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  1. Interactions with this gang have been absolutely great and the posts are quality. Keep up the great work!
  2. Tony was an Irish mobster from all over the place. He's Scottish, Irish, Italian and a little Japanese. Born in little Sicily, grown up in the harsh environment of Glasgow and moved to Ireland in his later years being involved in an Irish Mob. Tony and his Brother Al decided they wanted to goto Los Santos to go on a new journey. One where we didn't know where it would take us. They ended up starting a small gang known as "Golden Gauntlet". It was a small crime syndicate although due to the heat we decided to fly out of the city. A few years pass and the landscape of the city had changed. "The Council" was now the number one prominent top dog of the area. When returning, Tony, Al and their friend decided they didn't want to restart what we had built before but to join one of the most prestigious mobs around. One that Tony had been with before. The Irish Mob. Irish had always kept in the shadows out of view from the general population. Tony and Al had noticed a member of the mob. Discretely we had asked him about joining and he got in contact with us. Little did we know, this was one of the most prestigious mobsters in the city, Tyrone Cox. We had got contacted to come down to the mirror park tavern and we got to meet many people we would go on to be very close friends with. Fast forwarding to the end of Irish. Dardan was appointed new don of the mob. Many poor decisions were made which led to the ultimate downfall of Irish. Tony fought till the very end of Irish. He fought to keep the mob alive. Irish eventually faded into history and a new group was formed known as "The Rooks" Tony was part of the founding of this but decided it was best he leave the city for awhile. Everything he had built was destroyed by leadership he never agreed with. Tony flew out and moved to Ireland. He opened a small chippy and secretly funnelled money to the Mob for his mistakes made continuing to follow a cut-off leg of the mob. Eventually Tony was redeemed in the eyes of the Mob and was free to leave Ireland. Years had passed. Many new gangs had sprung up while he was gone. Some known as Ballas, Misfits, NLA, Aztecas, Seaweed. Many of the gangs who sided with Irish had a doomed fate. Wanted had continuous wars while he was gone paying the ultimate fate of assisting Irish. Tony had flown back into town. Everything was different he just knew it. He drove down to the tavern to be met with good... then bad memories. He remembered all his friends and then the leadership that came after Dwayne. He remembered a coked up Dardan Mayor bashing a members head in till he was barely alive for refusing to give me his name. He remembered how Tony and Dimitri Denino were made to mop up gallons of blood from the house. Tony hit up Al Romano the only person he still knew in town. Al Romano had introduced Tony to some old friends from Irish at what Tony had now known as the "Triad HQ" people like Finley and Neil. This made Tony feel right at home. People he was very fond with and who made Irish a better place. Tony went on Trial where he got to meet many many members of the Triads who he instantly vibed with. Leadership of the Triads was far more in-shape than what the mob was. Tony was excited for what the future held. Al comes to Tonys house and lets him know. "Your in" and gives him his brand new Triad mask. Tensions had increased day by day with the gang known as "WCA" Each day we grew further and further apart which led to one of the biggest wars the city had seen SINCE irish. Tony was on the right side of history this time. This street gang was attempting to go behind the backs of the council working towards our demise. This didn't sit well with anyone. Soon, war was declared and it wouldn't last long in the favour of WCA. Irish was far smaller and lasted far longer. Maybe it was just the Irish in us but WCA gave up pretty quickly resorting to guerrilla tactics. It was a heavy sign they knew they were losing badly. Eventually WCA was nowhere to be seen and word got out "This is WCAs last fight" and it was. WCA had paid the price of going against the council. Soon after, a gang known as Crimson Syndicate had been funnelling information to the council about a new gang forming with all ex-wca going by "Murda Block" it was not long until all of the WCA members had rallied under this new banner. It was very clearly just another WCA. The council was gathering information waiting for the right moment to strike. During all this, Murda had discovered Crimsons intent and gathered forces upward of 100 mobsters against them. It was a rough fight but they held their own. It had reminded Tony of old Irish keeping the spirit alive and never giving up. Tony highly respected Crimson Syndicate and befriended many members. Eventually, it was discovered Dojin was helping Murda while Narcos were also hitting Crimson. They had multiple huge gangs all going after them. They lasted but eventually tony had reached out to John with an offer. Tony had talked to Jae a close friend of Tonys about a potential semi-merger. Jae said he would be down to see what they offered so Tony asked John to bring his boys to the HQ. They had talked it about and settled a deal. This was the end of the Crimson Syndicate. Eventually, Tony was approached by Bruce, Vince, Tony Kwang and Al. It was decided that the Fukaru family would Join FSO. Fast forward a few weeks not everyone met eye-to-eye. Tony decided to leave and took his leave from the city. The Crimson Banner Flies Again Tony flew back in town for a bit, he met up with John and some other of his close friends. Tony remembered how highly he regarded crimson and asked John a few questions. Tony asked John to bring back Crimson. Tony wanted to help John build it up again into what it was before. Many disappointments had let down the name of Crimson by joining an enemy of the council. This reflected back onto my reputation as an ex-triad. I would not let the name of Crimson be tarnished by a wannabe crimson clone and ex-crimson joining Ash. John and Tony were immensely disappointed as the decision of some of the ex-members. Conner and Jay Tecca were some that had betrayed their own ideals and fight council. John and Tony had to make things right. The Syndicate would return in full swing. Soon, rumours spread that Crimson was siding with Ashs' crew but this was quickly debunked and stopped. Crimson has only ever been loyal to Triads, Aztecas and Zetas and wouldn't make sense for them to randomly switch sides like that. Smaller gangs attempted to test the new Crimson. They were met with harsh consequences and in one single day had begun calling PD rather than face their consequences. Crimson has a solid crew, 4 of its members being ex-triads it can reach new heights it never has before. Many meetings too place and Crimson was re-established within the city.
