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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 88 & 133 Date of interaction reported: 2019-10-18 Unix time stamp from HUD: 58 | 1571414101 Your characters name: Einaro Blatniak Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is stalled or turned off and a weapon is aimed at you close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. How did the player break the rule(s)? Pointed gun first of all to id 88, he started to drive away. Pointed gun to id 133, he started to go away from car, he did not responded in /do. After situation, he came to officer with same car and told cause im trying to rob him. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5da9e7d4423873885e
  2. -1 we pay for ad, we wish people to see us, if ad would be free then +1
  3. Einaras

    ID 174 (Non RP, PG)

    Hi, Nope, no need to search, I didnt RP like "/me puts his crate on passenger seat".. Well I dont have any good argument why I ran into the business, cause I was mad after they came to me second time, and started to put on me cuffs without any normal explaining or anything like that, and it was like non reason to stop atleast for 2nd time when they have been check me on 1st time, I did everything what they ask, I stop and I even not ran away from them, they know, they seen cause im with furniture on me, it was just a tragic day maybe for them or me on this situation, I dont have anything what to add or tell to this report, my plays.tv was crashed on that time.
  4. Good evening @Brawnkoh, as I noted before @MikeTyson_ I have been used armours for few days cause we have been in war with russians, but every time I did relog, I lost these.. so it was the time when I did chat with someone of mods, about my lost armour again, I wrote to few admins, specialy to Rodiz, and Osvaldon to let them know, later I made in "Bug reports" post too, I know that is not MikeTyson problem about my own problems regarding that "armour" and i know cause I fail and broke fearRP rule, it should be better to stay in NCZ while im chatin with mods. Im sorry for what I did.
  5. I though im never going to write such things for higher people like @Thebearski , but I am sorry, you never deserve to be one of support staffs, I bet higher staff choose you to help people. Regarding that, you made 0 attempts to resolve it amongst players and make it a learning moment, you caught its better to report people to get punished rather than guiding them. Im dissapointed with your attitude so bad.
  6. congratulations, you caught the biggest rule breaker in whole server
  7. my man, give that man a cookie +129418249182512
  8. can i rp get your info to get onto mdc and check anyone i want to ? while youre offduty ? maybe while youre offduty you need and panic button ? :3
  9. @gyrhnr if your char is vip you will not even lose it after 3 months, like im VIP till december, so I bet that would count from December 3 months more, after my vip will be finished
  10. congrats @Hoxton_Curry
  11. I have great offer, contact me 2154683
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