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    _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Amigos was founded in the Los Santos streets by Fabrizio Barboza and Osva Baltas. These guys have been deported from Italy and Spain, so they decided to get some money and buy tickets to go to America, Los Santos. The life was perfect and everything looked good, but time by time there was some difficulties that both Fabrizio and Osva collided with. After living there for some time, Fabrizio got robbed by other gang members multiple times and he wanted to revenge them for that. So he discussed with Osva about the situation that is going on in the city and decided to create a gang that would be capable of defending themselves and showing what they really are. The first days was really hard for the crew. Amigos managed to get some members into the gang but that wasn't enough for them. The gang started doing moves around drug labs by making some drugs, robbing other gang members and selling their stuff in the streets of Los Santos. No one actually knew who was the guys called Amigos, because they moved in to the city like a shadow and started to do the work that other gangs didn't liked. They wanted to show their power and get some respect from all the gangs in the city. It seemed like life in the streets was really successful for the gang until the moment when two cars full of other gang members came to the place where Fabrizio was living. They killed almost all gang and only Fabrizio and Osva managed to survive. After the things settled down it was still a hard time for the Fabrizio and Osva, they were thinking who did it. They searched for those gang members, but unfortunately got caught by the police when Fabrizio was going to the meeting with his clients that wanted to buy some drugs. Fabrizio and Osva got jailed for 7 years because police had all the evidences needed to jail us. Life in the jail was hard but Fabrizio found some new friends. Both Osva and Fabrizio for their good behavior in the jail got released earlier than they should had been released. After 2 years of living the calm life they decided to turn the other way that was well known for them. They contacted their friends from the jail and offered them to become one family. So with having a crew, Fabrizio and Osva is looking forward to see what can this city offer for them and they are waiting for their opportunities to show up. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ After the tragedy, that happened few years ago, the gang is taking step by step to get back on their feet. Fabrizio is making moves in the town and recruiting as many professional and trusted people as possible, Osva was working on his personal life for a while, but in the past, he was known as "walking hell on earth". With Fabrizio's strategic mind and Osva's physical abilities, the leadership will lead us to success in the future, but for now, we are standing small as there is only a small amount of people. We also searching for the heavy gun dealers, scouting around the whole city and watching how's the things going on. But in addition to that we are making some drugs and delivering them into the city for the people, so we just trying to get into the things that we were doing before and make some money. We could say that we are just warming our feets before some real action. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Deliver big amounts of drugs into the city. Get some respect in the streets from other gang members. Control the La Mesa area and around it. Recruit some trusted and loyal members into our gang. Get allied with other hood gangs. Wipe the gangs who messed with us in the past. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Our gang members are wearing dark grey hoodies, shirts or other tops. The cars that we drive is vans, muscle cars and some suvs, they also should have dark grey colors. This is the perfect example of how we look. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ The only way of joining our gang is to find us in the city whether it be streets or more popular places, but usually we hangout around La Mesa area in the city. Only after meeting us, the higher ops of our gang will discuss your possibilities of joining.
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