  3. I think this is universally disliked by literally everyone on the entire server. -100
  4. Awesome thread, wish you the best. Crimson was a GREAT faction can't wait to see how you guys build this new faction up!
  5. (I decided that it was inappropriate to respond and discuss this on a faction thread so I have decided to move the discussion here) @murda Pops, I have high hopes you do not take this as a personal attack towards you or any ex-WCA or murda, thats not my intention. I would like to challenge you on what you've said. This, how can you say this while keeping your own morel high? How can you complain about these moralities when you did this very thing to my faction. You spread false information, lied and then scammed myself out of two houses on grove street. The reason for the Ballas v WCA war was very clear, it was a war for Grove that we understood and agreed this was a very good valid RP reason for war. HOWEVER, once you won and we gave you grove you continued your attacks on the basis of "one of your members came here and shot us up" with no proof or nothing like that. You claimed that a single member killed all of yours at grove. Very hard to believe. I talk it out with your HC and we compromise. Then, you declare war on us because a member of my faction showed up 5 minutes late to a meeting with him. This was your entire RP reason to "wipe" ballas. Then, once I reached out to you and I admitted that if you did not stop the attacks we will likely disband within 2-3 weeks. We could not keep up WCA was far too strong for us to handle. You made the offer that if I sold you my two houses, WCA would stop the attacks. I sold you them, within 12 hours I log in get a text "wca ambushing us at our HQ again" I text you, mike, deandre no response. This is when I knew that no matter what I did, how much I did for you or WCA that you would just continue to clamp down on us because it was nothing but easy shootouts for you. Our ability to roleplay had diminished and we had no other way of surviving hence disbanding. Then, when I joined Triads some of my members formed a group known as "Crimson Syndicate" which had wanted to stay neutral against you. You accepted that neutrality and then a week later broke it again during the council v wca/dojin war. Crimson then helps council (the obvious chose as WCA attacked them) so then WCA disbands. You form Murda which then pleads neutrality with council but not with Crimson. You went after crimson the same way you did with Ballas. You made up baseless claims that they had "hit and shittalked" as an excuse to again come after a smaller group for easy shootouts. This is all relevant because how can you criticise Zetas, Triads and Aztecas? I have experience nothing but GOOD rp from these 3 factions. Reasons built up against WCA and Murda for months. It is extremely hypocritical for you to call out them for just wanting shootouts when you have disregarded what you did to my faction. Now, you feel the pain I did. You feel the pain of building something up for months to watch it be destroyed as there is nothing you can do. It sucks. Might I also add, you also turned on Rooks who was nothing but helpful towards you. Rooks were a loyal friend and ally and you turned on them with little to no reasons. You had nothing to say when the entire server turned onto Rooks. Yet, my faction Ballas did not just turn on its friends who RPly had no reason to. Ballas assisted Rooks all the way through to ballas' disbanding. I have never publicly said this however since this RP event is long in the past I feel i can express it now. Ballas was in support of WCA against the council before you turned on us for Grove. We had been building up because we had seen the tension between the two. We were building for war right when you attacked us its why we lasted as long as we did. If you had not attacked us and we had time to build upto that war, we could have had a slightly bigger chance of atleast making a small dent. I don't think we could have won but it would have been a satisfying way to end our factions together brothers in arms. I attempted to many ways without metagaming my true emotions to squash beef with WCA and become friends however it was never possible due to I guess big egos. In my opinion, criminal roleplay has not downgraded at all. In fact, the amount of RP I see from today compared to late 2018 when I first joined has improved DRASTICALLY. RP is far more complex now and Triads, Zetas and Aztecas are beacons of that RP. While In Triads, I had experienced as a newer member many many many RP interactions with other members of Triads, zetas and aztecas. To accuse the council of just wanting a TDM server is very false. The amount of recommendations I see from the council to help smaller factions for the betterment of RP is great. The council wants new factions to grow and become prosperous because it gives them new RP opportunities as well. To say that the Murda, Dojin v council war had no RP reason is blatantly false. You attacked the council because Zetas disbanded. The