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  1. Zemaitc

    Change the 6.2.1/6.2.2 Metagaming Rule

    @Kaizure I would say it is very dependant on everyone individually with many factors in it (maturity, rp experience, individual character etc.). I truly can agree that there are people who understand the difference between ooc and ic and I give them huge plus 1. On the other hand, there are people who use info gained by ooc means to their advantage in ic and its almost impossible to stop it and to prove it cuz they can just claim "its a pure coincidence". Well as I said, it is a very useful topic, we see how many people are concerned about it and how slippy this rule is. There probably aint no answer or conclusion to this which would make everyone happy, but I really hope staff will find the best way to explain the rule and how players should follow it.
  2. Zemaitc

    Change the 6.2.1/6.2.2 Metagaming Rule

    I agree that the rule is quite hard to follow in many occasions. The main point of it is to not follow information that you gained through ooc into ic. This discussion was caused cuz you got punished for it @Denise C right? Well in the first place the teamspeak should be used for IC ONLY. I dont really understand when people in teamspeak share an IC or OOC info when I watch PD stream. If people wanna talk about something they should do it when they are out of the game. Criminals cant use any 3rd party software, even if its not used for in game things, it instantly drops a shadow over the player. As @Roberto_Sanchez mentioned, streamers would have millions of metagame offenses because of the info gained through twitch chat, even viewers who play in the same server. As long as there is discussion among the staff about this there will be an outcome. Looking forward to it. Anything gained by ooc means stays in your mind when you are in the game and "you dont know it icly", actually you do, but act like you dont which is pretty dumb sometimes...
  3. Zemaitc

    My concerns about this PD RP situation

    I had/kinda have a report on PD in report section, but I feel it has been dealt wrong, I'm actively trying to re-open the report because it has not been dealt properly, gave extra evidence and even asked players who play as PD to help to identify the right person, but I stumble into a wall because I feel everyone is trying to cover up for each other because "Oh shit my friend is in trouble, lets find ways to cover his mistake" (thats an assumption, but thats how it feels when someone makes a report against PD). I have seen plenty of times that officers even drag the suspect together in an active shootout because of the /drag command which is unrealistic too ( dragging a cuffed person and shooting holding the gun with two hands). People have the idea that to win vs police is practically impossible in IC and OOC level. there are people who try to start the discussion about the PD roleplay, hope we get the feedback someday about how did it go. @ImSuspensee i can hit you up with the video also and lets see if you might have means for help or no too. P.S. don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone is "bad roleplayer" as PD officer, I know you have to deal with a lot of new people in the server who keep breaking rules, does not react to required /me's and /do's and it frustrates you too and I am aware of that. Most of people looks into you as an example of how to roleplay, but sometimes their hopes do not get fulfilled.
  4. Zemaitc

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Well then provide examples of such rp, why hide it in OOC level? Would make your thread a lot better and people think that you are active in IC level and not just a forum post with a few photos that provides no actual rp whatsoever guys. @nateX questions remains, by what rp means did you obtain those animals? 🙂 I also wish to have one. From my perspective, compared to other faction threads you kept the effort to minimum to obtain the official status. I hope your group can raise it by few steps. Looking forward to it
  5. Zemaitc

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Then why a hidden faction who hides from rp with other gangs need a warehouse? Stay hidden guys and enjoy car meets with your fancy cars. Your group of people should make contacts, make a name in the server before getting handed a warehouse. Photos with animals that are not even in the server also doesnt make sense, explain please how you obtained those?
  6. Zemaitc

    Rule concerning PD and Drug Labs

    There was even a suggestion that you could rebuild the lab as criminal, with some store materials or people standing there like in turf times, but it was drowned and not touched at all. +1 for the effort to raise the question but will it ever be considered ..... ?
  7. Zemaitc

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    As one of the newest gangs in the city you guys are pretty dope. Act cool, dont rush into things, helpful and the most important thing for me that I like, you communicate and dont go into rambo mode shooting and asking questions later. Keep up the good work! P.S. Cheers to Shawn Garcia from Vito
  8. Zemaitc

    Stranger 6535_3382 DM

    As I turn into street there are no gunshots anymore, also I said I went to look are there any of my friends in trouble, I never stopped and walked into gunshots. Shootout situation was over there already. Not gonna reply more unless asked by staff.
  9. Zemaitc

    Stranger 6535_3382 DM

    Well I will leave this in @ItzKnight hands to decide who is worth the punishment and who is not, but reply like yours shows that there were more people shooting at me than you two
  10. Zemaitc

    Stranger 6535_3382 DM

    So you are saying that everyone seen on my POV has shot at me? Then I would like press charges of DM against all of them in that case
  11. Zemaitc

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    Prison time now is total nonsense. You get in prison, you browse internet for 2 hours in alt tab, having no attention what goes in prison. +1 from me, prison has to be changed. Lets make prison great again! well at least lets try to make it great ... 🙂 ideas are great
  12. Zemaitc

    Mask 8616_1681 ; Mask 3557_4145 (7.2 Deathmatch)

    can add the same 🙂
  13. Zemaitc

    Unknown (yet) DM

    Player(s) being reported: PD employee ( can be found through kill logs) Date of rule breach: 22/11/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 19:49 Lithuania time Your characters name: Vito Magelanni Other players involved: PD employees on the scene Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. How did the player break the rule?: I was driving towards Osvalds farm/lab, went past general store and the gas station, there was a shootout and I saw an injured body, looked around for police to be around the body, there were none, so I decided to look for items. When I did that, I was instantly shot without any warnings to leave, to not do that etc. The question is who did this ( kill log can show, asked support for help which is an evidence in screenshot added below). As far as I know players are not allowed to shoot other players for looting. P.S. after like few mins another guy does the same, loots me, when cops were near me, they didn't shoot him nor stopped him from looting and let him go 🙂 so are there double standards? Sadly was too frustrated and didn't save that episode. Evidence: Talk with a support: https://gyazo.com/4ef92ec04c746dbcc485a52f9c01970f
  14. Zemaitc

    Mask 1380_9630 DM, VDM

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 1380_9630 Date of rule breach: 21/11/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 17:20 Lithuania time Your characters name: Vito Magelanni Other players involved: None worth mentioning Specific rule broken: 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. How did the player break the rule?: I have spotted a few guys at the general store, informed my friends to come there. Then we followed them into the "Oswalds drug lab". Eventually some beef happened between the strangers and my friends while inside there and the chase began. I was just sitting on top of the railroad, watching over, never spoke or interacted with the Mask 1380_9630 before. He follows my friends, has a clear path to drive by me, but he choose to ram me without any valid reason and injured me. Evidence: