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  1. Ryzoft

    ID 64, 206, 20 [DM]

    The reported party reached out and apologised, report can be nulled and archived.
  2. Ryzoft

    ID 64, 206, 20 [DM]

    I have come to a compromise with the reported party. I am willing to drop the report as long as an apology is given by any of the 3 involved.
  3. Player(s) being reported: ID 64, 206, 20 Date of interaction reported: 29/03/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Tyrone_Bell Other player(s) involved: ID 65, 234, Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? We were driving to meet with someone when a WCA bike started following. We attempted to escape by doing up the mountains. We managed to lose the comet retro in the mountains however the bike had stayed on us. We went onto a dirt road where when we were driving up, made an accidental collision with a WCA super car. The person had aimed their gun while my passenger was also aiming his. A gunfight broke out, but myself and ID 234 were not armed. I attempted to comply as I was defenceless and put my hands up in the vehicle. While I did this, I was still shot while I did nothing to harm the other person. I was simply driving. I got out after the threat shooting at me was injured and then multiple WCA cars show up looking like they are about ram me. I ran behind the kamacho in an attempt to not be run over. All while there was a gun man ID 64 shooting me from the hills with no demands or anything. I was very clearly harmless, no demands had been given and I was just gunned down. I was attempting to get to cover or while the time noone was around me, flee. However, the car door was locked and I was unable to. This is when the cars showed up. I feel this ruined my experience. I was given no opportunity to RP and was just gunned down with 0 demands. After I was injured, I alerted the other players that the car had broken down due to severe damage. They still used the vehicle. While I was downed I warned the players who shot at me they would be reported for DM. A member of WCA toxicly told me to "get out of /b" which seemed quite toxic. I was simply warning the other players there would be a report so they could save there footage. While injured, ID 20 kills me after I had not even been given demands before and was gunned down for no reason. I would like to note, I do not take reporting another player lightly and always attempt to avoid reports. The reports that I have done are ones that have cost me and my partners several costs of dying. My items, car was stolen. This is in no means a petty report and resulted in the loss of my and other players items to benefit from. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/w2h7f Timestamps: 0:20s - ID 206 initiates gunfight with ID 65 0:24s - ID 64 begins firing on all passengers of the vehicle with no demands or prior RP. 0:31s - I put my hands up while in the vehicle RPly and shot 0:36s - ID 64 is firing on everyone in the vehicle, so I attempt to escape and get to cover (i was given no demands, being unarmed and still being shot) 0:45s - I advise ID 234 to acquire the WCAs fire arm while he is behind cover 0:48s - I attempt to get in the vehicle while noone is aiming a gun at me (someone is shooting at a distance) to attempt to save my life. 0:50s - Several expensive cars come at extreme speeds in my direction, making me attempt to dodge them as it looked like ramming speed. 0:54s - Visibly unarmed and not a threat, I am shot down after given no demands and shown I had put my hands up ready to comply. 3:18s - ID 20 is shown to after given no demands before, find it fine to kill me with no prior RP. He had no right to kill me.
