move a bit. Also taking parts rply could be the black market workers of the chopshop and I am just sitting there waiting for my money cuz I might not even be the specialist to tear apart a vehicle in parts. I see this can be further discussed in the server suggestions and will probably try to make one to prevent people getting warnings/punishments for acts like this.
  7. Account name: Zemaitc Character name(s): Vito Magelanni Admin who issued punishment: Hazel(on the forum) MarcoD (on the admin logs) Date of punishment: 11/01/2019 Punishment received: Warning for Non-Rp driving Reason given for punishment: driving his vehicle while he had already started chopping it Your explanation of what happened: I was chopping a car in the chopshop and I moved it while /chopshop command was active and I moved it too far from the /chopshop area Why should your appeal be accepted?: After I saw the decision I was quite surprised, asked couple of more experienced players than me and they also admitted that they have never seen a warning like this before. Firstly, in my entire 120k experience of gameplay, streams that I have watched and forum reports that I have read through the 6-7 months I have never ever seen a single person to be warned/punished for this or anyone to complain about this. I have been chopping vehicles for a long time, have seen admins on /aduty in the area, have seen PD officers which some of them are staff members and they have never ever warned a single person for moving a vehicle that is being chopped. Secondly, lets say PD has shown up in the chopshop, what do the crimanals do? They run away with the vehicles they are in chopping, never seen a complaint about it from PD side. Thirdly, lets say a real owner of the car comes and successfully retrieves it back, what does he do, he just sits in it and drives away like with a brand new car from a dealership which would be unrealistic by this definition of the warning, he should call mechanics then?? Furthermore, when the /chopshop command gets activated, it states to not leave the AREA for approx 8 mins for the chop to be successful, doesnt say anything about not moving. And finally, how does one even determine at what state the current chopping is, because lets say my car has been started chopping and parts like windows, doors, hood, exaust pipe , etc. firstly gets removed - parts that are not essential for a car to be moving. Until essential parts like engine, transmission, wheels gets removed then yeah car is not able to move anymore but the current chopshop do not provide such information.Chopshop itself doesnt freeze the car or stall the engine after like 5mins of chopping. I could even ask why farmers or weed plant growers were not warned for non rp while doing this work during winter season in the Los Santos if to be really picky :). my admin log record is clean and I would like to stay it that way because I play by the rules, I try to teach others in my faction how to handle situations better and play by the rules that exist. I understand it is just a warning, but I find this warning really unjustified to me or Maruse Priviet who received the same warning. Anyone who has ever visited chop, probably moved their vehicle in it so thats like ~ 80 percent of player base or even more has done the same and never had any issues with this. Really hope you undertand my point of view, have a good day 🙂 Post any evidence or further details: Original report: If this is coming as a new punishable act in the upcoming rulebook, then it should be only given after the players gets to read the new rulebook not beforehand.
  8. Zemaitc

    ID 18, ID 62, ID 45 DM

    Well, your answer just proved why you got banned Lucass and no, you can't shot at people because they are chopping your car, it is not a valid reason to shoot someone and it is clearly stated in the KOS rule where stolen vehicles are excluded from KOS rights.
  9. Zemaitc

    First person

    -1 from me, in first person you can be shot from a lot of angles and you wont be able to catch the ID of the player in case its a rulebreak and in other cases too. Its just not meant to be for this type of rp server.
  10. Zemaitc

    ID 18, ID 62, ID 45 DM

    Player(s) being reported: ID 18, ID 62, ID 45 Date of rule breach: 05/01/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 16:10 Lithuania time Your characters name: Vito Magelanni Other players involved: ID 74, ID 99 Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. How did the player break the rule?: Video 1: two guys comes into the chopshop and ID 18 shoots a few times at my friend sitting in the yellow trophy truck - no demands, no questions. Video 2: Then they run away and come back few moments later and start shooting again ID 18 and ID 62 and ID 45 from the back who lands first bullet into my back at 2:18 time frame in the video. This whole time they never gave any demands towards us, just purely started shooting. I for myself never aimed or threatened them in this scenario before i got shot at, just sat in the car which I wanted to chop and got out when my car windows started to pop off. Evidence: 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn4wqb5vQFA 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMP3YkNd5Mo
  11. Zemaitc

    Player 83 DM and NonRP

    Player(s) being reported: Player 83 Date of rule breach: 05/01/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 02:53 Lithuania time Your characters name: Vito Magelanni Other players involved: None worth mentioning Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: We passed each other near the "ocean" lab and I decided to wait what will be their next move: are they gonna stay or move. When I saw they decided to move I also started driving away without any intentions to interact with them at that place 1 v 2. They decided to put in /shout command to stop me while we are moving on bikes and we have helmets on which is quite unrealistic to hear such thing and of course I got shot at quite fast after the text has appeared. Evidence:
  12. Zemaitc

    Mask 8582_8481 powergaming

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 8582_8481 Date of rule breach: 26/12/2018 Time of rule breach: 02:05 Lithuania time Your characters name: Vito Magelanni Other players involved: People around Specific rule broken: 6.4 Powergaming 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: We were going towards drug lab and saw one of our allies near injured bodies and we decided to check on what is happening. He told he had a fight with those who are injured. Eventually we decided to get to know who are those people by taking their masks off and looking for their ID's. It took very, very long to even take the mask off because people did not want to rp and kept spamming in OOC chat. The guy finally took his mask off but when I tried to find his ID, he told he forgot it at home, but could not provide any proof of that kind of rp. His friend even asked me to provide proof that he didnt leave the ID at home... Also would add that he rped having bullet wounds in the face although he managed to speak quite normally and call Dimon "retarded". His friend was also doing the same but I was not near him so my video proof might not be efficient to see him failing too. Whole situation was a bit of mess, because they kept spamming in the OOC chat about the situation how they got injured which we were not a part of and I stated that and ask them to rp with us. They both stalled the time until they bled out and we could not rp normally with them. Evidence: 1. https://streamable.com/boku8 2. https://streamable.com/zs17q
  13. Zemaitc

    Toggle command for on-screen radio frequency

    @MusketDeezNuts im hands down for it to be toggled!
  14. Zemaitc

    Toggle command for on-screen radio frequency

    Yes, if we had a choice, to show or not to show, that would be awesome
  15. Zemaitc

    Toggle command for on-screen radio frequency

    we had experience in the past with my faction, radio freq was shown in the report, 1-2 hours passes and it was infiltrated. That is my concern, as I said, if its possible to make it only for PD, that would be great