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  2. What's your disc?

  3. I've experienced this issue on RageMP/Eclipse before. Maybe you're using Razer microphone device (headset, usb mic, etc.)? And have you tried any other microphones? The way I fixed the issue is by uninstalling and reinstalling audio drivers, because somehow, Eclipse RP server stopped detecting my razer mic.
  4. That banner of yours, brings some amazing nostalgia. Hope to do some dancing with da boys again soon.

    1. Drizzy.


      should hit me up  on discord, my twitch is twitch.tv/drizzytries also!

  5. ayo

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    2. Osva Silver

      Osva Silver

      Will do when I'm available. A lil busy work schedule rn, got some things to sort out

    3. Anatoly


      Where fabrizio at? cant find his discord....

    4. Osva Silver

      Osva Silver


  6. Do you still play? What happen to you my mayyne

  7. If that really is the case and the story you're telling is true, then I feel ya better than anyone. Check this situation out. Check my comments, I was literally saying the same thing as you that the footage is too short to prove anything and the reporting side was VDMing us right before this incident, yet the ones who was reviewing this report, haven't actually asked them for a full footage of how everything started, yet I suspect they had it but were afraid to show it to result being at fault. It was impossible for me to prove anything and now I'm in the place where I'm waiting fo
  8. Hello, I am not included in this report but as for example, I am ID 180 in that other report that I received a punishment for DM in here. It was indeed a very simillar situation and I don't see how this report is a "waste of time" since it obviously shows the DMing from few Triads members side. A normal situation explanation would fit much more than just trying to offend the reporter.
  9. About the white car, I will just quote myself that DEMANDS WERE GIVEN by player named Michael_Steelspire who was one of the monkeys member at that time. As I already said, the original author of this report PURPOSEDLY uploaded the shortened version of the video to make us look at fault here, even though they VDMed and DMed us in a driveway from LSD lab up to the left drug lab, so their own footage would have been used against themselves.
  10. The house has been sold a while ago. Sorry for not updating the thread.
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