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    Hello AcidXxz I'm afraid that this section of the forums is used specifically "Player Report" Only, if you have any queries or questions I would like to direct you to the #i_have_a_question section on the officer Eclipse Discord. -Support Paulo
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 09/08/2019 18:52 UTC+1 Character name: Paulo Witherfork Issue/bug you are reporting: When two or more Weazel News vehicles are taken out at one given time you are unable to make a report, you have to wait for the other vehicle to be despawned which is extremely inconvenient and restricting us meet server demand for advertisements. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: If you set yourself and an additional staff member as a weazel employee, both take out a separate vehicle and move away from each other. Using /wr try make a advertisement and you will be unable to make one.
  3. Hello I was the man who approached the vehicle and asked you to exit and get on the ground. One reason for me engaging them is the fact that they rammed a correctional officer over with a vehicle which would be classed as "assault with a deadly weapon" and as a result lethal force would be authorized, as that could easily be perceived as attempting to take the life of a law enforcement officer. Secondly Pedro Luis (The man they were attempting to free) at that time was wanted for 17 charges, some of which were "kidnapping","murder" and "possession of an illegal firearm", as a result it would be out number 1 priority to make sure he does not escape. You state that opening a door is not a valid reason, however it is. It demonstrates clear intent for you to aid in his escape from a Maximum security prison. I'm struggling to see what you expected to happen, for you to drive in, run officers over and just simply drive off with the most wanted person on the server?
  4. Character Name being Refunded: Jake Jackson Date and Time of Incident: Throughout the month of December. Requested Refund (What and how much):84,000 before tax Description Of Incident resulting in Loss: SADOCs paycheck were not functional through the month of December, our salary % would keep on increasing however we did not receive any money. Evidence of Loss: https://gyazo.com/b4a9043daf3922d93701e7d0d05ef620 Comments: 14 Paychecks missed on a $6000 salary.
  5. Paulo

    Stranger 989_547

    I would first like to say how great it is that he cut the video short, the CPR command, is not considered "Non Role play" considering I examined you for any injuries and asked "what injuries would I see?" to which you replied "Out of blood" which I would to be unrealistic, you losing 1.5 gallons in a short period of time. If the video was to be continued you would see extremely poor RP on his side, and persistent wining in /b, Death RP I believe has so be a agreement from both parties and something I personally award for good RP. I request that a longer video is to be submitted showing the lack of understanding for both /me and /do. *I would like to add that 15 mins OOC, I'm positive you would be dead by then
  6. It states in our policies that if and officer witnesses a crime. There word along is enough to act on. If they are proven innocent, the officer accusing them of the crime will face punishment, so I can still do "Shit"
  7. Hello I'm the officer who was driving the car, the lights and sirens were on during the pursuit, however they were clearly not synced for you. That "Ram" as a tactical pursuit which I performed as we had a helicopter overhead. The reason the pursuit was initially called was because you were driving down the highway in the incorrect lane of travel and then started to evade.
  8. It would be impossib to meta game your position due to you being crouched in a hedge, this would result in your name tag being invisible. After hitting you I would have felt a heavy vehicle impact and you stood up revealing your upper chest and head clearly, if I was to have missed you I must have been blind. I shall no longer post on this topic unless asked to by a member of the staff team.
  9. First of all I would like to raise the question of how 4 prisoners have pistols and radio on them, It is highly unlikely that the LSPD had let 4 prisoners slip through with weapons and weapons on them meaning they must have exploited the bug of smuggling weapons into a high security prison which is the first rule breach. The second breach of the server rules is the fact that James Dingle is evidently 3rd person looking around the wall to see the 2 operatives enter, showing no /me to peer around the corner which I believe may fall under the power gaming or meta gaming offence.
  10. 1,250,000 Paulo Witherfork, when is the sale closed?
  11. Paulo

    Refund: House

    After coming back to the server after a couple of months, I was horrified to see that I was no longer an owner of my home in Vinewood Hills. I would not usually be too fussed about it but this was the home I spent the majority of my Medical Career saving up for as I paid around 350,000+. Before I left I did put it up for sale at around the price I bought it for($350,000) but now it is owned by a different user "Travis Palmer". I do not wished to be given the house back but I would like the Money Please. Thank you for Reading Paulo Witherfork [In game name/discord]
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