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  1. Hello Everyone! First would like to thank Doan and Yputi for taking the time to handle this report. To give a little bit of additional context to this situation that happened, 67 had decided to chase and pull on fellow Irish members of mine at pauls farm 15 minutes before the reporting party decided to chase me, We had multiple cars on multiple different irish parties so we decided that we were going to set up an ambush inside of humane labs, Once I realized that this car was apart of the gang that was chasing us around, we obviously didn't want the ambush to be spotted so I decid
  2. Hello all! First would like to also thank you for your time on handling this report! Stephen pretty much summed everything up, I was not asked my self to save any POV so unfortunately I don't have one, but I was actually the one who killed Alfonso, I positioned my self on the north side hidden near the clothing store, once the shots begun to ring out, I positioned my self on where Alfonso was and as you can clearly see in his POV I waited until he was shooting at my fellow brother before I began to fire my weapon at him. Thanks for taking the time to read m
  3. randingo

    The Tridents

    Yeaaaa! cant wait to have some interactions !!
  4. Excited to RP with you !
  5. @RiZe13X awesome post man, love having you to RP with broski
  6. Earlier on in the week, Sean had called out on the radio saying “guys everyone meet at HQ I’ve got one hell of a idea for us” We all immediately start to scramble off to our newly acquired HQ to see what all of this is about.. We could hear it in Sean’s voice; this is something that we did not want to miss. As we all start to pile into the garage Sean says to the entire group, “alright guys look.. I know that we have a couple of things planned here within the next couple of weeks one of them being that rocketship of a car you want imported from Japan Fuoco,
  7. had tons of fun doing this with you guys!!!
  8. this was a ton of fun thanks for being a great sport @Dalvichan
  9. as I have stated two previous times, I guess ill do it again third times a charm. you literally were the get away driver to your friend robbing me as you can see in both mine and symeres clips, you DROVE ME INTO AN AMBUSH. and then got me shot at several times.. how more hostile can you get? at this point i'm just going to stop replying to you and await the response from krooks and Gio
  10. You and your friend robbed a bag that both of us share, from his car at the public parking garage, took me on a wild goose chase thru out the downtown core of Los Santos you then led me right into the middle of a ambush put my life at risk, got me shot at several times. ill point out what I said earlier, your homie was literally trying to run away when I had my gun pointed at him, and continued after I started shooting to try and bait me and get killed by the guy on the roof.. also are you going to upload your entire POV from the situation like I mentioned last night? Prior intera
  11. Hey, so I would like to point out a couple of things that really don't add up, and @Jaiden Sirizzotti your flat out lying about "being in your head" as you can CLEARLY see you trying to get into MY CAR at the parking garage as well (1:04 in the youtube video) , so saying you were in your head is a complete lie. Secondly, you never put your hands up you tried to run away as soon as you got out of your car. (4:07)... as you can tell in the video, this was a complete accident for me to ram into them, we were in a high speed chase thru out the core of the city for over a couple of minutes, and the
  12. Hey there! Fuoco Diaz, im the driver of the elegy, i would request to see your ENTIRE footage from the moment the situation began at public parking. Thanks !
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