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  1. +1 to OG suggestions. I think it'd be dope and help differentiate gang rp instead of all gangs doing all kinds of criminal RP
  2. Could resolve this through reporting the players though right? instead of scriptly limiting people who aren't breaking the rules from radioing for example if his hands were up but the officer turns around to look at someone else or something
  3. I'm -1 on this for two reasons: 1) MD doesn't always respond, especially for non-injured people. I've heard from many people that MD don't like responding to calls with non-scriplty injured parties so calling MD to a crash where no one gets hurt is going to cause more people to die due to MD already not responding to calls. You've said they respond to every call but I can assure you that I've had to run more people to central than I've had responses. This isn't to say that MD don't do their job, just that they're likely understaffed and adding calls to car accidents with non-injured parties will take away even more people, even if it does add to the RP. 2) crashes are terribly hard to decipher with the desync. As someone who races ALL the time, I've seen first hand that on one screen it will look like driver A smashed into driver B and on the other screen it will look the other way around. Rage just has far too many desync issues to be able to truly properly tell who hit who and sometimes if you've even hit someone. I've watched many of our racing videos from different POVs and many times on your screen you dodged them but on their screen you sent them flying into a wall.
  4. After recruiting a few more members and talking to the people around Los Santos, members of Underground met up at their newly found HQ to finally set up their first night of pay-in racing, collecting money from the buy-ins and the rest going to the winner After the meeting took place and the track was decided, everyone loaded up in their cars and headed up the highway towards the grapeseed track. After a quick introduction, Baxter gathered everyone around and went over some of the rules of the night such as how money was going to be handled and to keep all the races clean, no ramming or off-road shortcuts. After a few races, nearby sheriffs started getting wind of the races and sent a helicopter to come check out the area, so we put on one last good show for them before deciding to head out to a new location. Everyone reconvened at the most well-known track in Los Santos: Observatory. They ran quite a few races for both money and pride. While in between races, members of Underground got to interact with a lot more people including some members of a local car group, Burnout Nation, who were there to look at cars and hang out. At the end of a very successful night, Underground had finally begun collecting money into the crew and got to get its name out about setting up events for everyone to meet up. They gathered names of people who would be interested in doing more paid-in races and headed out, ready to set up the next night of racing.
  5. Some of the main tracks we run currently
  6. LS Underground was founded by Matt Smithe in the blazing hot summer of 2020. After a long hiatus from the city, Matt returned to Los Santos looking for something better. He quickly fell in love with cars in the city and began working at Los Santos Customs, working his way through the ranks. As his love for cars drove him to work harder at LSC, he wanted to do more. He eventually found a group of racers that called themselves Midnight Club where he first began to street race all over Los Santos. Unfortunately, membership in Midnight Club fell inactive, and members began leaving. After Midnight Club's falling out, Matt continued to hone his abilities street racing with the local racers, never under any banner just people that met up to race. Many nights him and his now fiance Niki Zhou would go out and race on their own, racing for bragging rights and just for the thrills. Soon though, Matt decided it was time to form a team again, a team of racers that would be able to come together and set up races and find new ways to bring street racing into the forefront of the city. Thus, Los Santos Underground was born. Currently, Underground is a growing group of street racers that race for both pride and occasionally money. They plan to host buy-in races where a small percentage goes to the treasury and the rest to the winner; as well as hosting driving rally's and car shows. Underground racers race daily, consistently making up new tracks and finding new areas to race in. Recently, Matt, Niki, and their new leader Baxter drove around looking for a good hangout for the organization. After a long while checking out multiple locations, they finally found a perfect spot, An old auto shop no longer in use with plenty of spaces inside and out for vehicles. They gathered up the group currently in town and showed them the new place they had chosen and went over some guidelines about the group. IC Rules 1. No “gang related” criminal activity i.e. Drug making/selling, car chopping, bank robberies, etc 2. Respect the ranking order 3. Resolve all internal issues internally through higher ups 4. No intentional ramming or otherwise unfair racing behaviors OOC Rules 1. Follow All ecrp server rules. Failure to do so will be removal from faction 2. Always hold yourself to a high standard of racing RP (stay on the road as much as possible, no crazy jumps, RP racing injuries properly, etc) 3. Server punishments must be explained to leadership 4. Remain active 5. Remain IC as much as possible, we do not tolerate OOC toxicity towards anyone including other factions 1. Build to over 10 official members 2. Buy a building for the organization 3. Become officially recognized in the city 4. Own legal businesses to help fund races and prizes 1. Rookie – New to the organization 2. Novice – Has a couple races under their belt, beginning to truly learn how to race 3. Amateur – Has raced on every track and shows true racing ability 4. Proficient – Can reliably race on every official underground track 5. Skilled – Has won races on many official tracks and shows an ability to teach others how to race 6. Racer – Highest non-leadership position. Has won races on every official track and has shown true dedication to the team 7. Recruiter – Leadership position that can find and recruit people from a simple prospect to a rookie 8. Lead Racer – High command of Los Santos Underground 1. 10,000 EXP 2. Ability to role play racing in a realistic and fair manner 3. Show a want to have good RP over winning every time
  7. +1 Well thought out suggestion, makes a lot of sense from an RP standpoint. Most likely requires a lot of dev support but I think it would be good
  8. NeverMind

    Masks in NCZ.

