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  1. Anybody can remove anyone's battery when hands are up so if you want to remove somebody's battery and they're literally crippled why do their hands have to be up? That makes no sense because they're crippled and it's bad roleplay to have to ask a cripple to put their hands up to do something you should be able to do to them regardless...
  2. It doesn't make sense for an injured player to have to have their hands up to steal their phone battery because nothing is required to steal what's in their inventory if they're injured so why is the battery any different? It's also not good roleplay to tell them to put their hands up when they're literally injured so the hands up requirement for stealing phone batteries shouldn't be a requirement if the player is injured.
  3. AFKMath would be just as easy to bypass as AFKWord they're just as effective. For AFKMath: You just need to grab the AFKMath prompt string and convert it into a string array with each space as a divider. Then you have to use something like regex to get rid of the [ and ] that would be saved with the indexes the numbers are in. After that you just convert the indexes that are numbers into integers and add them together and boom you automated AFKMath. For AFKWord: You just need to grab the AFKWord prompt string and convert it into a string array with each space
  4. First of all who thought AFK math was a good idea? Sure the math is easy but who wants to do math at all while playing a game? If the AFK detection system thinks your AFK it should ask you to copy a word so instead of doing "/AFKMath 123" we should be doing "/AFKWord Potato" (It'd be case insensitive of course for minimal annoyances). Ontop of that the AFK detection system is terrible. If I'm fishing it can't even detect that I'm active and I think that's due to poor code quality and an overly complex AFK detection implimentation. The way it should be done is: Make a class with
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