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    Im looking for serious offers for my Comet Retro Custom, This car is of very limited numbers in the city. I will state im in no rush to sell this car this is not a quick sell i will be considering offers over a period of time unless one i cant refuse appears. The car can be seen here below I dont need to state this but if you are wondering it is maxed out as shown below Thank you for your offers and any inquiry's call or text me #3188831
  2. 575k Cash at the bank in trade. Call me i can negotiate #3188831
  3. wait did you text me not long ago ? i rejected it because i had just put a elegy retro add up
  4. ahh well i dont either i didnt drive it at all i towed it to high end to sell it 😄
  5. 200k and we can make it happen now
  6. Not a clue i brought it upgraded it and then realised i had no where to park it
  7. Im selling my penumbra sports car at high end for 170K The car is fully upgraded and has a unique style im only selling this due to me acquiring a new car and not having anywhere to park them all, the Price is only 30K below stock price from MotorSport so grab yourself a good deal.
  8. Im looking to buy a house in this area ( As shown in Image ) if you own a house here hit me up maybe we can discuss a price #3188831 @itzy#3345 Thank You
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