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  1. -1 I personally feel that cruisers are well balanced in this game when compared with the criminal population. Yes, they've probably got better performance then their IRL equivalents but as previously mentioned the accessibility of high performance vehicles for criminals is far greater then IRL accessibility. I would say that 9 times out of 10, we're in pursuit of a high performance vehicle such as an Issy Sport, Elergy Retro, Rapid GT e.c.t which has more then enough capability of outrunning a cruiser. The primary reason why we successfully pursue a vehicle more often then lose is due to tac
  2. The Accidental Order - Ocelot Jugular It was a routine day at the Dealership for Marco as he rummaged through various orders and stock levels. As per usual he contacted the various vehicle manufacturers to ensure that HeavyFlow had all the stock it needed for the day. One particular brand that's always in high demand is the British Car Manufacturer - Ocelot who are known for producing luxury coupes, sports cars and even some supers. The following day Paulo was called down to the docks... After arriving at the docks Paulo was greeted by the dock-master Draco Mavis
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  4. The Negotiator - HeavyFlow Dealership While on duty at the Sheriffs department, Paulo received a surprise phone call from his friend and Colleague, Marco Davis informing him of some talks that were going on at HeavyFlow. Paulo immediately rushed down with Assured Services Loan Director, Mickey King where they joined the conversation. After their extensive negotiations, Paulo was able to write up a contract and both Parties Agreed. This will make for another successful Subsidiary under Assured Services, and with Marco at the helm we have no doubt over the success of the comp
  5. +1 Simply adds an additional level of depth to RP and adds more realism especially for businesses which have no script way of identification.
  6. Offering a helping hand Networking has always been an essential factor when is comes to running a successful business. Over the years Paulo has got to know many associates, many of which he now considers his friends and when they're in need of a helping hand, Assured Services will always offer assistance where we can. Paulo recently attended the Quarry race hosted by Los Santos Drift and Premium Deluxe Motorsport, due to Paulo's long lasting continual relationship with James Eriksen he though he would pop along and show his support. Upon arrival he noticed that there was zero event advert
  7. +1, I feel that more weapon variants would be beneficial and add further diversity. Gun stores, I feel have been somewhat neglected with the last 3 updates they've received negatively impacting their value: - 2 Gun Rule - Treasury Tax - Import Price increases. When compared with other businesses such as general stores and dealerships which regularly receive new stock spiking their value, gunstores haven't seen improvement or positive updates in a long time. Although not completely topical to the thread, Civilian Kevlar may also be a nice addition. I would suggest that the Kevlar vest r
  8. Self Reflection As we approach the midway point for 2021 the executive staff starts to evaluate the performance of the company and review the progress towards our goals made at the start of the year. During this period of self reflection we look at the mistakes we've made and look to improve our performance as highlighted in the Japanese Business philosophy, Kaizen, meaning "Continuous Improvement". This is an exciting time for the company as we set forth plans for expansion and development within our subsidiaries. One change that will be taking place shortly is the new management for
  9. Very nice suggestion, we own two size-able properties which when filled with attendees suffer further performance issue with frame rate and entity generation. Streamlining the spawning will help resolve the issue of people falling through the floor before loading and landing in the ocean. +1
  10. This is an issue that we're having too. We have a faction HQ and a large country club which are now extremely dark. The extend of this dulling has actually reduced the light's effects to almost none existent. We added a plethora of powerful lights which only seemed to glow following the update. This has made a large proportion of custom properties redundant in my opinion and really needs a fix. I'm not a developer but I was wondering if they could bind properties to a dimension that is always daytime? This would allow for the more realistic night time lighting without rendering properti
  11. On Saturday April 17th, Assured Services presented Pacific Bluffs 70's Party! After their successful event the Assured Events Team was quick on bringing the next big event. This unique event saw the states first 70's Themed Party, bringing out everyone's over-sized costumed and groovy dance moves. Throughout the evening, hundreds of guests flocked the dance floor to showcase their dancing and let loose. With Asbjorn Schmidt on the deck blasting his Funky Tunes he has the country club bustling with activity with such guests such as Commissioner Osborn layi
  12. Making Headlines! Given the continued success of Assured Services, the corporation has started to gain more media attention and public awareness. Assured Events, has hosted several highly successful events, yielding more attendees then most events in the states history. Thanks to the excellent facilities and sharp minds of his Events Coordinators Sokka & Emily Lazoo with the expertise and experience of the Executive Team the quality and level of engagement at these events has really set the standard. Most recently, Assured Events hosted a summer beach party at Pacific Bluffs. Onc
  13. C-Suite addition This months executive meeting covered many important topics. The primary focus of this meeting was on improving the effectiveness and overall customer experience for our subsidiaries. We have started to review the processes for each of our branching, making minor altercations to some areas and entirely revamping the process of others, for example we've recently developed a submission form for Maze Bank West's lifeinvader page which will improve the overall organisation and speed of obtaining a loan. In the second half of the meeting, Paulo had a small announce
  14. Moving Day With the exponential growth of the company, Paulo has decided to relocate to company Head Quarters from the Maze Bank West Tower, to Bluff Office complex located in Del Perro. This new building lied in a central location to all of Assured Services Subsidiaries and provides a plentiful amount of space to not only facilitate our current branches but also any future ventures. A job this big required some help, Paulo reached out to his associate construction firm and called in some favors. With the vast quantity of equipment, we had to lease two Packer removal vans and
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