  4. The MOST amazing group of people! Excited to see what the future holds!!
  5. The RP, videos, stories, everything is always amazing when it comes from NLA!
  6. WCA is such an RP rich faction, super excited with recent events!
  7. Apologies, I know OOCly however my character saw this as Vory.
  8. The Grove Problem Tyrone wakes up and steps out his house. He notices an unusual amount of WCA outside. Tyrone, was not concerned as the talk Tyrone had with DeAndre was that they would not take Grove as theirs. Tyrone at the time was relieved but a greater anxiety loomed over him. *Leon Says* "DeAndre wants to talk, doesn't sound good" Tyrone knew the impending words were destined to haunt him in the near future. He knew it was a matter of time before Green would want to claim Grove. Set Up? WCA asked Ballas to wait, while waiting Vory showed up while WCA turned a blind eye. Ballas was at the understanding WCA was hitting Vory. WCA looked the other way as Vory catch them off guard. Some Ballas are able to escape and tell WCA "Vory is attacking, help?" *WCA Said* (According to Balla members) "outa here before we shoot you too" Tyrone did not feel betrayed but angered by WCA. He had no reason to feel betrayed as the two gang were never that close. Although, Tyrone has been actively been trying to establish better relations to WCA. Ballas fled to a hidden location and asked DeAndre if they could still have that meeting. *DeAndre Said* "Be at Grove street in 5 minutes" Ballas was confused by what had just transpired. *Tyrone Thought* "WCA turning a blind eye for Vory?!" Tyrone was not surprised with the history both gangs had. Tyrone arrives at Grove to be met with many WCA with heavies. Andre said to the Ballas that things have changed and they do not appreciate Ballas asking for help. DeAndre ended by saying they do not feel they can live on the same block and told them Purple has 4 hours to leave, otherwise they will be robbed. Tyrone who has only ever shown respect to Green after the war was at a new level of anger. The thoughts going through Tyrone mind were "Grove purple till I DIE" Tyrone suppressing this thought took a more diplomatic approach. He took a step back and talked to his fellow Ballers. Tyrone exhaled his complete and utter hatred for WCA in this moment but was talked out of making a drastic approach. Ballas, while strong is not yet strong enough to fight WCA. Tyrone high command recommended that Ballas take the loss, continue to build and fight another day. Tyrone, agreed with this. It was best for Ballas to remember this day and to NEVER forget it. It is agreed that Ballas would reside in Jamestown, its original territory and continue to become stronger. Ballas decide to set a new future goal. ‣UndisClosed
  9. Breakthrough Tyrone gets into town and thinks its time to contact Zetas. Tyrone, sent a text to Jay Gamble asking to meet up at the 'Z HQ' and got conformation that we would be able to talk. Tyrone heads down to Zeta HQ and they are invited into the beautiful inside. Tyrone last visited Zeta HQ while it was under construction and was immensely impressed by how it was designed and built. Jay and some Zeta high command met us in the main room where they discussed recent events. Zetas Discuss The Decision Zetas decide that, it is in Zetas and Ballas' interest that Zetas will no longer hit Ballas within the city limits. Zetas had agreed that recent events by Ballas had shown respect towards the Zetas Organisation and did not go unnoticed. Tyrone is immensely pleased with this verdict and ensures there is more good than bad to come from Ballas Old Friendships Rekindling Earlier This Day WAR Old Vory Stays Vory Ballas has fully rebuilt stronger than ever before. With a strong new crew Ballas is ready. While Ballas had a neutral agreement with Vory, they continued to hit Ballas. Word came to Tyrone that Vory are hitting Ballas. Tyrone knew Vory would eventually do this. Tyrone calls for an emergency meeting in which Tyrone formally tells Ballas. "Life repeats itself, but this time we have evolved and become stronger. Vory till they die, and they will die" "BALLAS FOR LIFE" While on the way to the meeting, PD pulls up and we show him WHY that was a bad idea. Have a haircut, Officer... Its on the house. One less cop is one more happy Balla Racially Profiled The Next Day... "But We Aint Leavin" First Hunt Ballas prepares for their first hunt in a long time First Blood "Make sure to greet your friends when they arrive in hell, Vory" *BANG* THIS THE THUG LIFE
  10. Very exciting, wish you the best of luck!
  11. The Blade is no longer available Stock is 170k would you be willing to do 160k?
  12. A Second Chance Tyrone got a text from Purm to come to the restaurant next to bank. Tyrone without haste sped there. Not knowing what was going to happen, Tyrone didn't care if it was an ambush or not. Tyrone had been anticipating a call from Zetas to meet up. Tyrone enters the not yet open restaurant. Tyrone explained everything and what we did and why. Purm, replied he was not one to hold grudges and an agreement is struck. Zetas will not hit Ballas at in their turf. Tyrone, revealed progression has been made to re-earn the respect of the council takes this opportunity. Grove Assembly With Zetas no longer hitting Ballas in their turf, Ballas seizes the moment to grow. Many new Blood is recruited and tested as loyal Ballas. Tyrone adopts a new rule. "Hit Blue? Drop Purple" This resonated within their members and they were explained what might happen if purple hits blue. Ballas agreed, fighting with Zetas was not in their agenda. Defending Grove was. WCA Move in Tyrone was contacted by some