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  1. Einaras

    More Citybee Locations

    Sometimes when I call taxi there are 0 workers. so BIG +1
  2. Einaras

    few suggestions

    Hello everybody, Please comment if someone have better suggestions then those, cause I think those are good for every side whos having business and etc. 1. There are some business far away from the city, as everybody knows business to buy/have cost a lot, but profit from it - is very low. Most of the people I hope will agree on that, cause place like Paleto bay, Grapeseed, Sandy shores sometimes are forgotten, but import prices for gas/guns are same as like in the city. Also if business is far away from city - no one goes there, cause there aren`t any action and it is no point to move there even when the prices are 2x lower.. So I wish some of the business people also to earn some money and my few suggestions are those: A option) Split import prices of gas/guns into the 3 parts of country for example like: https://imgur.com/a/7JEn7sq Gas prices maybe could be: 1st zone 12$ import, 2nd zone 8$ import and 3rd zone 4$ import prices. Gun prices maybe could be: 1st zone xxxx import, 2nd zone xxxx import and 3rd zone xxxz import prices. (will edit after I get information what import prices right now cause I know everyone is having different) B option) All people in city are paying taxes, every work in city for example PD, MD, Taxi, Courier, Weazel, Trucker, Bus driver and CityBee definately gives/adds car/moto, truck, bus, van or something right ? And all the time it does have fuel of 100-120% from where they are all having ? I think could be also good idea if government could buy this fuel from the stations which gives lowest price of the gas. Same thing with Gun shop - PD using rifles, so from government cash they could also buy ammo/rifles from the Gun shops which gives best prices. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. IMPORTED cars - most of my cars in parking are bought from government. The problem in that, cause I even can`t share/give keys for any of my friends to use it, because it shows "This car is not belongs to you" for /givekey command must be same as for regular cars.
  3. Einaras

    Xero - Highway Fuels

    goodluck guys
  4. Einaras

    Stranger 2718_5583 DM

    Hello, I was with @Inzein in my Cheetah, you came around us when we spoke with mechanic, and told bird language words "pankas, dusk nahui, duhas and more of them" when this guy moved out of car and told you to hands up, you started to ran away and dont cared about your own life, when you have been shooted you talked more. Between that you noted you have GO PRO with you. Please show evidence. GL
  5. Einaras

    Stranger 6373_8037,unknown 3118_4430 VDM X2 + NLR

    watch your words sir and stop insult like that. No one telling you any bad word just calm down, let the gods read up your report, they will decide and will check whole info what to do.
  6. Einaras

    Stranger 6373_8037,unknown 3118_4430 VDM X2 + NLR

    Hello, you can clearly see cause you aimed gun into my guys, and i hit you with car for the reason which allows to do that. 7.3.3 If there is a valid reason to attack someone, a vehicle may be used once (a failed attempt counts) to knock the other player on the ground. About other things I cannot spell anything, cause when I came back moderator saw everything and I already got punished by Fear RP cause I did not hand up for mechanic, and one of your guys instantly shooted me. This report on me was without reason, but anyway goodluck.
  7. Einaras

    Evanas Einaro - Appeal

    Account name: Einaras Character name(s): Evanas Einaro Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 18/09/2018 Punishment received: 72 Hour ban Reason given for punishment: Fear RP Your explanation of what happened: That day we had lot of action before the evening, we meet some yellow guys by bank tried to spoke them about the war against us, they refused to finish what started. After that somehow they found us by LSC and started to push my 2 gang members. I waited for mechanic will finish to fix/setup my car. After mechanic came with it, those guys started to push my gang members and started to point gun at them, instead of that mechanic did not called police to clear the situation, he started to push us with them, so I started engine of my RUMPO and moved the guys which pointed gun at my gang members. After that we moved straight to sandy shores, cause we had other guys who hunted us, and I had ban for Fear RP reason. So I am sorry but I dont understand where I broke that rule. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am really sorry ( dont know for what ) but bans like those cannot be pushed instantly, even like right now no one is answering, I understand clearly that cause if even have evidence what I did wrong, I will clearly shut my mouth and stay away for the 72 hours of this server, but at this time this ban was for no reason. So please take care of that.. Thank you Best regards, Evanas Einaro a.k.a Einaras Post any evidence or further details: -
  8. Einaras

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    1,150,000 - Evanas Einaro, #2992802
  9. Einaras

    Evana Ainaro 6373_8037 [Fear/FailRP/PG]

    Well you accepted RP with fingerscan, so stop anymore add commentaries for that.
  10. Einaras

    Evana Ainaro 6373_8037 [Fear/FailRP/PG]

