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  1. I thought the same thing after seeing the pictures and I think they are from like 3 to 4 months.
  2. Osva Silver


    Do you have MSI Afterburner? Check the RAM usage and Disk usage while playing GTA V. That might be the problem. I've experienced the same problem as you guys and reinstalling windows and installing GTA V to SSD fixed the issue. 8GB 2133MHz RAM might not be enough for GTA V in some cases.
  3. Even more threads about reporting them has been opened. Why are they still allowed to play in the server? Like for real, this problem is major about them and they shouldn't be allowed to join the server due to the investigation because the numbers of reports are keep on growing on them...
  4. I've noticed one thing about Samo's people in the server. Every time they get reported for atleast 5 times on the forum, they change their gang outfit and name to not look the same as they looked like in their rule breaking evidences that other people upload.


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    2. Osva Silver

      Osva Silver

      You're probably wearing sand clothes and acting to be allah slave by the time you commented this. Which way is this a fake news?


    3. verydoge12


      Idk how but he manages to get a group that is full if rulebreakers every time he is talented for that

    4. Osva Silver

      Osva Silver

      The things they do, is kind a funny. I got saved by desync from his POV yesterday 😄

  5. Also, one more thing. In the incident where people who I reported, drove over me (VDMed) and killed my friend breaking the fearRP rule and literally DMed him, I've submitted an admin report with a option of a rule breaker. As seen in the screenshot of case 4, Bakmeel was the one who accepted the report, but this admin named Aldari_Tagril were the one who took over the report and still he refused when I told him that I can send him the evidence of them doing the rule breaking things, which is why I had to report the situation for the admins in the first place.
  6. Osva Silver

    Gun license.

    +1. I also think that there should be a XP requirement of atleast 5k xp to get a gun license or something like that. Or as Jonny said, limit the amount of guns a person can get if his criminal record is unclean.
  7. One of the best gang's in the city right now. Wish you all the best guys!
  8. Over 7 reports has been made in the forums about your crew members, over 20 people suffered from your fail RP inside the server and yet, you're still trying to find your way out of this mess you made? Those 24 hours I got off the server right now... Jeez, I can do what I want with them. I'm still surprised that those admins who were standing by the MD at the moment I said that, were all against me but said nothing to you even doe you were obviously breaking the new life rule there by picking your friends from MD... It's kind a suspicious to me.
  9. You are not supposed to post anything but yet, you posted me saying the line in OOC that I've never supposed to say. If you need some attention just PM me or add me in discord, I'll be happy to help you and chat with you. And the third time already, with all love to my fellow rules breaker - Osva Silver ❤️
  10. Use your last moments of ECRP inside the server dude... Not in the forum... Quick Edit: I also see you have your instant replay function on, on your Nvidia Shadowplay. Just upload the video footage of me saying that near the MD, I admit that I said that, but I said that at the same moment when you came to pick your friends up from the MD breaking the new life rule. Also, don't mute the audio, wanna hear your friends talking in dc or ts. Once again, with all love to my fellow rules breaker - Osva Silver ❤️ ANOTHER QUICK EDIT: Also, I noticed that you showed the girl's (ID 258) mask nickname in your photo which I really appreciate. Thank you!
  11. I already got my judgement for this and I'm banned for 24 hours. I said that in the heated moment, but still, I hope the 1st part of that sentence will come true. With all love to my fellow rules breaker - Osva Silver ❤️
  12. Got banned for 24 hours from the server after I said a single insult in OOC chat towards a guy who was insulting me OOCly for like 1 real life hour.
    (That guy is not banned doe.)

    1. DDevastatedTV


      Should of recorded it and reported it 

    2. Osva Silver

      Osva Silver

      There ya go sir 


  13. Osva Silver


    Some of our pictures from our meetings.
  14. Also, I want to include this. I reviewed some of the player reports and I found out, that the guys I'm reporting is basically causing problems for everyone. All the marked reports in this picture is about the people that are from the same gang as the people who I reported. I just wanna say, admins... wake up! We need you!
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