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  1. If that really is the case and the story you're telling is true, then I feel ya better than anyone. Check this situation out. Check my comments, I was literally saying the same thing as you that the footage is too short to prove anything and the reporting side was VDMing us right before this incident, yet the ones who was reviewing this report, haven't actually asked them for a full footage of how everything started, yet I suspect they had it but were afraid to show it to result being at fault. It was impossible for me to prove anything and now I'm in the place where I'm waiting for senior administrators to either give me a second chance or leave me be with a permanent ban. Just as I said, I was basically begging the reporter to upload the full version of the evidence footage, yet he was defending himself and his friends without even mentioning or denying that he doesn't have it. I hope this will be sorted out correctly because I don't want someone else to be put in the same position as I am right now. Best of luck.
  2. Hello, I am not included in this report but as for example, I am ID 180 in that other report that I received a punishment for DM in here. It was indeed a very simillar situation and I don't see how this report is a "waste of time" since it obviously shows the DMing from few Triads members side. A normal situation explanation would fit much more than just trying to offend the reporter.
  3. Hello. As I said, they did not provide the full footage of the incident. Yes, there is no evidence provided that shows us or personally me giving the demands to those 2 guys who were driving the white vehicle or any reason why they should be shot, but just because the video is that short, it doesn't mean the demands and the reason of the shootout didn't actually happened. While I was talking with the ones who put up the report on me and my friends, I was always trying to accuse them of VDMing and DMing us minutes before the incident in the video, yet they never even tried to defend from these words of mine, because it was obvious facts and I wouldn't lie in the report, especially when I have no real evidence to fight back. The only thing that I have right now is a little picture from Vincent_Leggio's perspective where our friend Michael Steelspire drove next to the white car and gave the demands to pull over and get out of the vehicle with their both hands being up. Instead, the white vehicle drove towards us. I do admit, that it does not give us a strong reason to shoot the car without any warnings or anything, but this is the same vehicle that was ramming our Dubsta in which I was sitting in a passenger seat and the driver was ID 176. The guy in the white vehicle's passenger seat was firing his firearm at us without giving any demands. Few of their crew members gave us demands while being behind our vehicle in a chasedown situation with over 140km/h speed, which I would consider something we shouldn't be able to hear rply. This is my side of the whole story and situation. If it really is at my fault, I'll gladly take the responsibility for my actions and say one last goodbye to the server if it only makes it a better place for roleplayers to be. Thank you and have a nice one. -Nero Silver.
  4. Sayonara ECRP 😭

  5. Account name: Spefix Character name(s): Nero Silver Admin who issued punishment: MarcoD Date of punishment: 19/06/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban/DM#2. Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching. Your explanation of what happened: Forum user named X_ShaygaN_D has reported me for shooting his friends vehicle without a valid reason. As seen at the footage, yes, I did shoot at the vehicle, but have I broke any rules there? I really doubt. Those two guys at the report who are sitting in a while vehicle, were giving us demands to get out of our vehicle and pull over right before we came in to the bradox (left) lab. Also the guy in the passenger seat was firing his firearm and his bullets were hitting our Dubsta. They were ramming and VDMing us. The only one who broke the DM rule in this report is Fabrizio Barboza who shot the white car without any reason. Guy who was my friend and WAS NOT included in the report is Michael Steelspire, he gave the demands to both guys who were in the vehicle but yet they drove towards us. The video footage in the report is obviously too short to come up with a decision such as DM #1 or Permanent ban for DM #2 but this is admin's decision and I'm going to respect it. The link to the report that I was banned for: Why should your appeal be accepted?: As I said, from my perspective, the ones from the reporting side shortened the video evidence lenght to make us look at fault here. I do admit that I might not be 100% right here, but I was always the guy who tried to roleplay at the highest level. I had over 200k xp in this server, worked in factions such as Bayview, DCC and DOC which always puts you in a difficult roleplay situations that I was always able to handle and being banned for such thing as deathmatcing is very low for me. I'm not being 100% defensive towards myself and this ban in this appeal, I'm being more offensive to the side of players who reported me, because the only thing I've done wrong is keeping my recording software off at those moments where there could have been atleast 5 people from their group who would have received punishments or either warning for VDM and DM.
  6. About the white car, I will just quote myself that DEMANDS WERE GIVEN by player named Michael_Steelspire who was one of the monkeys member at that time. As I already said, the original author of this report PURPOSEDLY uploaded the shortened version of the video to make us look at fault here, even though they VDMed and DMed us in a driveway from LSD lab up to the left drug lab, so their own footage would have been used against themselves.
  7. The house has been sold a while ago. Sorry for not updating the thread.
  8. Selling Bati 801 Price: 52.000$ 5/5 Engine. 4/4 Transmission. LISTED AT HIGH-END! For offers, call: 3562070
  9. Nero Silver. Stop calling me Osva Baltas you fucking old shithead.
  10. Now the one that I'm selling is the cheapest. All others are bought. The ones that are for sale right now is mine at 99.5k, one at the left for 150k and 3 others for 250k and above.
  11. Selling a 1G house in Sandy Shores, Route 68 for 99.500$. My phone number: 2453671.
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