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  1. Fluficial - You also have to realize, that in the beginning of this situation, you're chasing a motorcycle in a vehicle on the railroad tracks... how is this realistic roleplay? BIFTA is an OFFROAD BUGGY which can go anywhere without any trouble. YET - sports bike driving on railroad is questionable we can clearly see your judgment when OFFROAD BUGGY cant drive railroads yet SPORTS BIKE can HOW IS THIS A FAIR JUDGEMENT?
  2. First of all, im playing this server daily, and the amount of time im being reported is LOW. in over 7month of playing in the server i have 6 rulebreaks which 3 of them are questionable. I found myself under your radar, since you always try to claim my reports, and always accept them without getting deeper into it, i feel grudge from you towards my side, second, my friend rides a bike IRL, and i often ride it too. even at 60km/h you can clearly hear everything especially shouting, in this game motorcyclers helmets are Motocross helmets,which doesnt have the plasting thing from preventing trash or wind flowing inside helmet, and it doesnt isolate sound, as you said what is stated in the rules . Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. He was constantly reporting in radio which is ( calling other players for a help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules.) he sees us chasing him, knows exactly whats goin on, and he dont even try to run away ( what normal citizen without knowing whats goin on would do) he purposely is trying to lure us in a setup. Yet hes talking on radio driving high speed with a helmet, ( if you say me driving near him shouting for him to stop, in a BIFTA which has no doors. is not hearable, then his RADIO sounds wouldnt be hearable also, since you are acusing high speed and loud sound of motorcycle. once again this is not a HEAVY RP server, and this scenario happend more than 100 times to everyone, and everyone was ok with it. now one buthurt guy who didnt even suffered from this accident is trying to ban me, and you probably being his friend + having some kind of hate towards me are happily accepting and punishing me, I know a lot about how you handle these situation towards LOS ZETAS the "official gang" who are rulebreaking every single day, and cuz of you admin friends they have imunity. i had similar report where a guy just open fired me and my bike, and he just got warning, i shouldnt even get a PERMA ban here since all my previous records are more than 6month old, in that time i never break any DM rules again, and this one i cant accept that i break anything since everyone is doing the same thing every day and nobody gets this kind of punishment, I dont really know from where you get that hate towards me FLUFICIAL but I dont want you to handle any of my cases now and ever again, i feel hopeless when I'm against you, you never take a deep look into reports that I'm being reported this is not the first time, theres plenty other ADMINS who can handle my cases, and be fair, i dont trust you and i never will. Im sorry im not being toxic or anything, i just feel constant hate from you towards me since long time ago.
  3. I'm asking for higher admin to investigate this,
  4. Ynli

    ID 220 - VDM

    Player(s) being reported: id 220 Date of interaction reported: 21/03/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: https://gyazo.com/a40a096a0ae602d1a3de1f0496e839f1 Your characters name: Jemal_brown Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: vehicle Deathmatch How did the player break the rule(s)? A blue contender just smashed into me,my car, and a wall at like 130km/h Evidence of rule breach:
  5. Account name: Ynli Character name(s):Jemal_brown Admin who issued punishment: Fluficial Date of punishment:28/03/2019 Punishment received: Reason given for punishment: Your explanation what happend : a guy on blue bike was driving around us ignoring fear factior, got warned 4 times to stop, then was giving or asking help on the radio, it was a guy from our rival gang which we are in war at them moment, so i shoot his both bike tires, he then kept driving since hes pretending to heavily RP ( not hearing my shout when i was driving close, with a Bifta, which has no doors and he could clearly hear me ) this guy is known as a common guy who likes to bait people into a forum reports and try to ban them, you can see it by searching how many similar forum reports has he made, he clearly has problems with me ooc and thats why hes baiting me into a ban. i did shoot him 4 times but since he was dsynced i stopped and left him alone, i play this server long long time, and i dont DM people i know dm rule, Why the appeal should be accepted? : becouse i dont break rules, im streaming server every time i play, from monday to friday 6hours a day, and i only get report like this where a guy just clearly tries to bait me into a ban. why this is a 3rd offense? becouse 1st one that i got it was mercy kill, when i was fresh player and got tricked by my gang leader to finish him off in a heat moment i paniced and did stupid mistake, the report is very very old This is the Date of Mercy kill DM offense 1 : https://gyazo.com/a06f8acd52f5086d46d44577dc70f227 The second one i got it was complete missunderstanding, i got kos on one guy, which we followed to LSC , and at the same time his friend came looking exactly the same with the same color car and a mask. so i thought its him so shoot him down, then later apologised the guy who i mistook. there was a big report thread about this. since it was a heavy RP situation where was involved like 30 guys. also very old which was concluded by same admin fluficial. report here is the date : https://gyazo.com/1b5ee3827ad5bb6a59885ab8511fefb6 and this report is just clearly insane, i dont even know what to say, Post any evidence for further details - heres my perspective of what happend and another one that i got killed by them just for callin cops. so hes callin help on radio i think thats the same thing right? heres the evidence of me getting shot by them just by calling cops and saying that 20 blue cars are around me. I am streaming daily this server, and today 18:00 i hope i will be able to keep my schedule, since this report is just pure nonsense baiting me into a ban. BTW i just realised, if he cant hear me shouting close to him, how can he talk on radio while being with helmet and a mask if he cant hear surroundings, did he rped putting radio wires inside the helmet? headphone jack or anything who will help him communicate trough radio while wearing helmet and driving fast speed? if he cant hear me trough his helmet and speed, he cant speak on radio also. thats just common sense
  6. if you RP that realisticly, you wont be able to even drive with your back tire shoot., not to mention both tires, you didnt even got killed since u abuse desync alltabing a lot most likely. you just try to find a way to ban me,
  7. Ynli