council defended itself and that resulted in what we see today. I'm sorry that your faction disbanded however thats just how it happened. You can't just attack someone and expect no repercussions. In my personal opinion, there is nothing that needs to be switched up and I'm sorry you see it that way. The RP zetas, triads and aztecas produce/produced is and was amazing. They helped make ECRP a great server and expanded RP opportunities 10 fold. ECRP in my opinion would not be the same server it is now without that of zetas, triads, aztecas, irish, clowns, wanted and the shadow cartel. I hope you can manage to see the truth in all of this. I do not want any beef with you pops I have nothing against you. I think you are a chill guy but I feel you are hurt on a personal level and its hard not to be, I was when Ballas disbanded. It was very hard to let that go but eventually I did and accepted and embraced my role in Triads (before 40 limit member cap) thats when I just got lost and felt like I was pushed away from the server not by any individual within any factions but by a cap.
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    Kyodai, brethren of the lost creatures that followed the ultimate path, Gokudo. A criminal organisation based in north Los Santos Eclispe Boulevard. Kyodai follow the path to ones greatest desires. A life of crime and murder. A powerful crime family within the heart of Japan branched out for new opportunities and sought powerful criminal minds to control its over-sees operations. The future awaits. The Kyodai are as strong as the strongest Yakuza and as determined as the deepest waves. Kyodai originated in pre-modern Japan. Brothers united through the Samurai. In 1870 the Samurai were dissolved and thus was born a brotherhood, Kyodai. Men of honour and discipline they proved worthy against their foos in the criminal underworld. Kyodai adapted to modern Japan and had become a criminal mastermind syndicate of unlimited connections. The Kyodai had reached out to many like-minded corrupted minds. Among many was a name that would stick out to the criminal lords. The Fukaru Family was chosen to take the task of expanding the Kyodai ways throughout the west. It was upto Tony Fukaru that all operations would run smoothly and if not, seek the shadows and orchestrate there. Once taken the ultimate path the only exit is death. The Kyodai had contacted the Fukarus and it was agreed. Tony Fukaru's strong connections would serve him well with a strong backing. The Kyodai had no intention of being the biggest or strongest, as long as the brethren was passed on and brought new minds to our cause. The Kyodai specialise in many fields but some will naturally out-way others. Discipline but also compassion as a show of respect has always been a core-fundamental opinion of this organisation. If you cannot trust your brothers, then who can you trust? The Kyodai is represented by balanced white with an unforgiving depiction to the omi. The people of Japan would often call Kyodai the omi brotherhood. For this reason, they had adapted omi masks as a way to represent their ideals. Once enraged, the power of the omi shall pave the way for us. The symbolising of the mask to put on and take off is very important. Kyodai will always wear the omi mask in times anger. Once it is taken off, it is symbolism for the reckoning of our inner omi selves returning into where it once hid. Balance is the key for the greatest warrior. Obtain a known name within Los Santos Gain a core member base capable of conducting illegal operations Conduct often meetings and gain healthy relations with like-minded criminal entities Enter into criminal dealings with other entities Build a strong, independent community of skilled members -Buy a place to call home Make the omi face feared within the hearts of all Train members and other criminal friends the ways of the Kyodai. Mass racketeer to smaller entities Create an extensive drug-empire Run and tax chopshops around the city Rob banks for the betterment of the faction Extort gangs and businesses Rob local stores spreading fear amongst civilians Teach other entities our marshal arts Before entering into Kyodai, all members will face an extensive trial period which will determine not only your IC capabilities but also your RP capabilities too. Figure Head, controls gang politics. Leadership, controls over-all gang operations High Command, controls, coordinates and leads command team. Command, controls lower ranking members making sure recruitment is flowing A proven well trained master warrior, a force to be reckoned with Individual proven they are more than just a solider, role model The man-power, proven soldier and formidable fo Trainee of the brotherhood, unproven. OOC REQUIREMENTS It is required that all new members meet these mandatory requirements. Minimum of 25000 XP Extensive knowledge of OOC rules Passionate about Roleplaying Good standing within the ECRP community.
  10. Loving the story development, keep up the good work!
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