    +1 but here's why. Its about consistency. The reason I think its OOC is a NCZ is itself OOC. So either, its a crime (Which according to every PD officer that has stopped me for it and the penal code it is) then you can't wear one in a zone of no crime OR you remove mask from the penal code because it is not a crime. Otherwise its no longer a NCZ, its a no "crimes we don't like" zone.
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID 83 Date of interaction reported: 8/21/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1598038813 Your characters name: Matt Smithe Other player(s) involved: Some LSC mechanics Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior. Players should not instigate situations they do not have time to play through. If a player is chased they must wait 15 minutes before they can log out of the game. How did the player break the rule(s)? Drizzy responded IG but it was after the fact so I put it on forums. Not sure if that matters. I watched him walk around some bikes that were parked and locked inside LSC and suspected that he likely was attempting to see if any were unlocked. I decided to ask him if he had a bike or vehicle and he kept refusing to answer. I walked around behind him for a bit and asking him if he had a car, to which he continued to not respond to my questions. Then I told him he would have to leave if he didn't have a vehicle, as we've had a LOT of vehicles stolen from LSC since the update. He ignored me and went to the ledge, I followed and informed him I would be calling PD. I called PD, he jumped down and tried to punch me a few times, I drew my weapon to put him at citizens arrest since PD was already on the way, and he ran (I didn't give demands). We followed him for a second around the corner and then he disconnected. I posted in Discord awaiting an answer and got no response and waited for the 15 minutes just in case. Had he been detained by PD I would have been able to add him to our running blacklist, taken note of his name in case we have stolen cars matching his description in the future, etc. But because of this I was not able to do. Evidence of rule breach: After the 15: https://imgur.com/yH5Tnhi Unix = 1598039837
  10. +1 Well thought out suggestion, same concern for me as Greg on how OP PD can be with it, but adding RP to it would be interesting and exciting.
  11. I have my fair issues of PD as much as a lot of others but -1, Its unfair to force every PD officer save every interaction. I'm pretty sure they already are supposed to at minimum RP turning on a dashcam and can use the RP footage if OOC footage isn't available. If you disagree with a charge, you can always make an IA with contradictory evidence. You can also RP your own Bodycam/dashcam at any time and use that evidence to fight charges.
  12. Exactly. The bottom part "Before anyone hits me with the "don't do the crime" speech" is a problem on eclipse. For some reason if feels like PD thinks people that RP criminals are actually criminals and so they slap them with everything like you said. At the end of the day, we should all be here to RP and have interesting and fun RP situations continuously, and locking someone up in DOC for 5+ hours just doesn't play into that in my opinion. Its borderline against our Non-RP rule "Actions that... promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay." because what part of sitting at DOC for 5+ hours promotes high quality roleplay? The only thing I'd say to your post is I think even murder/attempted murder should have some sort of cap somewhere in the 5-6 hour mark sounds fair to me. We have rules against cop baiting and deathmatching to ensure random killings aren't a thing, and PD already doesn't lose any of their scripted weapons on death, I don't see the purpose in having people do nothing in prison for any period of time longer than that. PD will always claim that long prison sentences are only an IC punishment, but at some point it becomes an OOC punishment as well when you're forced to not roleplay essentially at all for 9 hours.
  13. Here's a screenshot right before we left with the Unix in it
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