members of WCA offering to buy up his house in the circle. Tyrone respectfully declined but wished his WCA friends luck in finding a house here. Word was ground around WCA was moving into Grove Street. Tyrone wasn't really concerned as WCA and FYB go way back. WCA Meeting Tyrone meets up with DeAndre, Tyrone wanted to know if WCA was planning to make this their new place to hang. Tyrone assured DeAndre that if it were the case Ballas would be welcoming to this idea. WCA said they don't have plans to make Grove their new hang out spot, they are just buying houses there. Bad Batch With every new wave of recruitment, there will always be those who will never learn. Tyrone is contacted by NLA about a recent shooting between them. Tyrone calls a meeting before heading to the church to discuss things to talk about recent events. One Balla described an incident were a shootout took place. A member of Ballas has shot a Mexican pick locking his car. Tyrone makes sure everyone is aware the Mexicans are their closest friends. Tyrone met up with the NLA member who was shot at. Assurance was made that Ballas does not shoot friends and that this member would suffer severe consequences. Ballas ends the night by partying and pillaging with their Mexican friends. They find someone attempting to chop a WCA car. You Can't Escape 5 Gang Meetup WCA, NLA, Ballas, Triads and Zetas all have a meetup at Grove, known gang hot spot Balla turf. These are the last known gangs that survived the switch from the tax system. Everyone got to know each other and just chilled out. Until The Riots of Grove Waves of police show up including helicopters, swat. This was a known gang spot so the police showed up heavily. Even after all our tensions between each other in the past on this day it was dropped and everyone joint forces against the police. A ruthless riot broke out which would last days without end. Grove Street became a lawless war zone. The entire police force was pushed out and retreated. Police had been profiling and discriminating against Ballas for years. It was time for Ballas to defend their turf against their one true enemy. *as tyrone would be shooting with his AK* "Fuck The Police" Maybe They'll Think Twice It was the next day, Tyrone and the boys were chilling in the hood. Tyrone got a text from NLA who said one someone representing purple stole an UZI during the riots. Tyrone, unsure who this could have been investigated. Tyrone asked around and he had a suspect. Ballas roll out to the church to discuss what should be done. Tyrone changes his clothes so police dash cameras wouldn't notice him. Suspect Everyone agrees a solution Ballas would repay if we couldn't get the gun back. This eased NLA and we met afterwards. New Blood gets to meet our great Mexican friends. NLA is impressed how fast they had grown in the space of such a short time. Tyrone let them know Zetas blessed them with a second chance which allowed them to thrive like never before. Ballas Roll Out Tyrone invites NLA to the car meetup later that night in which many Zetas, Triads, Mexicans, WCA would come to. Ballas Built is to Last Family Forever Balla Meetup Ballas meetup at Grove and Jerzy is waiting for us. Jerzy has some unfortunate news. Tyrone tells Jerzy he always has the support of Ballas and he'd be welcomed into the family if that would be his choice. Lowrider Meetup Ballas hosts a low rider meetup at Grove Street. Zetas, Triads, WCA, Mexicans and even cops show. Ballas hope to make this a weekly event. It turned into a big party that lasted an entire day. During the party, Rual and Tyrone notice a pattern. Mexican Robber Found Set Up Tyrone is told that there was one Balla selling a heavy weapon. Tyrone asked if this was an UZI and this member said it was. Tyrone knew the suspect right away and asked Rual to come to the side. Tyrone and Rual devise a plan to get the UZI back. Tyrone asks Marco, a young Balla friends who Tyrone suspects is the prime suspect. Tyrone and Rual planned to 'buy' an UZI and funnily enough, he has just one in stock. Marco contacts the suspect who was the same person who got in a shoot out with NLA. Marco takes us to 'Tristan' who is the suspect. Tristan had been kicked out of Ballas for shooting at Zetas. Tyrone and Rual managed to convince Tristan they want to buy the UZI from him. Tristan was unaware what was about to happen They arrive at Tristans apartment. They convince him they should go inside to stay safe from cops. Tyrone and Rual convince Tristan it is safe. Tristan confirms he has the UZI inside as we head in. Once they get inside, Tristan claims the UZI isn't there. Tyrone searches the house while Rual and Valatine hold and the Balla up. They called Tyrone a traitor but Tyrone ignored this. Searching every inch of the house Tyrone can only find an AK. "That'll Do" Tristan wouldn't stop running his mouth and threatened to kill Ballas and Mexicans. *tristan says* "I'm coming for you" *tyrone replies* "So Is My Hammer" Gun Deal With Triads not being able to supply Ballas with Pistols, they contact their other supplier, Jerzy. During the deal, a Warrener passes. It's two disgraced ex-Ballas. They attempt to driveby although Tyrone popped the driver then robbed the passenger. This Balla Turf Huntin' Ballas round off the night by hunting down whoever they come across. They search the city, north and raid labs.
  13. Willing to sell for 160k Would you do 35k?
  14. Schafter v12 [Fully maxed engine] Torero [Half maxed engine] Blade [Stock] BF400 [Fully maxed engine] (willing to sell at under or at stock) Will only sell at highend/lowend Contact: 4299578
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