    ID 82 (DM)

    im sorry i wont be commenting anymore, i really dont understand how can you be staff, sorry this is insane
  8. Hello and thanks for trying to ban me, rewatch 0:31 you are driving 69km/h and you could clearly hear shouting at that low speed, i warned was shouting 4 times, yet you pretend not to hear, and bait us, and use this video to ban me, thats just low... 1st i warned you 4 times. 2nd i shoot your tires but you kept driving like they brand new ( i consider this as NON RP) please dont waste staff time for something like this. now you gonna try to ban me for anything i do.
  9. Ynli

    ID 6 NON RP

    it was not me who ziptied you so thats another issue, and tell me how you can take shotgun and other stuff when your hands are behind your back ziptied? i mean really?
  10. I feel so sad seing staff writing like this, you really have no understanding about this server, its based on criminal RP. we have more criminal activities who leads to shootouts than anything else in this server, money making is based on Drug making / car stealling and getting goverment benefits. after recent updates you cant work neither money transporter or bus driver or postal driver, getting way lower ammount of money than we used to. so its obviously in chopshops/drug making labs always will lead to a shootout, unless you expect to go make drugs and nobody will interupt you. if you expect family friendly rp go play no pixel or some other 32fivem server where theres little chance to meet actuall guy for a friendly rp against npcs. this server always was based on criminal rp since early times when we had turfs, main thing in server was rival gang fights over turfs. so please with that attituted with 0 understanding dont write negative comments, if you dont like the idea just comment why with reasonable explanation. im not suggesting making KOS rule dissapear in a shootout. im asking you to help us adjust the rule the way everyone would be happy. maybe only for the gangs who is fighting another gang only those guys would be able to defend themselfs with no giving commands. we need to think about this clearly, and get the solution for everyone to be happy
  11. this is one example of many, tell me how i could act diferently. im being shot in the back by the guy who dont have kos on me neither has any rights to shoot me, also i gave demands to a guy who was in the car, he ran and came back in same minute, yet i had to shout to him "stop,hands up"? he was running to kill my guys on the roof yet he ran away when i was trying to get him out of car, if i would ask him to put his hands up while he was running there, i would be dead from the guy who was shooting me from gas station + he would instantly started to shoot with that ak, this is very good example of what im talking, its not battle royale its not gta online, its RP, criminal, but still RP, support staff should take a deep look at this from our perspective, now they just beeing negavite, with those kind of comments it feels like you dont even want to take a look into the whole situation. since you are not affected by it, it doesnt bother you. but it bothers for US since we are in the same scenario day by day and we need to do something about it. everyone wants to play, we dont want to get banned for some stupid things like this.
  12. Ynli

    Jemal_brown Appeal

    i see, anyway thanks for your time flu and for answers now i understand,
  13. Ynli

    ID 6 NON RP

    Player(s) being reported: ID ID 6 Date of interaction reported: 28/03/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1553726991 Your characters name: Jemal_brown Other player(s) involved: Jay Gamble and his crew Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) ● Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? We ziptied one guy from zetas, couple mins later he came and looted jay gamble still being ziptied. Evidence of rule breach: Video evidence :
  14. Hello everyone, I was thinking we have too many issues regarding gang shootouts, Lets say, one gang is surrounded by other gang and there's a massive shootout going on, but lets just say its a building and theres fightings in 2 different sides of that building of the same gangs, so people cannot see who was shooting on both sides, so if they run and contact the guys, in our main rules they cant shoot them, they can only ask for demands, but lets just say if they run 1 guy into 2 guys, he cant simply ask them to put hands up and get their attention and lose the advantage of not being spoted, so in my oppinion we should adjust the rule so in THAT SHOOTOUT AREA, While the shootout is active, both fighting gangs should be able to defend themselfs without giving commands, im not saying to do that when there's only like 5 or 6 guys fighting, im saying that when theres more than 10-20 people fighting, theres no chance you can remember who shot at you, and there's always massive amount of forum reports comming in after shootouts, even tho IRL in a gang fights there's no such thing as defending guys asking for a demands especially when they are outnumbered. if 1 guy must ask 2 guys to comply, ( obviously they wont ) he instantly loses his position, advantage and just dies. in my eyes that's just NON RP . ik you guys don't like shooting in RP most of you. but in our server we need to realise that its just basically Cops & Robbers. we have multiple gangs fighting on daily basis, so we need to do something for those guys who loses and gets hurt and starts reporting people just becouse he was shoot in a shootout lets just say when he never had chance to shoot , but he was running to shoot someone in his gang fight, I know its hard to understand what i'm saying here, but about this specific rule we need to make adjustments since THERES ALWAYS GONNA BE SHOOTOUTS in this server, and innocent guys gonna get bans, and maybe leaders can get bans and ruin the whole gang expierence for every man of his gang and his own just by fighting another gang in a shootout. let me know what you think guys this is really important for all of us
  15. Ynli

    Jemal_brown Appeal

    im not talking about myself being perma banned, im thinking about guys who are perma banned , they appeal and get unbanned so those bans get voided right? or im being wrong here,
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