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  1. @Brant it seems like there's some conflicting information with what's being said regarding the rule, could you ask an even higher up (Maybe a Senior Admin+) what type of prison breaks are considered rule breaks without permission to clear everything up? Because it wouldn't make sense for it to be a rulebreak if not scriptly /prisoned.
  2. Hey I need confirmation from a staff member regarding the specifics of the prison break rule. As it currently stands the rule simply states that you need Senior Moderator+ permission to break out of prison but it doesn't really specify what counts as a prison break. Is it only a prison break that needs staff permission once you've been /prisoned because you need staff to scriptly unprison you or is running out of intake when initially brought in also considered a prison break that needs staff permission even though no staff intervention is needed for that situation?
  3. Player(s) being reported: Gerald Garvey Date of interaction reported: 2/11/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1613018991 Your characters name: Albert Taylor Specific rule(s) broken: Not sure which rule it breaches I just know it's against the rules (Maybe It's Non RP?) How did the player break the rule(s)? They flooded the chat. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/a/OqN70uV
  4. @Bala A few notes (If you like these notes please feel free to add them to the initial post): 1. I don't think we should limit leveling at all to people in certain factions, everybody roleplays differently, if you don't want to join an official faction for a max level in something like drug making or hotwiring then you shouldn't have to. That's not even realistic anyways, you can be a skilled loner. Maybe making Veteran require more XP to level up to if you're not in a criminal faction would make more sense but straight up forcing it with a limitation seems unfair. 2. For the zones for rob
  5. We need skills we can level up overtime so we can get a sense of progression in the game. These are some ideas I have: 1. Strength Level range: 1 to 10. How to level up: By hunting animals, fighting people, etc. Buffs: You can hold more things in your inventory and you do more melee damage. 2. Stamina Level range: 1 to 10. How to level up: By doing things like running around and riding bikes. Buffs: You can run for longer. 3. Fishing Level range: 1 to 10. How to level up: By fishing. Buffs: You get fish faster (If the fishing system w
  6. Issue Being Reported: I parked my car at the bank and admins sent it to Mors for some reason. Now I have to pay 8.75k to get my car out of Mors even though this should've been handled IC and should've been impounded instead. Date and Time of Issue (provide time zone) Not sure exactly when the cars were removed but I think it was midnightish 2 days ago Pacific Standard Time. Your character's name: John Ali Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: https://imgur.com/a/95IRgC9 I was told by this staff member that there's no OOC rule to support these wipes so I think it would be fair
  7. 1. Anybody working for a government faction or anybody with VIP should get 24/7 bank support. 2. We should be able to do all banking related things on our phones, if we can wire transfer on the phone why can't we claim our salary and pay off debt on our phone too? In real life we can so why not implement this into Eclipse?
  8. 1. We should be able to refill Jerry Cans. 2. We should have an upgrade for bigger gas tanks. 3. We should have an upgrade to have your vehicle use gas more efficiently.
  9. I got an idea to enhance crime rp on Eclipse, what if there was a /takehostage (ID) command? This is how it would work: 1. You need to have some sort of handgun equipped 2. You have to be near the person you want to take hostage 3. Once you send the hostage request they do /takehostageapprove (Hostage Holder ID) and then once the request is approved they're held by the character (Sort of like how you hold somebody with /carry) with the handgun to their head. /releasehostage would let the hostage go meaning you're no longer holding him and /killhostage would trigger the handgun to
  10. Anybody can remove anyone's battery when hands are up so if you want to remove somebody's battery and they're literally crippled why do their hands have to be up? That makes no sense because they're crippled and it's bad roleplay to have to ask a cripple to put their hands up to do something you should be able to do to them regardless...
  11. It doesn't make sense for an injured player to have to have their hands up to steal their phone battery because nothing is required to steal what's in their inventory if they're injured so why is the battery any different? It's also not good roleplay to tell them to put their hands up when they're literally injured so the hands up requirement for stealing phone batteries shouldn't be a requirement if the player is injured.
  12. AFKMath would be just as easy to bypass as AFKWord they're just as effective. For AFKMath: You just need to grab the AFKMath prompt string and convert it into a string array with each space as a divider. Then you have to use something like regex to get rid of the [ and ] that would be saved with the indexes the numbers are in. After that you just convert the indexes that are numbers into integers and add them together and boom you automated AFKMath. For AFKWord: You just need to grab the AFKWord prompt string and convert it into a string array with each space
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