    1) FearRP 6.7 Fear Roleplay Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your attacker is able to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. - You ran away, disobeying my order whilst at gunpoint When I turned on my house doors, I did not see you pointed at me gun or not, only you see and know that. 1) FailRP 6.6 - You failed to roleplay with us by refusing to unlock the door, then going on to state that the door is locked via a finger print scanner - I'd kindly like to request proof from you of RP'n the installation of a finger print door lock scanner, along with timestamps. AND YOU ACCEPTED THAT ROLE PLAY SO STOP SHITTING ON ME!!!!!!
  11. Einaras

    Evana Ainaro 6373_8037 [Fear/FailRP/PG]

    Ok provide me where is written in the rules, cause I have to open doors for you KING ? Prove that cause your member wont cutted my hand off for that. You agreed the RP for cutted hand so try on and open them, so CALM DOWN with your commentaries. Anyway I had to give a reason for moderator for this situation so stop insulting with that.
  12. Einaras

    Evana Ainaro 6373_8037 [Fear/FailRP/PG]

    Hello Mr @SteScotland First of all, Moderators I would lovely ask to check this whole RP what and how happened before, because that cant be cause guy whos blaming me will be right in all ways, he also made few decissions and things which we dont like. So Ste just wanted to inform you that, what beggins with Faustas, I even was not in the city, when I came he noted he need some help to change his clothes, and he also informed me cause someone hunting him, I did not knew that cause that was you and your guys and I really did not care about that, cause I though it`s like every day someone is hunting him nearby his house. second thing , we moved out of the city bank to my house, and you did not followed us, cause you even did not knew which car we are using. When we came to my house, we had time to get out of it, park the car and get in my house, we had discuss about everything, and we decided that cause I am going outside, and I will try to RP that, so the things with RP I think went good. I think you blame that, but its the true: 1. I get outside my house, you already start to shout out how I get out of it even without lock/unlock if you are having house just try to get out of it , if you are not unlocking it, also you will not see when you are going out its locked or not. 2. My RP was clearly good, cause you told to not tell any word - or I will get shoooted, I did not told almost any word, I just asked who are you and what do you want of me or my friend. 3. This RP with down on your knees, hands up and etc, all of you moved around I got broke my finger, and I also noted you that on RP cause I cannot open anymore my house because it can open not only by the keys, but with finger(ITS ALSO RP) 4. You are telling about FEARRP, I will give you simple example: if you are trying to steal or already stole something from the shop what are you doing ? Just laying nearby it and chilling with your friends and waiting for cops will get you ? It is also RP cause you set me free to open the doors, and I started to ran away, because I had a chance to move away and I tried atleast, but I was down. Also tell me if all the time you are stoping anyone or someone is stoping you are you doing such same things giving clearly car, rifles and everything what you are having ? I can tell you the true, at first you are shitting in the pants, then you are calling on radio for help, if nobody shoting you, you doing that by yourself. 5. Instead of this RP some of you cutted my hand off to open the doors, but it was already to late, cause Faustas got out of the house while someone of you RP with me. So all in all final thing is that - I even not reported any time, any guy for such things as like streamsniping cause most of you are doing that, nobody likes Faustas cause hes having great action in the city, all of you started maybe to shit in the pants when he created his own gang, because from the moment when he created all of you started to war and hunt him, its totally serious things cause nobody of you want a real game play, real action and everything, saw a guy whos having 10-20k you are trying to steal from him everything, is this a real RP or something ? It`s not, even if Faustas got already baned for few weeks, you started also to shit on me because for you it`s even not enough. Also when he had action in his house - moderators also not cleared the situation they just baned him instead of report or watch the full video stream. Also just if something went wrong, or not how you liked @SteScotland I am really sorry and appreciate that, I hope you will love the calm in city for the 2 weeks. -------------------------- 02:27:00 Everything started on this moment 02:35:00 Faustas checked if someone is following us or not - NO ONE FOLLOWING YOU CAN SEE CLEAR IN THE VIDEO 02:38:00 I and Faustas moved out of my house - just to check if someones is nearby there were people, 02:40:00 Somehow guys who searched for Faustas find out where I am living, and they started to shout nearby house to get out of it, as I know when we are in the house nobody can hear what we are speaking ? 02:42:00 I moved out of my house alone and left Faustas in it and started action with @SteScotland
  13. Einaras

    Einaras 6373_8037(66) [5.1, 5.6.1,5.3.1]

    Hello Mr Charlie, I already noted yesterday when we had accident with this guy to cooksley, but I am not using go pro, or other things so my proves are only this photo and this guy who finished that guy, please also add this guy Stranger 3785_5426 for proves, cause he finished him. He can prove cause he combat logged.
  14. Einaras

    Einaras 6373_8037(66) [5.1, 5.6.1,5.3.1]

    Hello, before you are posting things like those, show also your video what happened 15 minutes before that, you broke rules FearRP, Ninjaloot and metagaming, be happy, cause I have prove only that which you combat logged. What I can say to your report ? - nothing, I broke your bike or what ? Insulted you somehow ? I dont know what for you are reporting here.