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  1. Dashy


    Gah, much love to the family Beautiful post Thomas.
  2. +1, The drag nerf is NRP
  3. Dashy


    Please archive this thread! @Archaeah
  4. That's where I linked him to, he commented on your post too
  5. Along with this, if LEO jobs were to be buffed alongside of some freelance jobs, let’s boost the amount criminals make from high risk/ high reward jobs. As @freshprinceIE stated, LEO jobs don’t lose much when working, its 100% income time other than food, while they are on duty, nothing stops them from making money. Maybe an all around revamp due to the current massive price point of items, cars, and houses.
  6. James Cavelli! Beautiful, well written post my brother.
  7. No worries at all! We all are thinking the same thing when it comes to fishing haha! Glad most people want it to be improved!
  8. I completely agree! This person made such a sick suggestion that similar to what you are aiming towards as well! Check here! <3
  9. This is some deep story and I love it!!! Beautiful post!m
  10. Have been tip toeing around with these fellas, and finally had my first few RP experiences with them. I must say, these people are fabulous! Much Love!!
  11. Always beautiful RP with this group. Love em to the max.
  12. Dashy


    "Beautiful and serene, Tsukuyomi believes in order and etiquette and enforces them whenever they can. Tsukuyomi’s enforcement of such ideals extends to the point that they are willing to kill to maintain order, despite killing their own being a breach of etiquette in the heavenly court. Thus, there is irony in Tsukuyomi’s strict adherence to etiquette: to enforce it, they are willing to break it. Tsukuyomi moves in the night." With the Crew beginning to pull money together quickly, our goals were in clear sight. Every single member happily investing in each other and Tsukuyomi's fu
  13. Had a great RP experience with these Gentleman. Look forward to future endeavors. Much Love!
  14. Dashy


    New Original Thread update! Switched out the 1st Reserved spot for a story!
  15. Dashy


    Thanks mah brotha!
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