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  1. The ambush was already ordered to take place before the officer crashed. The officer was right next to me when the hit was ordered. This seems unfair to me as we cannot stop RP from happening at a high scale such as this due to him crashing during it, we tried to continue RP when he came back but all paused through /b. If I were to happen to DC during an ambush I would log in with 10 guns to my head as would anyone else, we attempted to continue RP accordingly given the circumstances given but no effort was made on PD's end. We did not take advantage of the Code 0 nor have intention to, as st
  2. I have instructed my faction to make no further replies until a moderator or admin instructs us too. We did not use the officer's crash as an advantage. We did not DM. We did not Metagame. This is purely an IC matter. As stated in the PMs to the officer that crashed, I apologized deeply that he crashed and that we did not mean to use it to an advantage, they had no intention of settling the matter and would've rather had it settled on the forums which I replied was completely fair. We will be looking forward to an administrators response to the event.
  3. This is Brax, the Dominator Driver, I was parked in factory of the scrapyard just chilling watching over it, we were robbing people here and there way earlier so I was already on edge about being there. When the PD pulled in they picked me out so I continued RP and let them pull me over instead of just taking off and losing him instantly, he took about 10-15 minutes just chilling in his car so we had more than enough time to coordinate an ambush over the radio without his knowledge. To avoid the officer knowing, I didn't talk on the radio about it much other than telling people the location an
  4. With all the new members coming into the server. I feel that we should open all of the oil rigs. With the 4 open right now, they are tapped 24/7 and makes mining oil a lot more difficult. There's plenty in the area that can be used and everyone seems to be just as annoyed as I am with how they have been. I do not think it would hurt to open the couple in the area to allow for more people to do the job at once. The job is very saturated with only 4 pumps active.
  5. -1. I like the idea but I just feel as if the server should be only players. It would be good for a very small server but this server is big enough to feel alive without the stupidly AI'd pedestrians walking and driving around.
  6. https://streamable.com/n2novk - Ya, please fix this. This is getting ridiculous.
  7. Braxton Smith here, I was mining up some oil at the fields when one of our allies, the Sinaloa Cartel, pulled up. We were just talking about how the gangs were going when he informed me that they were having some serious problems with one of their members that just got kicked for IC reasons, a hit was placed on that member because of those problems and I provided help to strengthen ties between our gangs for the future. I was under the impression that it was going to be a quick in and out hit to take care of the problem however when we pulled up he instantly went into /b talking about metagame
  8. +1 This would prevent Ninja-jacking. I've noticed a spike in people just avoiding the lockpick system and just waiting around gas stations because you can't avoid keeping your car unlocked. Dick move but efficient and easy IG.
  9. If you have any SS's with us, feel free to send them to me. We're missing a lot.
  10. *Small meeting with the Sinaloa Cartel.* Nice to meet y'all best of luck.
  11. Now that is how you respond son. Thank you. An attempt was made with the arresting officer but, I was just dropped with DOC until you guys figured out what to charge me with. I am sorry that it has came to this but I am frustrated at how the situation got handled. There was zero investigation made at all other than breaking into my RV and to me that seems very unrealistic considering the circumstances of extremely expensive and illegal merchandise washing up on shore. I didn't even have a radio man how was I a suspect. I would've had to call someone to have that dropped. I honestly didn't thin
  12. In my opinion, you do not deserve your position. I suggest that it is removed from you and filled by someone who actually cares and can take a loss here and there. I do not mean harm. I am voicing my opinion and that of the community. I guarantee I am not the only member of this server who feels this way. You are in a high position. You should be open to criticisms. And yes. I was taking the road down there. That video doesn't really show anything wrong other than bad map finishing. You're lucky I didn't NRP drive cause I would've nailed you to take your whole inventory. That would've be
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