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  1. Well, i guess there was a reason to shoot, they knew you had drugs on you and you was going to sell them. They also gave you the warnings to stop or you will be shot, provide a video with the start of the accident, because on the video its visible that you were already running instead of selling your drugs.
  2. best response after breaking the rules ''yikes''.
  3. @Airidas_Belekas i fully agree with your response
  4. JayGamble, why do you even try making excuses? Bro you really broke the rule, admit it and you call us delusional, funny.
  5. Lets just wait for admins response, arguing doesnt make it any better
  6. 7.3.4 If there are multiple players on a scene, the driver can hit each one of them only once, however, the driver is given only one attempt to do it.  how many attempts did you take? Like 10? More? While you can have only one attempt for each player. (Talking about the last situation). And please dont make excuses, you really wanted to hit us, we tried dodging your vehicle.
  7. Yep, keeps happening for the whole day, no idea what they are thinking.
  8. well sandy shores drug lab isnt considered a ncz 😄
  9. Happened twice for me, i havent tried more, but i'm pretty sure it would happen again, you only need to ''catch'' the exact moment when you need to open up the inventory.
  10. Date and time (provide timezone): Happened twice, last time 2 weeks ago. Character name: Tautvydas Hiddey Issue/bug you are reporting: Basically, the bug is that you can keep your inventory (not sure about pocket money) after your death. Happened to me twice, first time was an accidental discovery, then i tried to repeat to make sure its a bug or not some kind of desync. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Dont have the video evidence, but you could try it yourself by doing that. So yeah, what you need to do: While you're injured and you have like 1 pixel hp left, open up your inventory at the same second (maybe 0.5sec) you die. As i said, once it happened to me accidently, then i tried it one more time to make sure it was a bug and it worked again. The bug is kinda gamebreaking. Guys, dont abuse that 😄
  11. Any update on this? Its been a week since pending response
  12. The victim still havent responded with his evidence, something's not right here. I'm not choosing sides or anything, but it doesnt look fair for the banned guy.
  13. hiddey_

    Delayed things

    @Serthon thanks. looking forward to the update.
  14. hiddey_

    Delayed things

    Hi, so there's a huge problem which occurs only in this server. Basically when i play, for the most time i get delayed server response. For example: i try to talk in the voice chat, i get no response from the server, no text in the bottom saying TALKING, the chat doesnt update and stuff. It's like the server crashes for a moment (other players move normally), but i hear the voice chat and the radio, except that i cant even talk or type in chat or do stuff, for example, i try to park my car in the parking lot, i type /park, if the delay thing is present, i have to wait for 15 seconds till my car parks and then i get the message, but for other server players it parks instantly, in the meantime while the bug is present i cant do anything, just like i mentioned before, except moving. This occurs randomly. My internet connection is pretty good and stable. PC i got runs GTA perfectly, maxing 110 fps on high settings. This could be my GTA's issue, i'm not sure, maybe some of you have the problem, or atleast had it, please share your fixes if you fixed it. So yeah, this is frustrating and it makes my gameplay experience really poor. Because i get this ALL the time. On the other RAGEMP servers the problem doesnt occur, only on eclipserp.
  15. I agree with Airidas. The victim must upload his evidence of the incident.
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