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  1. the officer told me to leave the scene or else to me that sounded as a threat, and there was no way i could leave brax my high command to get arrested. We all spoke on the radio while the cop was stalling about the situation clearly that we were going to clap if he wasn't going to be released cause they didn't have justification on pulling him over and wanting to search him. I was not aware that the first cop was in the midst of disconnecting as soon as we flipped around we were set on clapping the backup cop. although i dont have pov to provide i was under the impression that both cops were s
  2. Hello my name is byrese I am one of the men who pulled up for assistance. Beforehand when we first arrived at the chop shop there was another guy already chopping a car. And since he was in our territory all we told him was that he needs to finish this chop up and give us the money, there was no physical altercation or any gun shots fired in between then cause we wanted to avoid police. so we had set our cars up to make it seem as if we were just hanging out there. i personally was sitting at the entrance making sure no one had passed us or was calling the cops, Which went according to plan un
  3. I understand completely of my actions sincerely apologize. under the circumstances of what just happened I was kinda shocked and not sure how to approach the situation tbh. i have no pov to provide.
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