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  1. Paulo

    DM (Cops)

    You claim that you have no weapon in your hand like the POV of ID 46, however if you look at YOUR shadowplay you are literally holding the gun up to the point in which you are killed. https://streamable.com/v9b1h - 20 seconds Im struggling to see how you think you didn't have a gun in your hands when your footage clearly shows that you do.
  2. Paulo

    DM (Cops)

    Just to reinforce my point, it was your decision to partake in the killing officers and actively involve yourself in that scenario, sitting behind a wall with an assault rifle alongside affiliates who are engaging in the shootout places you right in the heart of the action. Like I previously said it was your voluntary decision to place yourself there, to expect 0 resistance from the PD is out of the question.
  3. Paulo

    DM (Cops)

    It does not show which of the two operatives shot you, there was two of us in the room, however the other operative remained in the room as he was attacked from behind while I went after the other suspect. You can't identify which operative it was that finished you off, but you turned to face them while brandishing your heavy weapon in your hand. We were not going to hold fire because someone has popped into the picture holding a heavy gun while involved in the ambush. You can see from your POV that your friend that ran passed you was being shot at and you moved directly into our line of sight.
  4. Paulo

    DM (Cops)

    Like I said you were involved in an active ambush situation in which officers were being shot at while brandishing a heavy weapon in your hands. After engaging the suspect who pointed his weapon at the officer, you appeared to turn and face me with the weapon in your hands.
  5. Paulo

    DM (Cops)

    As you stated in your report your gang was engaging multiple officers on site, with no demands either. It becomes especially clear from one of the video's that your firearm was pointed at a police cruiser momentarily which was the point in which I fired upon you. The individual wearing the pale blue hoody wasn't our primary target and was caught into cross fire from my shots however I'm unaware of the other operatives intentions. Both were wielding weapons, one of which was a heavy firearm and looking at the cruisers that were being shot at. You pointing your weapon at my colleague led me to believe that you were going to contribute to the shot fired upon my officers. "Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally". If you flip the table around, the same applies from your angle, the officers were engaged with no warning and you were an affiliate in the attack on the officers which was clearly presented by openly wielding your heavy weapons and pointing at the officers cruiser while they were getting shot. That's enough to see it as a threat. The fact that you're also wearing blue, while the situation revolves around Zetas. Interaction doesn't always have to be verbal interaction. You've inserted yourself into an already active action role-play scenario voluntarily. Please feel free to ask any additional questions revolving around the situation. Paulo Witherfork
  6. I'll offer $1,000,000 Paulo Witherfork #4479577
  7. Winner Is ZACH JONES with a bid of 14,600,000
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  9. N/A My Phone can't keep up with updates, It going to be extended to 5 minutes after bid.
  10. Current Highest is Zach Jones at 12,100,000
  11. Current Highest Bidder is Liam Gunarr at 11,400,000
  12. Current Highest Bid is 10,600,000 Auction Extended by 2 minutes
  13. Auction Ends in 5 Minutes! Each Last Minute bid will extend the auction by 1 minute
  14. AUCTION ENDS IN 1 HOUR! Get those final bids in
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